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READ ME Mohawk to host national basketball championships 2015 Some things never change at Martin’s Bowling Waterfront to cost taxpayers big bucks 30% O Tuition Grant expanded

Ontario expands eligibility for 30% Scott Summerhayes Ignite News Ontario’s Ministry of Training, College and Universities has expanded the eligibility requirements for the 30% Off Tuition program. The 5,600 Mohawk College students who collect from the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) will no longer need worry about filling out a separate application to receive their 30%-Off rebate; they will be automatically accepted. Also, in the past, students could only be four years or less out of high school in order to be eligible. Now, students in their fifth year of a fiveyear co-op program will be eligible. And finally, students attending private colleges and universities that recognize (OSAP) will be eligible for the program. Neither of the above changes will actually affect Mohawk College students as the college does not offer any five-year programs, and is not a private institute. These changes, however, are expected to benefit 5,000 more students each year. “This change brings consistency and fairness across the board for all OSAP-eligible institutions,” said Tanya Blazina, spokesperson for the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Approximately 230,000 Ontario students received the tuition grant in 2013. In 2012, when the tuition grant was announced, it was expected to benefit 300,000 students each year. “[230,000 students] represents about three-quarters of eligible students, which is a good outcome for a relatively new program. As with any new program, building public awareness takes some time,” said Blazina. The deadline to submit your application for the tuition grant is March 1, 2014.


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One of many Boundary plans for Hamilton’s West Harbour and surrounding areas

The cost of Hamilton’s Waterfront Rachael Williams Ignite News

Hamilton’s Waterfront property redevelopment is one step closer to implementation. On January 22, the General Issues Committee approved recommendations to make the West Harbour Piers five to eight “development-ready” by 2018. This process will begin with a pro-active environmental assessment of the land, which is set to begin in the next few weeks. Development of Pier 8 will include 1,600 residential units ranging from $247,000 to $462,000 per unit. It will also include 13,000 square meters of leasable commercial and institutional space. “The overall magnitude of private sector investment for this pier alone is transformational,” said Chris Phillips, Senior Advisor for the Planning and Economic Development Department. The estimated cost to make the lands ready for development is approximately $39 million to be spread out over four years. According to Phillips, the property, when finalized, is expected to generate $7.5 million in annual tax revenue. Economic benefits also include the employment of several construction workers over a 15year build-out as well as the increase in property values over time. In addition, the commercial space will allow for the creation of permanent jobs and will reshape the city’s image to encourage for other private-sector investment. Most city councillors expressed satisfaction with the advance of the project. However, Ward 12 Councillor Lloyd Ferguson expressed his concerns about the accessibility of the area. “There’s been great progress on the Waterfront properties, but we still have to address the fact that there’s no way to get to them,” he said. Ward 13 Councillor Russ Powers also raised concern over how much has been budgeted for environmental remediation – $1.8 million. “The project has been deemed a brownfield renewal…we have no idea what kinds of things we’re going to find when we start the work. We need to make sure we don’t get hit with costs we aren’t prepared to handle.” Other issues include finalizing the termination of leases that are currently in place, repairing infrastructure, rezoning properties, moving pipelines and coordinating a re-development strategy for all surrounding areas. The goal is to transform the West Harbour lands into a “vibrant, mixed use, pedestrian friendly destination for living, working and recreation.”


New Hawk hosts debut

Sustainability at Mohawk

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Adam Steinberg Ignite News

If you noticed something different about the airwaves this morning, it wasn’t just that you’re still having trouble getting used to hearing 101.5FM referred to as The Hawk instead of INDI 101. Another big change came to the station Monday morning: it was the premiere of The Hawk’s new daily morning show, Paige and Mark in the Morning.

Paying your monthly electric bill: 45 dollars. Purchasing a Tesla Model S, the fastest full-sized electric hatchback: 95 thousand dollars. Leading the world into a more sustainable society: priceless.

Hosted by Paige Heron and Mark Brewer, Paige and Mark in the Morning airs from 6-9am, Monday and Friday, and 6-8am Tuesday through Thursday. Heron and Brewer had previously been hosting The Saturday Morning Show, but after the switch to The Hawk, they approached station manager Les Palango about bringing their show to the weekday schedule. Brewer calls himself a “self-taught announcer.” He started working in AM and FM radio in the late ‘80s. He has been involved in recording and producing Canadian indie bands, and mixed, mastered and produced two Hamilton Music Award-winning recordings in 2010: one for alt-country recording of the year for Ginger St James and the other for loud metal recording of the year for Dawn Before Descent. He is also in his second year as a member of the board of directors for The Hawk. Heron is a graduate of the Radio Broadcast program at Mohawk College and is currently enrolled in the jazz voice music program at Mohawk. Heron said the show isn’t worried about competing with other morning shows available on the airwaves. “In keeping with The Hawk’s new slogan ‘Hamilton’s Alternative’, we feel that we are a major part of that.” So what’s the difference between this morning show and all of the other ones on the air? Heron said that this being the first fulltime regular morning show ever on Mohawk FM radio will help people know what to expect every week. “The previous brand did have morning shows, but they were hosted by different students and there was no consistency. We are offering the exact opposite: A regular morning show, hosted by the same two personalities every weekday morning.” But don’t expect the duo to sound the same as every other morning show. The Hawk has an alternative music sound and the talk and news will focus more on the Hamilton and Mohawk community. Heron said that she and Brewer are “committed to providing our listeners with a consistent and reliable morning show.” So even if you aren’t quite used to hearing the station called The Hawk, you can get used to hearing Paige and Mark on-air every weekday morning.


Some things money can buy, for everything else, there’s Chris Turner. Journalist and author of The Leap: How to Survive and Thrive in the Sustainable Economy, Turner captivated the audience inside the McIntyre Performing Arts Centre on Thursday, giving an insight Chris Turner speaking on campus into his vision of a world free from relentless dependence on fossil fuels. “Self-preservation as a species is an important thing and we are at a very fragile, tricky moment,” said Turner. “There are seven billion of us on the planet. We have a highly advanced technological industrial society that we need to continue to feed, clothe and shelter us all.” Turner thanked Mohawk College and the City of Hamilton, recognizing our community as a leader in the “global sustainability movement.” “The Hamilton-Burlington Society of Art is doing some interesting things on tactical urbanism,” Turner explained. “There is a conversation now about better transit. …Things have to happen and its great that conversation is under way” Turner credits the environment Mohawk has created for students and the use of public space. “Some really good stuff has already been done on the ground and you don’t always see that.” Turner said. “You often hear sustainability plan, sustainability goals but you don’t often see the actual infrastructure of it and I think I see some of that here on the campus.” Working from Calgary, Turner knows only too well that Alberta’s economic dependency on coal powered energy and oil sands are adding to an already staggering “carbon profile”. “I think the industry is open to doing more but it does require governments to be very clear and set clear targets,” Turner explained. “But in the absence of government leadership and clear regulation there is not a lot of incentive to do anything.”


Inside Llewyn Davis Film Review

Soundtrack Review

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Neil Reyes Ignite Entertainment 4½ stars out of 5

After nearly 30 years of making movies, from the goofy Raising Arizona to the Oscar-courting Fargo, the Coen brothers have attained a rare status nowadays: directors the general public pays attention to. “Coen brothers movies” aren’t released; they arrive. Inside Llewyn Davis folk singers of Greenwich Village in 1961. The titular character, played by 10 Years’ Oscar Isaac, is one such artist. In the wake of his former singing partner committing suicide, Davis grumpily sings his songs for heckling crowds, struggles to make meagre amounts of money, and sleeps on a different acquaintance’s couch every night. As a character, Llewyn Davis is a horrible person. He sleeps with a married woman (and possibly impregnates her), he gets angry with everyone close to him while abusing their generosity, and he even heckles an elderly woman to tears. Isaac has such a curmudgeonly charm, though, that it elevates the character. Davis is his own worst enemy, by Isaac still makes you feel bad for him. Much like the aimless Davis, the plot of the movie bounces around from setting to setting. One the one hand, the movie’s lack of kinetic action is smartly as an artist. On the other, many scenes in the middle third of the movie could almost be

4½ stars out of 5

mistakes on the soundtrack for Inside Llewyn Davis. With the help of some music superstars, a legendary producer, and some inspiring performances, the soundtrack feels less like a soundtrack and more like a collection of really good songs. Isaac), in New York’s Greenwich Village music scene in 1961 as to sleep on. The soundtrack features all the musical Isaac, Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons, and Well (Dink’s Song)”. Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan, and Stark Sands beautifully re-create the classic folk tune “500 Miles”. Both Timberlake and Mumford join members of the Punch Brothers for a rendition of “The Auld Triangle”. musical performances, the soundtrack includes a studio version of Greenwich Village’s own Bob Dylan’s previously unreleased.

The true beauty of the soundtrack is the multiple versions of “Green, Green Rocky Road”. Included is While the story leaves Isaac’s performance as well Photo: CBS Films something to be desired, as Dave Van Ronk’s original Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake, and Adam Driver (L-R) folk around in Inside Llewyn Davis. recording. It’s incredible how disappoints. The performances, from Isaac’s to Carey Mulligan’s to well Isaac is able to re-create Van Ronk’s musical style. Other Justin Timberlake’s to John Goodman’s, are all fantastic and the than an omitted verse, Isaac is spot-on with his reproduction. characters feel completely three-dimensional. The soundtrack, John Jeremiah Sullivan writes in the liner notes that there was sung entirely by the cast, is haunting and catchy. The lighting, the “no variance” between Isaac and Van Ronk’s version, even as cinematography, the directing, the costumes – it’s all beautifully done. Inside Llewyn Davis feels like a fusion of the Coens’ comedic and dramatic sensibilities, and the tone mostly works. It isn’t as outright funny as The Big Lebowski nor as prestigiously dramatic as No Country for Old Men, but Inside Llewyn Davis arrives in style and makes a lasting impression with a voice all its own.


this collection is a fascinating listen. Other than the hilarious “Please, Mr. Kennedy” (performed by Timberlake, Isaac, and Adam traditional folk music. It feels more like an album than a movie soundtrack.


Some things never change at Martin’s Bowling Anna Ritins Ignite Entertainment “I may be standing here behind the bar and serving drinks, but I am not a bartender. I’m just plain old Jim, the bowling alley guy.” Jim Pappas has had two jobs his entire life. In the mid-1970s he worked at the Apollo Restaurant, which was owned by his father. Two doors down was Martin’s Bowling where Jim would also help out and do odd jobs. Martin’s Bowling was built in 1943 and owned by two brothers. By the time Jim Pappas began to work there one of the brothers had passed away, and the other was in his late seventies and unable to give the bowling alley the care it needed. “I helped out here for years, and when both brothers passed away, the family didn’t want anything to do with [Martin’s Bowling]. I had been working in a restaurant since I was born, so basically, I just got a bowling alley,” said Jim Pappas, who has now owned Martin’s Bowling for 32 years. “I got it fairly cheap. I won’t tell you how much it was, but it still allowed me to save for college.” This would be a good time to mention that Jim was just 13 years old when he became the owner of Martin’s Bowling. He had originally wanted to be a plumber – a “normal job”, as Jim puts it – which comes in handy now that he does almost all the repairs himself.

Martin’s Bowling on King and Sherman.

Photo: Anna Ritins

“It’s a retro, laid-back bowling alley. I don’t do the glitz and glam, I don’t want to… Either people like it or they don’t. If they don’t there are other places they can go,” said Jim. The bowling alley is like a time capsule from the last 71 years. The fire extinguishers that hang on the wall are from the 1940s, pinball and Tetris machines line the walls, the cigarette machine is still upstairs and the pins and lanes have not been touched. “I found the clock in the basement. It’s the original clock…” Jim says, estimating that everything in the bowling alley is from the 1940s to the 1960s. “The only thing that is relatively new in here is the liquor license. Times have changed and it helps bring people in.” The upstairs bowling alley is closed for now, and lies unheated with the lights turned off. It isn’t busy enough or feasible to keep both floors open for now. Martin’s Bowling is host to five bowling teams, and Jim makes the majority of his money off of children’s birthday parties. “On a bad week, I’ll eat cake maybe twice a week. On a good weekend – six times”

Photos: Anna Ritins

As we talk, a group from the Good Sheppard comes in to bowl. Jim says he doesn’t make any money off of the group, a lot of time they don’t even show and he breaks even with the cost of heating and hours in labour. He says it’s important to give back to the community, and it’s just a nice thing to do. “That’s my motto: ‘It’s nice to be nice’.”



Raptors halftime report

Mohawk to host national basketball championships in 2015

The Toronto Raptors are flying high again this year.

Kyler Sanderson Ignite Sports

The halfway point of a season is, in any sport, a crucial juncture. The general look of the playoffs is starting to come together, and nothing short of a monumental rise or fall can alter things. The trade deadline creeps closer, putting a limit on the chances of teams improving themselves.

It’s official. The David Braley Athletic & Recreation Centre (DBARC), home of the Mountaineers, will host the 2015 CCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship, taking place March 19-21, 2015.

Eric Carpenter Ignite Sports

All in all, it’s as good a time as any to check the progress of Canada’s best – and only – basketball team. When the 2014 NBA season began in November, expectations for the Toronto Raptors were generally moderate. Perhaps a brief playoff run was in the cards if all went as planned, but nothing was certain. Fast-forward forty-one games, and the Raptors are among the biggest surprises of the season, ranking fourth in the Eastern Conference. Their losses are mainly by single digits, and their vastly improved defence is currently third in the league. The team started out middling, until a trade with the Sacramento Kings sent co-captain Rudy Gay out of town after just eighteen games. Since then, the Raptors have shown marked improvement and have pushed back into the playoff hunt. In honor of their conference rank, here’s the top four factors for the Raptor resurgence. 1. Improved point guard play. Starter Kyle Lowry is averaging career highs across the board, ranks among league leaders in steals and assists, and is playing with noticeably more focus. It doesn’t end there, however: the Sacramento trade brought backup Greivis Vasquez, providing Lowry with a capable backup able to spread the ball. Speaking of which…. 2. Teamwork. Despite DeMar De Rozan’s firm entrenchment as the squad’s leader, there is no clear-cut superstar. Six players are averaging nine or more points, and


Photo: National Post

The Raptors currently hold the number one spot in the Atlantic Division have no qualms about making the extra pass. As a result, any one of the core players could end up the leading scorer or make the big clutch play. This unified approach has been used by countless champions and contenders of past years.

3. Defence. The cliche that defence wins championships is prevalent in all sports, and the Raptors have lived and died by it this year. They are allowing the third-least points per game, and have only allowed over 100 points 14 times this season. General manager Masai Ujiri, who had previously spoken of toughening the team up, can only be pleased at seeing his wishes enacted. 4. A down year in the Eastern Conference. While not a team asset, it is undeniably a contributing factor to Toronto’s rise. The Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks were consensus picks to contend, but both have suffered from injuries and lack of chemistry. For this reason, there are only four Eastern teams to have won over half their games, and the Raptors sit at the halfway mark of the season with a clear shot at snaring homeport advantage. Projected outcome: 45 wins, second-round playoff exit in six games.

The Mohawk Mountaineers men’s basketball team has become synonymous with success in recent years. In 2012 the team won the collegiate national title, and last year’s team brought home a provincial silver medal. This year’s team has been exceptional as well. In December the Mountaineers defeated the #1 ranked team in Canada, the Sheridan Bruins, in front of a home crowd at the DBARC. Buoyed by the team’s excellent play and a brand new facility the Mountaineers felt they were strong candidates to host the national tournament. “It was Ontario’s turn to host next year… anyone interested to host in Ontario puts a bid in,” explained head coach Brian Jonker. The potential hosts were narrowed down to Algonquin, Fanshawe and Mohawk. Mohawk prevailed for three reasons: Hamilton has a great basketball community, a stateof-the-art facility and a projected strong team. “Part of the decision-making that factors in is how potentially competitive you can be,” said Jonker. The Mountaineers are well positioned to be very competitive yet again. “100 per cent I’m going to be here, same with the core group of our guys,” said Mountaineers starting forward Andrew Cicuttini. The Mountaineers are undefeated (7-0) at home this season in their first year playing in the DBARC.


Ellis quietly flourishing for Bulldogs Dimitri Perdicaris Ignite Sports The Hamilton Bulldogs opened their 201314 AHL season with a thrilling 3-2 win over the St. John’s IceCaps back on October 11th. It was the ideal way for the ‘Dogs to get their season off on the right foot; however, not the same could be said at the time for one player in particular. That player was defenceman Morgan Ellis. Ellis, who appeared to be in head coach Sylvain Lefebvre’s doghouse to start the season, watched the game – not from the bench with his teammates – but rather from the press box as a healthy scratch. It was a tough way to start the season for the former Cape Breton Screaming Eagles captain and Montreal Canadiens prospect,

drafted 117th overall in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. Ellis admitted that after training hard in the summer, it was difficult not being in the Bulldogs’s lineup to start the season. “You can’t dwell on it, you just got to keep working hard,” said Ellis. “I find when you work hard, things don’t go unnoticed and you’re only going to get better.” Ellis’s days in the press box would not last long however, after earning a spot back in the Bulldogs’s lineup. “Fortunately I made my chance when I got in the lineup and I’ve been playing pretty well since,” said Ellis.

World Wrestling Entertainment returns to pay-per-view this Sunday, with arguably their second-biggest show of the year, the Royal Rumble. On a night where 30 WWE superstars will compete to earn a world championship match at WrestleMania, a number of things could happen that impact the main event scene of WrestleMania XXX. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton will defend his championship against John Cena. The dynamics of this rivalry have been overdone to death. Cena has beaten Orton a number of times. Orton has beaten Cena on many occasions. There’s nothing new to see here. Leading into this show, Orton has been booked as a very weak heel world champion. Two weeks ago, he lost a match on Raw to mid-card wrestler Kofi Kingston, and followed that up by attacking John Cena’s father. On this week’s Raw, Orton ran out of the building to get away from Cena.


Prior to his call-up, Beaulieu acknowledged Ellis’s stability on defence and how it has benefitted his own game. “I like playing with Morgan, he’s more of a defensive-minded kind of guy so he lets me free-wheel a little bit more,” said Beaulieu. “I feel more comfortable joining the rush or skating the puck up the ice with him there because he’s very reliable in the D-zone.” Bulldogs head coach Sylvain Lefebvre says he’s been impressed with Ellis’s ability to overcome adversity this season.

“To do what he did shows a lot of character, a lot of determination,” said Lefebvre. “He Since getting back into the lineup, Ellis has should be a strong example to a lot of those been a mainstay on Hamilton’s blue line and guys in the locker room and all the credit has a team-leading plus-minus rating of plus-9. gets back to him.”

Preview: WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Brady Livingston Ignite Sports

One of Ellis’s partners on defence this season has been Nathan Beaulieu, who has since been called up to the Montreal Canadiens.

Most fans would have very little interest in this match if it was taking place at any other time of year, but because the winner of this match has a strong chance of walking into WrestleMania as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, the interest level has gone up slightly. There really isn’t a favourite in this match; it’s a toss up. Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show In maybe the most intriguing match on the show that isn’t the actual Royal Rumble Match, Brock Lesnar will face off against the Big Show. Once again, there really isn’t anything new here, but this hasn’t been seen since 2003, unlike Cena vs. Orton. Lesnar is being booked like a monster, and has demanded a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Big Show is also being booked as a monster, one who is able to throw around Lesnar with ease. There’s no question that these two have put on good matches in the past, and this is definitely something to look forward to. Lesnar is the expected victor, and Big Show doesn’t really have a chance here in anybody’s mind.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt Also at the Rumble, WWE’s most over baby face will take on one of their most diabolical heels. Daniel Bryan will take on Bray Wyatt, in what could be the conclusion to a threemonth rivalry. In the past few weeks, Bryan has infiltrated the Wyatt’s cult-like family in order to get his hands on the leader Bray, something that he hadn’t been able to do for months. In one of the most memorable endings in the history of Raw, Bryan finally did so two weeks ago. Fans are hoping that this won’t be Bryan’s only appearance on Sunday night, and that he’ll make a second appearance in the actual Royal Rumble match. The 30-Man Royal Rumble Match The Royal Rumble match is a yearly wrestling tradition. A 30-man over the top rope battle royal, two wrestlers start and another enters every two minutes until everybody enters. Wrestlers are eliminated by going over the top rope and having both of their feet touch the floor. The winner of this match earns a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match in the main event of WrestleMania XXX.


Megan Facciuolo Ignite Lifestyle Though red wine is usually considered a classy drink of choice, it may not look so classy when your teeth and lips are coated in its purple-grey residue. This can be a giveaway that you have had a few too many drinks or just make you self-conscious and socially awkward.


While innovators have come up with quick-fix wipes such as these ones, why is there a need to add that extra expense to your bar tab? We have come up with a few natural quick fixes of our own to help you avoid a merlot mouth and tannin teeth. $6.95 Wine Wipes

1. Brush and floss your teeth beforehand

The extremely pigmented molecules in red wines called tannins stick easily to plaque. Brushing and flossing before you decide to go on a wine binge can help prevent those agents from nesting in between your teeth—oh, and your dentist will probably appreciate the oral care too. However, mixing a minty mouth with food and drink too soon can cause an unpleasant palate. Avoid sour taste by brushing at least twenty minutes before eating or drinking.

2. DO NOT mix red and white throughout the night!

White wine is highly acidic and can erode tooth enamel. When doing so, it creates a porous canvas for the red colouring to be painted on. Stick to one or the other.


Drinking red wine is the perfect excuse to have that extra little snack. However, don’t get too excited when you see the dessert table because it is the healthy, fibrous snacks that grind the residue away. Opt for the veggie platter.

4. Drink Soda Water

The carbonation of the water works similarly to the fibrous foods, as it lightly scrubs away the wine before it sets in your teeth and lips. The water will also help keep your mouth hydrated–The more hydrated, the less tannin your mouth will want to absorb.

5. Lip service

Wearing any lipstick or chap that contains petroleum jelly provides a protective barrier from the wine wanting to seep into the cracks of your lips. Consistently re-apply throughout the night to avoid a new lip colour.

6. DO NOT use teeth whitening products.

The peroxides and acidity of the wine mixed together can cause sensitivity and abrasion. It will also have the same priming affect as mixing with white wine. There is nothing wrong with wanting to maintain a white smile, but just wait a few hours until your mouth is alcohol free.

$6.39 Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Moisturizer


Finally, to avoid all of the above, you can just drink with a straw. While some may view this as tacky, what’s tackier than purple teeth?


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