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fas-ci-na-ted by you

for you

We changed a lot since the first time we met, time goes by so fast that we forget how thing used to be. But in all those years, no matter how hard I tried, there was only one thing that I could realise. You’d think people realise a lot about each other when they spend so much time together, but no. I could only think of one thing and that is that I’m fascinated by you.

Let me show my appreciation for you with this small book full of memories, stories and happiness. Others may not understand everything I want to say, but I know you will.



We each have our own occupations, our own interests and our own friends. Our own personality, our own way of interacting and our own vision. The way we think is completely different, but we never fight, no, we never do. Because there is one thing that we share and that is enough to keep us together.

I can’t explain these sort of things with words or signals. Although, sometimes just a look is enough to understand what we want to say.

I don’t think about what I will do, what I’ll become and how I will survive. I don’t think about my future. I think about what we will do, what we will become and how we will survive. I think about our future. We are both still building our lives. You’re building yours and I’m building mine. You know our future together doesn’t have to be built? It just happens.

We never stand alone, we always have the other one to catch our fall. Help is never far away, together we can make it happen. It will happen. I know it will.


Doing what we want to do, going where we want to go and watching what we want to watch. No, not much else is needed when we are together, but yet, we’ve got it all. Never a dull moment, not even when we’re not talking, singing or laughing. Even when the rain poors out of the sky, we feel like sunshine falls down on our faces.

No matter where we are, what we do and how we feel, fun is never far away. We can talk about anything and even joke about everything. That is what makes our band so strong.



We’ve still got so much to learn, so much to see and so much to do. The whole world lies ahead of us and I’m eager to explore it with you. We will be able to see all the places we always wanted to see. We’ve got lots and lots of time and I’m already enjoying every single second of it.

Too bad I can’t ask the clock to stop ticking for a while, because around you, time goes way too fast. Sometimes, I take one second and think about what I’ve got, because what I’ve got is too good to forget.

Euhm... Yeah.

I think it’s pretty obvious.





the lyric of my song the cookie next to my coffee the centre of my village the sun in my sky the wings on my plane The headliner of my festival the leaf of my tree the core of my atom the summer of my year the needle of my deck the thrill of my day the clock hands on my clock the sand on my beach the chocolate in my brownie the ink in my pen the grass in my garden the fish in my tank the capital of my country the water of my sea the mayonnaise on my fries the chalk for my black board the light on my road the end of my working day the music in my club the firework for my new year the salt on my potatoes the strings on my guitar the google of my internet the eraser for my mistakes the money in my cash deck the right in my wrongs the articles in my phrase the flower in my garden the hot in my cold the picture in my frame the centre of my circle the feathers of my bird the lens on my camera the blood in my vains the wheat in my bread the snow on my mountain the water in my pool the topic of my conversation the oasis of my desert the strut under my bridge the paper around my present the laugh in my joke the white under my black the color in my paint the plot in my movie the swing on my playground the love of my life


and I



From Nick Dierickx To Tineke Van Rillaer 2011

Fascinated By You  

Fascinated By You

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