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IGNITE National Conference 2014 | AIESEC Vietnam




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>IGNITE 2014 A walk to truly live your AIESEC life HEY AIESECCC! Have you ever thought that an AIESEC conference can change your life? Everyone needs a turning point in their life! That is the moment when changes take place, determination to achieve something comes up so strong that you have to move your ass, do something and end up with at least a memorable experience. In AIESEC, there’s already something created to boost that turning points come to you and one of the most powerful thing is IGNITE conference. Hardly any time AIESECers from all over Vietnam can gather together as in Ignite. Hardly any time culture diversity of different LCs can be shown clearly as in IGNITE. Hardly anytime tears fall down for the mixed feeling of fulfillment and loved as in IGNITE.

If you expect something different, something meaningful, something memorable that marks a milestone in your AIESEC life, spend your time in IGNITE 2014 with better business engagement, more practical knowledge and much more joyful experience. And these treasure moments will only experience by yourself, who create it and make it comes true! Officially to say “We proudly welcome you to IGNITE 2014 this July in Ho Chi Minh city!” IGNITE is HOT-TO-GO !!!

Organizing Committee Team Ignite National Conference of AIESEC Vietnam 2014 AIESEC Vietnam

IGNITE National Conference 2014 | AIESEC Vietnam


Vietnam Youth to Business forum is the biggest annual event of AIESEC in Vietnam, hosting more than 500 students, both AIESEC and non-AIESEC, with the presence of nearly 20 companies in various fields. To AIESECers, this is where a different side of AIESEC's culture is presented

This is the biggest touchpoint of AIESEC in Vietnam every year towards its stakeholders. This is where the professionalism of AIESEC as a whole is presented most clearly, making it what you can't miss if you want to fully feel the AIESEC values and culture. It won't be a complete Ignite Conference without Vietnam Youth to Business Forum :)

What leaders say about IGNITE ď Š

TRAM TRAN MCP 14-15 | AIESEC Vietnam Remember, AIESEC in Vietnam will not get satisfied with a normal growth this year, what we want is the biggest leap in our history. As a delegate, you will have the chance to witness a conference like never before (seriously) and be empowered to the fullest regardless of experiences. IGNITE 2014 will be a breakthrough point for AIESEC in Vietnam to achieve AIESEC 2015!

Ignite National conference means amazing home-away journeys to me. There in the hot summer of the South gathers around 300 people sharing the same belief and striving for the same destination: leadership development for Vietnamese and international youth. The conference help me deeply understand how AIESEC is relevant to our community and how I can become part of that relevance. How great it is!

MY PHAN MCVP TM 14-15 | AIESEC Vietnam

>JOIN WITH US > Timeline: 13.07 – 18.07 > Registration duration: For AIESECers in Vietnam > Round 1: 27.4 – 10.5 > Round 2: 19.5 – 1.6 For International Delegates > Round 1: 12.5 – 18.5 > Round 2: 2.6 – 8.6

1. Full attendance

(Include Vietnam Youth to Business Forum 2014, 5 days IGNITE and IGNITE T-shirt) - AIESEC Vietnam current member + Ho Chi Minh region: VND 1,530,000 + Ha Noi and Da Nang region: VND 1,330,000 - AIESEC EPs/ Interns/ Alumni: VND 1,830,000 - AIESEC International Delegates: USD 160 2. Half attendance

(Include Vietnam Youth to Business Forum 2014, 3 days or less than 3 days in IGNITE and IGNITE T-shirt) - For all kinds of delegates: 50% of full attendance fee You can choose either the first 3 days or the last 3 days Participating in 4 days or more than 4 days, the IGNITE fee will be as full attendance

Delegation Fee

IGNITE National Conference 2014 | AIESEC Vietnam

>CONTACT US Phat Nguyen (Mr.) Delegate Service Manager Phone: (+84) 122 553 3617 Skype: nguyenxuanphatgl Mail:

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Ignite National Conference of AIESEC Vietnam

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July 2014 :)

[AIESEC VIETNAM] IGNITE 2014 First mailer  
[AIESEC VIETNAM] IGNITE 2014 First mailer