Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2014 (3WDS14) Ch. 8

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Water Views: Caring and Daring

Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2014


OCEAN SYNAPSE – OVERVIEW by Zsuzsanna Soboslay

paper boat folded against a coiled rope on the edge of the boat, a different sea. Whirls and eddies, a merging of submergences; long hair, rope coils, red dresses, green seas.

capability offered by the Waterwheel. Sarah Jane Pell and Benjamin Burke will. Remarkable synchronicities of colours, gestures and symbols occurred. Pell had constructed a performance involving three women, red dresses, boat and tapes what happens, in cabin and on deck. Jumpers and compasses; edges and waves. Above and below.

camerawork, taking it all in, lets things happen. I lament how leaves and soil during performances and always wished someone had caught it on video.” In such an event as Waterwheel provides, asynchronous events come into sync in surprising ways, reminding us of the deep interconnectedness between us and within water, and especially, despite our usual editing processes. Pell and Burke agreed to “meet” online and see what happened. It is clear the delight was both theirs and ours.