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ISSUE 64 • MAY 2018


Don't let hayfever take over


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August 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th

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WELCOME Hello and welcome to the May Half Term issue of Family Matters! After the Easter holidays and the weeks leading up to it were filled with snow and Arctic conditions, I’m sure we’re not the only ones looking forward to a bit more sunshine and nicer weather! With many of you starting to plan out your Whit Week and Bank Holiday activities, make sure to flick through to our What’s On section to see what is happening in the area to keep the kids (and you!) amused over the next few weeks. With the warmer weather under way, many of us will be reaching for the anti-histamines and the tissues, so be sure to check out our top tips for helping the allergy suffers in your house hold – they don’t have to miss out on the Summer fun because of runny eyes and sniffly noses! This issue is jam packed with features, advice and of course, all the achievements and news from our local schools, so make sure to grab yourself a cup of tea and find a nice sunny spot to sit and enjoy!



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Midsomer Norton Primary School

Places available in Sunbeams 2-3 years Sun 3-4 years School 5-11 years Pop in or give us a call 01761 412 289

High Street, Midsomer Norton BA3 2DR


If you’re anything like us, you’re probably bored of hearing about Brexit and the various horror stories attached to it, but for anyone who is looking at booking next year’s summer holidays, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. While there has been some stink kicked up about the status of passports in recent news articles, firstly about their colour, then where they were printed and when the public would get them and if it would mean existing passports would suddenly be invalid, not much time has been dedicated to other important elements of travel. The need for VISAs for instance, what to do about your EHIC cards and what will happen in regards to flight disruptions if agreements over airspace aren’t reached by the time the summer rolls around. The UK government has confirmed that new blue passports will begin being issued in October 2019, to save the tax payer money, they will be introduced slowly with burgundy passports continuing to be issued just without reference to the European Union in the interim and anyone with existing passports need not do anything until their renewal date, when they will then be issued with the newer design. It is the travelling itself that may cause a bit more concern. Travel Weekly reported that airlines based in the UK are drawing up contingency plans for passengers whose bookings are for after March 2019, as although these might be booked in advance, there is no guarantee that they will be able to travel. The warning applies to all tickets sold to EU destinations and up to 17 other countries where UK airline’s flight rights are controlled by European agreements. Though it is unlikely

that existing arrangements would change too drastically, any future aviation deals between the UK and the EU could result in increasing costs or entirely new routes. Some travel agents have already altered their terms and conditions to take into account holidays leaving the UK for Europe after March 2019, so if you’ve booked next year’s holiday or are preparing to, make sure to check these carefully. At the moment, the future of travel will be unable to be guaranteed until aviation arrangements are confirmed. Particularly anyone booking a non-package holiday should check these carefully to ensure they wouldn’t be left in limbo as they wouldn’t be covered under the Abta scheme. If that wasn’t enough to be thinking about, the European Union are working on a VISA scheme, similar to that used in the United States, the scheme, currently known as the European Travel Information and Authorisation System, or ETIAS, is a system in place for citizens of non-EU countries who do not currently need VISAs as part of their continuing projects to tighten borders. Users will need to register their details and intentions online before they travel, but doing so still may not guarantee they will be admitted into the country they want to visit. More details on VISAs and the ETIAS will be made clear when more negotiations are made, but certainly anyone with holiday plans in place should check the small print and keep their eyes peeled for news on EHIC coverage and changes to passport control. If you have any worries about travelling next summer, speak to your travel agent or holiday provider.

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Accommodation & Riding Holidays Pony Trekking Riding Lessons Picnic and Play Area Refreshments Corporate Facilities RDA Centre 01225 834376


30 MAY - 2 JUNE 2018

SUMMER SCHOOLING A School Holiday Childcare Solution? As the summer holidays approach, you might be starting to worry about what you’re going to do with the kids over the weeks while your life continues as usual. Do you rope in relatives to keep them out of trouble? Use up your valuable holiday time? Have you considered looking into a local summer school? Many organisations and educational facilities hold courses during the six-week holiday and though the idea of staying at school out of term time might not be as appealing to your child as it is to you, there are many benefits to enrolling in these classes.

pa int ing an "I lov ed sp en din g th e su mm er ma kin g craft s."

Many summer schools, such as theatre or dancebased ones involve physical activity, which will cut down the amount of time your kids are sat indoors on computers or in front of a TV. Aside from the fact that it gets you out of arranging adult supervision for them, it will give them a chance to engage with something they’re interested in with other people their age and ensures that there will be some form of exercise going on. Of course, it also gives the opportunity to develop their talents and social skills. As well as keeping them active, summer schools are great at helping build confidence and independence. Some courses are catered especially for their academic ability, meaning they’ll have the opportunity to shine and give them the freedom that isn’t often afforded while at school.

"We sp en t th e w h

ol e su m m er ex p lo

ri n g ou td oo rs !"

There are several summer schools taking place across the region, you might be surprised just what activities are on offer. Whether your children are academic, arty or sporty, there is something for everyone and the benefits are numerous. Aside from giving them a safe area to learn while having fun, research has found that children who attend summer schools are more likely to get into competitive universities, and the benefit is greater for children from lower income families. Don’t forget though that summer schools are actually fun!

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What not to say to a Stay at Home Dad

Society is constantly evolving and with more awareness of changing of traditional family roles, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see a dad doing the school run rather than a mum, but for some reason, there is still an element of shock when you hear about a stay at home dad instead of a mum giving up her career to watch the children before school. So, should you come across one of these dads in the playground or when dropping your child off on a play date, we’ve compiled a list of things you should never say them.

Why? How parents decide to raise their children is no on e else’s business, so don’t.J ust don’t.

How brave of you! Well... Depending on how well behaved their kids are they may be brave to decide to spend as much time with them as possible, but really, is doing what you’re supposed to do as a parent brave? Parenting is a basic duty to your children, there isn’t anything overly courageous about it. Perhaps you might think it brave for a man to take on a traditionally female role, in which case ssssh. Cinnamon Rolls not Gender roles, people.

You change napp


Well... yes, if you ar e in charge of a baby and that baby needs a nappy change. Do you expe ct them to just leave it until their significant other comes home? They wouldn’t be a very good stay at home dad in that case wo uld they? And really, would you be impressed by a da d proudly declaring that they had never changed a nappy?

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So there you go, if you come across a dad doing his dad duties, don’t respond with concern or congratulations, they’re just a parent doing normal parent things.

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th JUN

Father’s Day is celebrated every year in the UK on the third Sunday in June. Reports suggest that it dates back to 1910 in Washington USA, where one lady decided it was about time that the father’s role was celebrated, as well as the mother. As a recognised day, it wasn’t taken seriously for several years, before becoming celebrated


as it is today. Unlike Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on different days across the world, the UK, USA and Canada all celebrate Father’s Day on the same Sunday in June. Want to get your dad, step dad, grandad or fatherly figure something to show your appreciation? Here are a few ideas to get your started:

For adventurous dads

For techy dads

Skydiving Paintballing Driving Experiences

Digital camera Ipod/mp3 player Gadget accessories

For quieter dads

For fashionable dads

Visit to a National Trust estate Sightseeing tour Golf day

Watch T shirt Cufflinks

For sporty dads Stadium tour Sports match game tickets Sporting TV/magazine subscription

For dads with simple taste CD DVD Favourite sweets

If you want something a bit more personal, there are a whole range of personalised gifts on the market and websites that offer engraving and photo services, or you could get your craft on and create something yourself that he will appreciate all the more! ukfamilymatters |

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St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School Charlton Road, Midsomer Norton BA3 4BD ‘Growing Together Through Christ’

Where every day is an OPEN DAY We are a smaller than average school and pride ourselves on our caring approach and our ability to meet every child’s needs, helping them develop and ensure they reach their full potential, whilst growing in the love of Christ. We welcome children of all faiths. We also offer wrap-around care as well as an independent on-site Nursery. Come and see for yourselves what the St Benedict’s experience can do for your child.

Please call 01761 418594 to make an appointment Email:

You could be reading YOUR advert 01761 410141

Are your children reading comfortably? DID YOU KNOW 20% OF THE POPULATION CAN READ FASTER AND MORE FLUENTLY USING A COLOURED OVERLAY OR TINTED LENS? The most common symptoms coloured lenses can help with are: • Glare from the page • Headaches when reading • Sore eyes when reading • Movement/blurring of print PRICES FROM JUST £35 FOR BASIC SCREENING. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A PATIENT WITH US. ALL WELCOME. The Irlen Method has helped children and adults worldwide become successful rather than continue to experience enormous difficulties. IRLEN® syndrome can be a part of the problem for people who have Eye Problems, Dyslexia, ADD/HD, Autism, Asperger syndrome, Dyspraxia, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Migraine and Headaches.




m u s m r e u r? o y


If you’ve ever experienced hayfever, you’ll know that the months of March through to September are a blur of sneezing, itchy eyes and runny noses. While the best way to tackle symptoms will always be with anti-histamines, there are a few other things we can do to make things easier for those family members who are prone to pollen allergies. People with additional conditions, such as asthma or skin irritations, may find that these start to play up with the warmer weather too. If at any point you’re concerned about a family member’s hayfever, do seek the advice of a GP, as they can prescribe stronger anti-histamines or steroids to help combat the more extreme allergies. For those of us who pop a pill or spray a nasal spray and hope for the best, here are a few tips that can help you enjoy being outside in the sun. The first bit of advice would be to avoid going outside. But we all know that isn’t that exciting. So, here are some things you can do without shutting yourself away until Autumn. Firstly, keep windows and doors shut as much as possible, and be sure that if you have pets which go between indoors and out, anyone with allergies spend minimal time with them, as pollen can be collected on their coats. Make sure you’re vacuuming regularly to pick up any stray pollen, dusting with a damp cloth will also help. If you’re leaving the house, you can put Vaseline around your nostrils to trap pollen and prevent it from causing too much of a reaction, when you get home, you can shower and change your clothes to wash as much pollen from you as possible. Wearing wraparound sunglasses will also help stop pollen getting to your eyes. Another tip would be to dry clothes inside rather than out, to limit the amount of pollen they can pick up. It is also recommended you get a pollen filter fitted in your car, most newer cars come with this already in place, but older vehicles might not – check your manufacturer’s book and if you feel you need one, speak to a local mechanic.

Have you got any other tips for dealing with hayfever? Drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

According to NHS Direct, these are the basic symptoms of hayfever: Sneezing and coughing Runny or blocked nose Itchy, red or watery eyes Itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears

Loss of smell Headache Earache Tiredness

Try learning sign language this May for

Deaf Awareness

With Oscar-winning short film, The Silent Child, starring six-year-old Maisie Sly, from Swindon, shining the spotlight on deafness and the ways in which sign language can be life changing in helping young people communicate, we thought now would be as good a time as any to teach a few signs. You might be familiar with a few different types of sign language. Makaton is a language developed to combine speech and signs and is used effectively across the country by a multitude of individuals who struggle with spoken communication, it can be helpful for not only the hard of hearing, but also children with autism, Down’s Syndrome and other conditions which make communication difficult. BSL, or British Sign Language, makes use of space and movement involving the hands, body, face and head to convey more complex sentences without the use of verbal support. Both BSL and Makaton feature similar signs and gestures – here are a few of our favourite signs to get you started!

Do you know any sign language? Show us! Send us your videos and photos via our website! And make sure to check the website to see our video of us learning sign language.


Enter now at

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Win a family ticket to Yeovilton Air Day Win tickets to see the first ever Teletubbies Stage show The iconic, world-famous Teletubbies, are to star in their first-ever live theatre show, “Big Hugs,” created especially for the youngest audience. Join Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po in a captivating stage show full of love, laughter, music and “Big Hugs,” as they explore the magical world of Teletubbyland. Look out for the Tubby Phone, Noo-Noo and Sun Baby in a fun, bright and safe world, which captures young children’s imaginations and encourages them to explore the world around them. Tickets are a family ticket (4 tickets) for Wednesday 12th September, at the 10am showing.

Win a family ticket to The Helicopter Museum The Helicopter Museum has over 80 full size aircraft on display ranging from an impressive Russian gunship to a massive Super Frelon 36 seat helicopter. The Museum hosts the only helicopter collection in the country and the largest of its kind in the World! Highlights on the Museum’s event calendar include it’s monthly ‘Open Cockpit Days’ where visitors can take the pilots seat in one of the museums many aircraft and be shown the controls by an experienced guide. During the year the Museum hosts a WWII Extravaganza, Numerous Transport Rallies, Drone racing and a Flight Simulator convention. For younger visitors Family Fun Days take place throughout the year including bubble shows, owl displays, magic shows, the haunted helicopter at Halloween and a chance to see Santa arrive in his helicopter at Christmas.

The Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Yeovilton International Air Day will take place on Saturday 7 July. The show will include over five hours of dazzling flying displays featuring fast jets, historic warbirds, helicopters, formation aerobatic display teams and role demonstrations enhanced by spectacular pyrotechnics and flares. There will also be a vast range of showground attractions from the latest defence technology exhibitions, engineering fairs and service displays to trade stalls, arena displays and much more! For the thrill seekers, there will be simulators, fairground rides and helicopter pleasure flights to enjoy. Whether you are a first timer or a dedicated aviation enthusiast, the Air Day has something for everyone.

WIN A FAMILY TICKET TO SPLASHDOWN With summer just around the corner, there’s never a better time to visit a waterpark; with flumes galore, twisting tyre rides and a whole lot fun for the family. We have family tickets for 4 people to be won at the south west’s favourite waterparks. Best of all you can choose whether you wish to go to Splashdown in Poole, Dorset or Splashdown Quaywest, right on the beach in beautiful South Devon. Tickets may be used anytime up to 2nd September 2018, admission for up to four people. Worth up to £60.00 per family.

TO BE IN WITH A CHANCE OF WINNING THESE FANTASTIC PRIZES, simply visit, click on the Competitions button and complete the form. It couldn’t be easier! Closing date for entries: 26th June 2018

amazing prize for the family

W I N !



Do something different with your family this summer and climb aboard our ship of fun as Camp Bestival Sets Sail. Enjoy ocean-sized entertainment at Lulworth Castle, Dorset with music from Simple Minds, Rick Astley, Clean Bandit, Orbital, Basement Jaxx (DJ), Sara Cox presents Just Can’t Get Enough 80s!, Shed Seven, Tokio Myers, Declan McKenna, dodie, The Skatalites, Jaguar Skills and many more. Don’t miss out on family fun from Mr Tumble, Dick and Dom, Mister Maker & the Shapes, Dinosaur World Live, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, ZSL London Zoo: Gruesome Nature Live! and many more.

Enjoy delicious food and drink from River Cottage, the Feast Collective, DJ BBQ and his BBQ Zoo, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, Rob & Josie’s Gin Festival and lots more and treat yourself to creature comforts with boutique camping from yurts and tipis to gypsy caravans and backstage hospitality, all at a castle campsite by the sea. For more information on Camp Bestival, visit

To be in with a chance to win, just go to

WWW.FAMILYMATTERS-UK.CO.UK/COMPETITIONS and fill in the form. Easy! T&Cs The prize includes weekend tickets to Camp Bestival for two adults and up to four children (under 18). Prize is non-transferrable. Winners names will be added to a guest list for wristband collection onsite. ID will be required for collection. For full Camp Bestival T&Cs

what’s on 24th May Frome - Playing Out A chance for children and parents/carers to play out and have some fun. Free. Victoria Park Frome (in front of cafeĚ ) Somerset BA11, 24th May T Rex: The Killer Question Get hands on with fossil replicas and square up to a life-size animatronic T Rex. Decide for yourself if the king of the dinosaurs deserves the title of predator, or sneaky scavenger. Longleat Estate, Wilts. 26th - 27th May Cheddar Gorge Explorer Trail An afternoon of family fun. Explore Cheddar Gorge and have a go at the Explorer Quiz Trail. There will also be some craft activities to try. Free. 12pm. National Trust Shop, Cheddar Gorge, BS27 3QE 26th - 28th May Tractor Ted Big Machine Weekend at Bowood Get up close to a range of real life farm machinery; exactly what Tractor Ted is all about! Learn more about farming with arena displays and activities throughout the day.

26th May - 3rd June Wildlife Week at Cheddar For one week only you'll get to meet some of our favourites during some very special animal encounters! Daily 10am - 4pm. 28th May - 1st June Whispering Woods Outdoor Acrobatic Theatre Family outdoor theatre with a twist, Whispering Woods bring ancient tales to life using circus acrobatics amongst the trees. Lacock Abbey, 10.30am and 4.30pm. 29th May - 1st June Wildlife Days There will be wildlife crafts and a variety of hands-on activities with the Somerset Wildlife Trust, Wildlfowl & Wetlands Trust, Somerset Moth Group, Bumblebee Conservation Trust and others. Barrington Court, near Ilminster, Somerset 30th May - 2nd June The Royal Bath and West Show Over four days there are action packed events for all the family, and a haven for all enthusiasts of rural life. 31st May Family Fun - Cottage Garden Crafts and activities for all the family. 11am - 1pm and 2 -3.30pm. Normal admission applies Somerset Rural Life Museum.

For further information about each event

2nd June Paw Patrol at West Somerset Railway The heroic pups will be making personal appearances at intervals between 10am and 4pm. Entertainment on the day will include a 20 mile steam train, face painting, crafts and much more. 8th - 9th June One Small Step at The Egg Theatre This fab show returns for a fast, furious and full throttled trip to the moon. An inventive, funny and surprisingly moving, actionpacked show that crams 50 years of history into 60 minutes! 9-10th June The Brick Express at Avon Valley Railway Jump onboard and enjoy our building workshops with Britain’s favourite construction toy whilst you travel the line. events/the-brick-express 10th June LEAF Open Farm Sunday Fantastic, educational & innovative family oriented event featuring local countryside producers & crafters. Please follow car parking signs & not SAT NAV. Please leave dogs at home & wear suitable footwear. 16th June Picnic in the Park An evening of musicals presented by Woodside Music. 7.30pm. Bush Farm Bison Centre, West Knoyle, Wilts. 17th June Bowoods Treasure Island Ahoy there! and be a pirate for the day. All o' you are welcome, shiver me timbers, we have something for everyone! Bowood House and Gardens. 23rd June Sherlock Gnomes (U) The beloved garden gnomes from GNOMEO AND JULIET are back for a whole new adventure. This action-packed sequel features the voices of returning cast plus Johnny Depp as Sherlock Gnomes, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Watson and Mary J. Blige as Irene. Midsomer Norton Town Hall, 2.30pm.

23rd June Elmfete All welcome. Traditional stalls, games, craft area, hot food and refreshments, performances from the school choir, country dancing and a gymnastics display. 12 noon to 3pm Elmhurst School, Elmhurst Lane, Street. 22nd-24th June, The English Country Garden Festival Celebrate the Great British Garden, the stunning 14-acre grounds of the Palace features guided tours, live music, expert speakers, ‘have a go’ skills and crafts and over 40 stalls, 10am5pm. The Bishops Palace, Wells. 30th June Country Fayre and Family Fun Day Stalls, Food, BBQ, Games, Animals and much much more. 11am - 4pm Fairfield Farm College, Dilton Marsh, Westbury, Wiltshire. 30th June - 1st July Teddy Bear Picnic at Avon Valley Railway Enjoy a family teddy bear trail around the station, take part in craft activities and much more. FREE train travel for children who bring their Teddy Bear! 7th July - Yeovilton Air Day The Royal Navy’s premier public event at the spiritual home of the Fleet Air Arm. Alongside the magnificent five hour flying display there will also be a huge array of ground attractions and arena displays. www.royalnavy. 15th July Centurion Family Fun Day Music, Bar, BBQ, Crazy Golf, Inflatables and more. Free entry. 11am - 4pm. Wristband for all activities £5. Best Western Centurion Hotel, Midsomer Norton.

please visit


Plus award-winning Farm Shop, Café & Shopping Village. For opening hours, please visit our website.

OPEN FARM SUNDAY Sunday 10th June

Learn about all things farming, food & countryside! Includes free entry to the Farm Park on the day.

, Park Farm & l i a al Tr rn Anim a b y Pla r o o Ind ily n Da Ope

Making time for me For busy parents who are juggling work and child care, it can be difficult to set aside time for themselves but when was the last time you really put yourself first and listened to what you wanted? We’re always being told about how important self-care is and though it might seem impossible to carve out a bit of time in your schedule for yourself, taking time out can make all the difference to your family.

Parenting is tough.

It can be fun, it is definitely rewarding, but it is tough. Making sure the children are fed, that they’re clothed and washed, that they’ve had enough sleep, that they’ve done their homework, all that on top of maintaining your living space and getting yourself ready and out the door for work keeps you busy. Far too busy for a night out with friends or an evening to yourself in the bath with a glass of wine or two on the regular. Feeling busy without the chance to have a break can leave you feeling overwhelmed and isolated, so just like how your children need to take a break when they’re tired, so do you. Rather than thinking of alone time, either with your partner or solo, as a luxury, start trying to make it a priority. Not giving yourself time to de-stress and relax can have serious affects, not just on your mental health, but also your physical health, which in turn, can impact your family relationships. Surely, the first step to looking after your family, is to make sure you’re fit for purpose by looking after yourself? It is important that you don’t look at creating ‘me time’ as another task to add to the never ending to do list, but more collecting a series of brief pauses in the day that involve little planning and can leave you feeling refreshed. Whether it's taking half an hour to do some yoga while the baby naps, or walking for the school run giving yourself some time to breathe fresh air on your walk back home without the children. The littlest things can make the biggest differences and leave you happier, healthier and better able to enjoy your time with the family no matter how chaotic it is. The next time you find yourself reaching breaking point as the children scream around you and every piece of crockery you own teeters dangerously in the sink, think about what you can do to yourself happy, healthy and relaxed. If you have a partner sharing the child care duties, allow them to have some one-on-one time with the children and take yourself off to learn a new skill, wonder around the shops or just have a nap. If you’re a single parent, find a local club or group that the children can participate in while you spend some time clearing your head. Feeling like you’ve lost your old identity and taken on this new persona of being a parent is one thing that many people start to miss as their interests take a back seat to their children’s wants and needs. You can maintain your hobbies without neglecting the children or stressing yourself out and learning a new skill or keeping up with your old life can be a real confidence booster. There are plenty of reasons for taking time out and looking after number one, but it’s important not to stress out about it but to rather set aside time and stick to it. It’s for the good of the family and most importantly, for you and your relationships.

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HOME FARM FEST CHARITY MUSIC FESTIVAL GEARS UP FOR ANOTHER YEAR! WIN A FAMILY WEEKEND CAMPING TICKET ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. Home Farm Fest, the charity music festival held in Chilthorne Domer, and the biggest annual fundraiser for the charity School in a Bag, is getting ready once again for its event held at the charity’s HQ on 8th-10th June. The prize will include 2 adult tickets and 2 children tickets along with a camping ticket for 1 tent. The prize will give you access to Home Farm Fest from 4pm Fri 8th June – 4pm Sunday 10th June. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and will not be allowed entry on their own. The winners' names and details will be given to Home Farm Fest, so no exchange or resale will be permitted and ID will be required. See more at About Home Farm Fest and School in a Bag Last year’s festival raised over £72,000 so the upward trend of raising more each year for School in a Bag continues – and it has now raised a total of over £325,000 in its 12 year history. Luke Simon, Founder & CEO of School in a Bag and Home Farm Fest organiser, said: “Once again we were bowled over by the success of last year’s festival, and how much it raised! In my role as one of the Poo

20 |

ukfamilymatters |

Patrol team, although it may not seem a glamorous job, it does mean I get to see the whole site regularly, and also chat to festival goers, traders and volunteers alike and the feedback we get each year is just brilliant – I still find it hard to believe just 13 years ago it was one stage with three bands over one evening!” Zoë Fox, Events & Marketing Manager for School in a Bag and Home Farm Fest Organiser, added: “With the festival getting bigger, it means relying on more and more volunteers and we are so lucky to have such a brilliant team who help from setting everything up, being here over the festival weekend and then helping tidy up afterwards. We’re only a small team who run the charity and organise the festival, so we are truly grateful for all the help we receive as all this effort amounts to thousands being raised for School in a Bag.” School in a Bag is able to prosper from the gain and put it towards helping even more children gain an education through its SchoolBag initiative.


WEEKENDER: £50 / FRI: £20 / SAT: £30 / SUN: £20 0-5 YRS: FREE / 6-17 YRS: HALF PRICE Camping - £10 (one-off fee & per tent rather than pp) Campervans/Motorhomes/Trailer tents - £25 (one-off fee & per vehicle rather than per person)

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News and Reviews ACCIO CHEW STOKUS POKUS! There was no shortage of magic and spells flying around the playground when Chew Stoke Church School put on their cloaks and took up their wands to celebrate World Book Day! By far the most popular dressing up costumes were from the Harry Potter books, with Alice in Wonderland a close second in popularity. Head of Literacy, Mrs Angela Hurford, (pictured as Professor McGonagall!) commented; “It is so important that the children are able to bring their books to life, through dressing up and through play. It is a vital part of their learning.” There were no reports that any of the pupils or teachers disappeared under their invisibility cloaks, but watch out Voldermort!


Pictured: Headteacher Mr Ben Hewett, Mrs Hurford and pupils from Chew Stoke Church School.

Deer Class had their moment of fame when they appeared on BBC Points West in March. The school were very excited about being asked to appear on television to show their support for raising awareness of children’s mental health and well-being. During the lead up to SATS, Deer Class have been taking yoga with Lucy Aston, Founder and Teacher of Yogadoo. She has been teaching the children of Deer Class all about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. The school are very proud of the way the children spoke so eloquently in front of the camera, well done everyone!



Nova Sports and Coaching visited Kilmersdon Primary School to play Boccia with the children. As you can see everyone involved had a great time. Nova provide excellent inclusive sporting opportunities and you can find out more on their website

Well done to Elsie, Harry, Jack and Josh who represented Midsomer Norton Rugby Club at Twickenham on 7th April.

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PE AND SCHOOL SPORT FROM FARRINGTON PRIMARY Year 5 and 6 football team travelled to Somervale for the annual ‘Champions League’ event. The draw had taken place and they had been put in a group with Welton, Farmborough and St Nicholas primary schools. The first match was against Welton and Farrington managed a 1-0 victory. The children struggled against a very good Farmborough team losing 2-0, but finished with a 3-1 win against St Nicholas. When the results were added up, they qualified for the semi-finals as the best runner-up from the three groups. Farrington met Westfield in the semi and had a couple of really good chances to take the lead. However it was still 0-0 after both halves, so extra time took place, with Westfield scoring in the last minute. A great effort from all the players.

BARN OWLS PERFORM PANDORA’S BOX Huge congratulations to Barn Owls who performed ‘Pandora’s Box’ It was a fabulous performance and the children received a muchdeserved certificate in celebration assembly from Miss Frayling. Their acting and singing were superb and everyone in the audience was entertained and impressed. Watch this space as it looks like there are some future stars at Kilmersdon!

DEFIBRILLATOR FOR KILMERSDON SCHOOL Thank you to Ken Hutton for the fundraising and the organisation on having a defibrillator at the school. It has now been fitted to the wall just outside the reception playground. Also a big thank to BC Electrical contractors who fitted the defibrillator at no charge. Although not in operation yet it will soon be signed off as compliant and available to the public.

£670,000 DEVELOPER BOOST FOR LONGVERNAL Longvernal School, in Midsomer Norton, will be undergoing a £672,000 revamp thanks to cash from local housing developments. Existing classrooms will be extended, there will be new facilities for pupils and staff to meet increased demand and current Government area guidelines. The sum is coming from section 106 agreements, money paid to BANES Council to help mitigate the impact of developments in the area after a further 345 homes had been built. The new project involves using an existing courtyard to create pupil and staff toilets, a hygiene room, a special educational needs and a medical room, as well as a larger staff room.

KILMERSDON SCHOOL TO DANCE AT WELLS CATHEDRAL Kilmersdon School have been invited to attend the folk dancing festival at Wells Cathedral. At the event, 56 Somerset schools will be dancing a number of folk dances, it’s a lovely event with a great atmosphere.

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FIELD TO FOOD LEARNING DAY 2018 – THE BIGGEST & BEST YET! The Bath & West Showground was once again a hub of fun and learning as key stage two schoolchildren visited for the third annual Field to Food Learning Day. Pupils from primary schools enjoyed a hands-on insight of farming and food production; meeting farmers and their livestock, getting up close to farm machinery, trying their hand at butter making, putting sheep through an m.o.t along with a host of other interactive exhibits. Field to Food was created to educate young people about farming and food production in engaging ways, and was devised in collaboration with educational specialists to ensure that it satisfies aspects of the National Curriculum. The activities on offer were designed to illustrate how the food and drink that they consume arrives on their table. All the activities were specifically aimed at children aged 7 -11, offering a variety of hands, eyes, ears and noses-on learning. The year 5 & 6 children from Farrington Gurney C of E Primary were buzzing following their day at the Bath & West, ‘It was such a fun experience! We loved that we could get our hands on the activities.’ The Farrington Gurney pupils’ teacher, Miss Higgins was impressed by the level of organisation, "For the children to get the most out of their day it’s so important that the event is well organised and Field to Food certainly was. It all ran so smoothly".


On April 24th St Mary’s School in Writhlington were the only school to be chosen to be filmed for the Aviva Premiership Tackling Numbers programme and had the Britsih Lions Rugby legend, Will Greenwood, in school for the day. Classes 5 and 6 were brilliant and showed the school at its very best. The parents’ team even beat the Bath Rugby pro players in the maths quiz later in the afternoon! Will Greenwood is pictured with Ellis, Suzy, Cicely and Carmel who joined him for lunch.

BALLET PERFORMANCE Eden, Rose and Ivy. We are very proud of them as they performed ballet in front of hundreds of people including the Major of Wells in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Wookey Hole Theatre.

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PEASEDOWN PUPILS TO PAINT NEW VILLAGE BUS After First Bus cancelled one of their routes through Peasedown St John and Arleen Coaches arranged to provide the service instead, they offered the school a chance to design the outside of the bus. The winning design will receive a free bus trip for their year group as well as individual prizes – keep your eyes peeled to see the new Peasedown Primary School designed buses in the village soon!

PROFESSIONAL DANCE SHOW Jasmine Robinson-Knott, Chloe Wall and Ava Weeks, all aged 5, took part in their first professional dance show with Susan Hill Dance School 35th Anniversary A Tribute to Pearl. Well done girls, amazing performances.

SNOWY START TO OUTDOOR LEARNING AT PENSFORD After a snowy start, Pensford Schools Outdoor Education week was really enjoyable with lots of outdoor lessons across the week. It was great timing that the children were able to start the week with some play in the snow. The children listened well and respected each other so that the break time snowball fight was very good natured. Those who chose not to take part played at the back of the school and some made the “world’s smallest snowman” instead. As the week progressed, children took part in a wide range of outdoor activities from tennis lessons to tree grafting and from sound walks to ‘stone-age’ foraging!

ECO-TEAM AWARD MONEY FOR PENSFORD SCHOOL Pensford Primary School Eco-Team were awarded £200 towards to the school thanks to their hard work and participation in a wide range of activities across the year so far, promoting more efficient energy use. Some parents also supported this through taking part in a survey that the eco team put together and thanks went to those families too.

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WILLIAM WINS HIGH LITTLETON TALENT SHOW High Littleton School’s KS2 pupils had a chance to enter a talent show in aid of Sports Relief this term. There were a whole range of different acts from dancing, singing, acting and playing musical instruments. William Easton was crowned the overall winner for his saxophone recital.

B&NES Council cabinet members have formally signed off the closure of Camerton Church School. The school only had seven pupils on its books and was no longer financially or educationally viable. All the children, who were from different year groups, were being taught in one single class by one teacher. They have been given the option to transfer to the sister school in Shoscombe. Cllr Paul May, the cabinet member for Children and Young People, said: “It’s always sad seeing a school that’s served the community for so many years close. It tried really hard. There are good people who worked in that school for years and years who are heartbroken. The simple fact is, the school has not been able to get enough pupils in. There’s a partnership that’s been formed. They have worked together to deal with how that school could continue to exist, but it’s not educationally or financially sustainable. There’s no new housing proposed in the area.” Cabinet members voted to approve the school’s closure.

UK TEACHER WINS GLOBAL TEACHING PRIZE A teacher from North London has been named as the first UK winner of the Global Teacher Prize, beating teachers nominated from more than 170 countries. Andria Zafirakou, who teaches art and textiles at a secondary school in Brent, has won a prize worth $1m. The prize was launched in 2015 by Varkey Foundation, an education charity, was created to give more status to the teaching profession and includes an Oscars-like ceremony. On accepting the prize, she called for more support for the arts in schools, particularly for the poorest communities. During her acceptance speech, she said that schools should be safe havens for children and called for more recognition for the value of the arts subjects in schools, she said schools could make a great positive difference through creative subjects and warned of the deprivation she sees through her community. The prime minister, Theresa May, sent a video message commending Mrs Zafirakou, as did former prime minister, Tony Blair, former US Vice President, Al Gore and sports personalities, Lewis Hamilton and Mo Farah.

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WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT Name: Chloe Wall Age: 5 Achievement: Achieved the British Gymnastics proficiency award for level 8.

Name: Megan Cottle Age: 7 Achievement: Temporary 9th Kyu - orange belt Karate.

Name: Nicky Kershaw-Moore Age: 8 Achievement: Received his Rainbow Reader award for prolific reading.

Name: Polly Green Age: 9 Achievement: Polly passed her Grade 1 Ballet exam with Distinction! Well done!

Name: Alistair Combe Age: 7 Achievement: Cycling 15 miles raising £280 for Sport Relief.

Name: Kayleigh Age: 6 Achievement: Cast for MusiKids Schools Out.

Name: Freya Hodges Age: 5 Achievement: Asa 15m swimming award & level 7 gymnastic proficiency award.

Name: Ruby Sage Age: 9 Achievement: She obtained a Blue Peter badge after writing a story about wolves.

Name: Suzanna Roberts Achievement: Awarded a Merit for her marvellous limericks.

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‘Taking it personally’ is one of our key qualities We are recruiting Support Workers, Shift Leaders, Catering Assistants and Registered Nurses at our Community Resource Centres & Extra Care Services at the following locations:

Avondown House, Twerton The Orchard, Combe Down Hawthorn Court, Keynsham Greenacres, Midsomer Norton

We are recruiting!

Sirona care & health is a Community Interest Company committed to providing integrated health and social care services to people across Bath, North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire. For us, it’s about the personal approach; we take pride in what we do and deliver the high standard of care that we’d expect for ourselves and our families. In return we offer an excellent range of benefits including; • Generous holiday entitlement • Paid enhancements (where applicable) • A contributory pension scheme • Planned induction program • Flexible working patterns • Childcare vouchers • In-house physiotherapy support and more!

St John’s Court, Bathwick Cleeve Court, Twerton Charlton House, Keynsham Combe Lea, Midsomer Norton

Hourly Pay Rates (Bank) Catering Assistants & Housekeepers: Standard: £8.52 / Enhanced: £12.78 Support Workers: Standard: £9.83 / Enhanced: £14.75 Shift Leaders: Standard: £11.40 / Enhanced: £17.10 Registered Nurse Standard: £15.99 / Enhanced: £23.99 (Enhanced rate inc. nights, weekends and bank holidays)

Annual Salaries (Permanent) Support Workers: £14,812 - £17,618 Shift Leaders: £17,114 - £21,636 Registered Nurse Up to £28,591 basic (not inc. enhanced rates)

For more information or request an application form, please visit or call the Recruitment Team on 0300 1245444

Family Matters May edition - North East Somerset edition  

Family and community magazine

Family Matters May edition - North East Somerset edition  

Family and community magazine