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10 Tips to Find Best London Builders Most of us dream to have well constructed and strong home to live in and we can’t afford to go wrong with the choice of London builders. To ensure quality and hassle free work it is very important to hire London builders that are professional and well experienced in handling the building work efficiently. Given below are ten things you must keep in mind when looking out for London builders: 1. Ask your kin and kith, if they have recently used the services of London Builders. Ask about their first hand experience of working with the London builders. 2. Shortlist the name of the builders you feel are relevant and might be of significant use to you. 3. It is extremely important for you to check their ongoing project or last completed building work to assess their quality and capability before you hire them. 4. Don’t forget to check the credentials of the London builders before you hire them. Check if they are associated with relevant groups or associations. 5. The London builder you must have a license. There are many types or degrees of licenses, check on the degree of the license, as each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. 6. Ask the London builders if they have any ongoing project and will they be able to manage two projects simultaneously. 7. Ask how much time they will take to finish the task. To keep a track of the progress of the building work it is extremely important to ask for a copy of the time line. 8. Decide on the mode of payment and the number of installments. Also, decide at what stage you want the payments to be proceeded. 9. It is best to enter into a legal contract with the London builders before you start the work. Make it sure that all the details are well mentioned. Never sign the documents before going through them carefully. 10. Never enter into a contract before enquiring and finalizing on the budget. Don’t judge the builder by the price asked by him. Collect price quotes from few London builders and then make a comparative study.

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