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Đ˜ĐŽĐ?ĐŹ • 2019 • NO.11 (379) • REKLAMA MIAMI • 17

‘SEX WITH STALIN’ BDSM GAME ENRAGES RUSSIAN COMMUNISTS A popular saying once said there was no sex in the U.S.S.R. — but there is now, and with whom else but Stalin himself? A newly announced game that offers players the experience of getting to know Stalin a little too intimately has drawn a range of reactions, including the ire of Russia’s communists, who have vowed to fight its release. Global game distributor Steam announced the release of the bluntly named “Sex With Stalin� single-player BDSM simulation on Oct. 10. The player, assuming the role of a “young time traveler,� is given a chance to change the course of history and, as the game’s developers say in broken English, “show that mustache guy what’s real love is!� Strategically censored screenshots accompanying the announcement show Stalin’s animated image in various stages of undress, positions and locations. One picture shows the crudely drawn naked Soviet leader gesturing at the viewer. Maxim Suraikin, head of the Communists of Russia party, called the adult-themed game’s developers “insane.�

“This has to be banned, no question,� he told the Govorit Moskva radio station. “The title itself already sounds outrageous and perverted.� Suraikin said that the developers, whose only other release appears to be “Boobs Saga,� a bosom-themed “satirical 3D action� game released last winter, could be held criminally liable for the contentious game. “On the other hand, they’re simply people without honor and conscience who are outrageously trying to latch on to Stalin’s growing popularity,� he said. Russia’s Communist Party, meanwhile, said law enforcement agencies should investigate the game for signs of extremism or incitement, the Daily Storm news website reported.

ONE IN FOUR RUSSIANS WILLING TO GIVE UP PLASTIC BAGS – POLL Almost 40 percent of Russians would consider no longer using plastic bags, according to a state-funded survey published on World Environment Day. The UN’s World Environment Day takes place on June 5 every year to raise environmental awareness. Greenpeace estimates that more than 26 billion plastic bags are handed out annually in shops across Russia. A total of 85 percent of Russian respondents would consider fully (39 percent) or partially (46 percent) giving up plastic bags, the VTsIOM pollster said Wednesday.

While over two-thirds said they pack their groceries in plastic bags, 70 percent believe that banning them would considerably cut waste and help the environment. Plastic bag use was heavily prevalent across all demographic groups. However, Russians aged 18 to 24 were more likely to say they use their own bags or backpacks instead of plastic bags while shopping (46 percent versus 42 percent). Only a quarter of all Russian respondents said they reuse plastic bags, while almost one-third always use new bags. VTsIOM conducted the telephone survey among 1,600 respondents on June 2.

RUSSIA HATES HBO’S ‘CHERNOBYL’ SO MUCH THAT IT’S MAKING ITS OWN SERIES HBO’s recently-ended Chernobyl mini-series is easily one of the best shows of the year — and so much better than Game of Thrones season 8, by the way. The show tells the real story of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster as experienced by the ones who had to deal with the consequences. Unsurprisingly, Putin’s Russia doesn’t like it. Not only that, but a Russian network is making its own Chernobyl, which will be a fictional story based on a conspiracy theory that claims the CIA — who else — sent an agent to the Chernobyl zone to carry out acts of sabotage. According to The Moscow Times, Putin’s media is struggling to deal with the fact that HBO, an American TV channel, told the story about its heroes. Several major media outlets in the country have criticized HBO’s show, which is a national sensation in Russia, even though it’s only available online to paying views. Russia’s most popular newspaper says that competitors of the state-atomic center Rosatom are using the series to tarnish the reputation of Russia as a nuclear power.

The lead anchor of that channel went on to paint the show in a negative light. According to him, the scientist Valery Legasov was openly critical of what happened at Chernobyl and voiced his concerns in an article published in the same publication that’s criticizing the HBO show. But the anchor leaves out the fact that said article that Legasov wrote in 1987 was refused initially and only hit the press after the scientist took his own life in 1988. The Moscow Times further explains that Putin’s Kremlin has done little to honor the Chernobyl disaster, and the Russian heroism that followed it, which contributed to saving the country and parts of Europe from radioactive doom. This brings us to the upcoming original Chernobyl series from local Russian channel NTV, which will tell a different story than HBO’s miniseries, based on a conspiracy theory: As justification for the story, the film’s director, Alexei Muradov, cited fringe conspiracy theorists: “One theory holds that Americans had infiltrated the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and many historians do not deny that, on the day of the explosion, an agent of the enemy’s intelligence services was present at the station.� Sure. Either that or a combination of factors caused the accident, including crass incompetence at several levels, a web of lies and censorship and paranoia, and the regular communist statecraft and spycraft apparatus characteristic to the Soviet Union and many of the countries under its sphere of influence at the time.



Ă?Ă…ĂŒĂŽĂ?Ă’ Ă„ĂŽĂŒĂŽĂ‚, ĂŠĂ‚Ă€Ă?Ă’ĂˆĂ? Ăˆ ĂŽĂ”ĂˆĂ‘ĂŽĂ‚ "Ă?ĂŽĂ„ ÊËÞ×" Ă?Ă?ÎÑÒÎÉ Ă‰Ăˆ Ă?Ă‹ĂˆĂ’Ă?ÛÉ Ă?Ă…Ă„ĂŽĂ?ĂŽĂƒĂŽĂ‰ Ăˆ Ă„Ă‹Ă&#x; Ă‘ĂŽĂ‘Ă’ĂŽĂ&#x;Ă’Ă…Ă‹ĂœĂ?ÛÕ - øèòðÎê, ùòüíÝ, ïÎòÎÍêè - øïà êÍüâêà, ïÎêðàùêà - ĂŞĂ Ă´ĂĽĂŤĂź, ÍàÏèíàò - äâüðè, êàåèíüòÝ - ùàíòüþíèêà,

ýÍüêòðèêà - íàòÿÌíÝü ïÎòÎÍêè - LED ïÎäùâüòêà - ýïÎêùèäíÝÊ ïÎÍ, - ùòÎÍüøíèÜÝ 3D - äèçàÊí è ÏíÎãÎü äðóãÎü


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Reclama Miami - #11-2019