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Climate Change Project

Section 1 – Research Climate Change

The changes nothing new fossils beneath the ice show the 90 million years ago deciduous forests the Arctic and dinosaurs roamed Antarctica proving the conditions were once much warmer there scientists have suggested that many reasons for this increases and pattern of the arts orbit that affect how much heat reaches us from the sun. Major options that's a beer with Dustin Gaskin also have an effect however has changes mostly text Leesberry zone over thousands or even millions of years for the last 2000 years the claim has been relatively stable

Most scientists believe that people are largely responsible for today’s climate change that way we live and especially the way we burn fuels percentage is increasing the Global warming this we change our ways save the site and may be heading toward to set some scientist however believe that global warming is part of a cycle and the people have nothing to do with either way the words and vivid need heating up and problems lie ahead

Climate change is happening now the glaciers are melting which is increasing the sea level. Even though climate change has gone through earth’s history, the current change cannot be explained by the cycle alone which means that we are responsible for the change. Many groups are trying to make people care about the planet.

It is predicted that by the year 2030 the glacier national park will be out of glaciers. All around the world the glaciers are shrinking. The thick crust covering the Atlantic Ocean is getting thinner and is shrinking. Thermometers records from around the world show that the temperature of our planet has risen one degree Fahrenheit that doesn't so that much but it is easier for glaciers to melt. Glaciers are very sensitive to climate change. Many glaciers are found in places that are in winter and that stay cool in the summer in every summer the glaciers melt a little bit because of the warmth but as long as what has been melt is recovered in the winter they survive. In earth’s history glaciers always form and vanish because it is a natural cycle.

Section 2: Difference between weather and climate

Weather: It is what the announcer in the TV tell us each day, it is a prediction of what would the temperature of our atmosphere would be in the next few days, including rainfall and humidity. Weather is different in every country/ city, it is always changing over the weeks and finally it is recorded and passed in the news bulletin

Climate: It is the average weather average in a place over many years. So, the climate of Antarctica is quite different than the climate of a tropical island like Hawaii. It is always told by the names: sunny, cloudy, and rainy. It is not the temperature that is going to happen that day it is what the average temperature was in the past years.

Climate is very hard to change even with global warming it would take hundreds of years for it to changes very drastically.

Difference between weather and climate: The difference between weather and climate is that weather is the prediction of meteorologist of what the temperature of a city/place would be that day, it is not always accurate. In the other hand climate is what a country/city temperature average is it is always the same there's an average for winter, summer and all year stations. For climate to change it would take hundreds of years.

Why is climate important to study? Climate is important to study because people want to know of each country, if it is cold, hot, or normal so they can see if they want to live there or not. Also it is good to record past climate so in the years we could see how climate is changing and to see what we the humans have caused to earth’s climate. We are one of the main causes of climate change only by using cars we make a lot of pollution which we can all think it doesn't make nothing but we are causing a high pollution rate over the world, when we do these we are destroying the ozone cape that would then make the earth hotter than glaciers would melt and sea level would rise by 2100 sea level would increase about 4 meters. These a really important topic to study and discuss so all people who live in the world care and make something because in the future our kids and the son of them would not live in a nice place and it would by the years even get worse

Section 3 – Causes of Climate Change

There are many things that lead to climate change, them being natural or manmade, most likely, climate change is caused by humans. What is known as the Greenhouse effect, is one of the biggest contributors of climate change. Many gasses emitted all around the world, are part of this effect. The gasses can stay in the atmosphere which blocks heat from leaving Earth. The most abundant gas is water vapor; it increases the warmth in the atmosphere, clouds and precipitation, that’s why it is a feedback mechanism to the greenhouse effect. Another gas is CO2, which has increased since the Industrial Revolution; it is released by many different means including natural and manmade processes, the burning of fossil fuels, human respiration, volcano eruptions and deforestation. Methane is also a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect, like carbon dioxide it can occur because of humans or naturally; agriculture and rice cultivation can produce methane. Nitrous oxide is caused by the release of fertilizers, nitric acid







Chlorofluorocarbons which are gasses that contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer. Humans are most likely guilty of producing greenhouse gasses, because of human activities, these gasses are forcing climate change.

Currently, climate change occurs for the same reasons. The greenhouse effect has always been on Earth, but everything we do, increases the releases of gasses and pollutants that affect our environment and the atmosphere. The burning of fossil fuels since the last century has been an abundant producer of CO2. The use

of vehicles and the producing of things in factories are also contributors. Because of this, the climate on distinct places on earth will change radically, but in some places it will stay the same or even decrease the temperature. The oceans will get dryer and glaciers will melt, provoking an increase of sea level in other areas.

We know that climate change is happening because of all the evidence of ecosystems that are losing the crucial components that create them. Like we know that in the poles, the glaciers are melting every year, even though that they can melt in a minimum amount, they are still melting and will only take some years to completely melt all the glaciers. This is because the warmth on Earth has increased radically, causing this to happen. Although, in summer, several years in the past, it was a natural cycle that the glaciers melt, because in the cold winter they will gain its original high or will even have a greater one. We also know that Earth has lost an incredible amount of trees and natural environments due to deforestation, which is caused by humans. Trees are a crucial component for Earth, because of the process of photosynthesis, which reduces the emitted carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen.

Section 4 – Earth´s Climate History: History of Climate Change: The Earth is about 4.5 Billion years old. And as it has said it was fully of ice. Over that time period Earth has warmed and cooled many times. We know that the earth is 4.5 billion old because of, Sediment and Fossil deposits, Layers of mud, Ancient Air. In the past hundred thousand years CO2 levels between 200 and 300 ppm, now we are at 400 ppm and rising. Now a day’s people are making sea level to rise over the last century the sea level has raised about 17cm.

Greenhouse Earth The greenhouse effect is when is when the earth has a warmth period of time in which ice caps shrunk disappeared, one of these was in Cambridge it was an explosion and is where the fuels of the earth are derived.

Snowball Earth Snowball Earth describes says that for millions of years the Earth was almost entirely or wholly covered in ice, stretching from the poles to the tropics. This happened over 650 million years ago in the Pre-Cambrian; though it's now thought that there may have been more than one of these global glaciations. These said we have made the earth completely out of ice.

Section 5: Positive Impacts of Climate change

Climate change is very bad but it could bring some positive impacts to our planet. One of them is that glaciers are melting so instead of having ice we would have more water and in year’s water is what we all will fight for. With now all desalination machines sea water could be used always with a high price because of the very expensive cost of desalination machines, glaciers melting is no good at all. Also with the glaciers melting there would stop being those frequent deaths of people getting frizzed in water. With the climate change that we do when we destroy the ozone cape we make the temperature increase and we make that the sun rays hit even more on the planet because of that lack of ozone cape that protects us, these means that we could start using solar panel to use that sun and make energy we would stop using other bad energies, people would save money by doing these.

Negative Impacts of Climate Change: In the past few years humans have caused a lot of climate change because we are not saving the planet, instead we are destroying it every day more with things we use every day. For example all sprays we use all of those are affecting the climate, when we use the cars everyday almost every human does we are causing tons of pollution that then go to the earth’s ozone cape that then is destroyed and then we are more exposed to sun. Then the sun is making glaciers to melt and then sea level rises even more, scientists said that 30 years ago glaciers were even triple its size that now are also they have said that by 2100 sea level would

rise in about 4 meters that would be very bad because land would be taken and that land could be used for agriculture or even were people are living. Many all around the world cities like London and New York have attempt that in a couple years the sea level would start to raise land would be lost in years and people would have to abandon the lands they have buoyed with the whole money of their lives. Animals like polar bears that live in glaciers would extinct because they cannot live swimming they would freeze they only swim to get food, so when there are no glaciers they would have to swim and in hours they would all die because of all us the humans have caused. Then agricultural problems can come because not only the glaciers are melting but little portions of water would dry and then plants would get dry we would not have food to eat neither the animals we harvest so it would be in matter of thousands of years for all that we once saw will be all lost.

Section 6 – Are humans causing climate change?

Agustin Herrera

In my opinion, I do believe that humans are the ones causing the current climate situation because of the greenhouse gasses we release and many other factors. Since the Industrial Revolution, we have advanced a lot in technology, leading to the creation of vehicles, machines, etc. All this new technology has a negative effect towards earth of the environment in some way. Cars and transportation vehicles release carbon dioxide and many other gases are released through other means. At the same time, there is deforestation going on. This causes the amounts of carbon dioxide released to stay there, reach the atmosphere and cause climate change. This will lead to the rising and lowering of warmth in some places around the world. Like in the poles, the warmth will increase, leading to the glaciers melting down each year little by little. By the year 2030, it’s estimated that a national park will lose all its glaciers because of climate change. If this occurs, the sea level will rise, and many other changes will occur in our planet. We burn fossil fuels and we destroy habitats full of different animals, insects, and living organisms, full of life, just to get petroleum which is a fossil fuel that is very important for humans. In

conclusion, humans are responsible for the greenhouse effect and climate change.

Ignacio Vasconez Now a days humans are the highest reason that are causing climate change because we created the cars and each day almost every person in the world drives one and each single car creates tons of pollution. Also the fabrics that create all things we use now a days create tons of pollution that then go to the earth’s atmosphere and with time the ozone cape starts to be destroyed and then the sun rays hit us much directly that makes sea level to rise because the sun is hitting the glaciers; and because of that it is predicted that by year 2100 sea level would increase 2-4 meters and a lot of land would be lost. All new things we think are very innovative are the ones causing the major problem in our planet. Finally I think we need to stop thinking in what we need to be better and start thinking how to live better and think in how our children’s and the son of them would live

Section 7 – What can we do?

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There are many little things that we, as humans can make to lower the emissions of greenhouse gasses, and many other things that lead to climate change. Humans are the current major cause of climate change for many reasons stated in paragraphs above. In the entire world, countries can start creating more energy from hydropower, Eolic turbines, etc. This creates energy using a natural cycle, like air or flowing water, which doesn’t affect Earth. This would be a very good solution because we wouldn’t be getting energy from fossil fuels, you are getting it from a natural cycle that will produce a lot of energy. People can also start reflecting about what’s going on with climate change, they can start using bicycles and other means to transport themselves from one part to another. Instead of using cars, that release greenhouse gases, you can use a bicycle and reduce the releasing of these gasses. But to make this possible, you have to educate people since they are young. We can also try to save water, use it carefully and not waste it, so that there are no problems such as water scarcity. Take care of your environment because that’s where you live, that’s where we all live, so we need to take care of the natural resources the earth has for us. We need to avoid an excessive consume of resources so that there is more for everybody, and that we do not have to be a bigger demand of that product. These little things are hard to do because it’s easier the other way, and it will also take many years but if we try we could make it.

Climate Change Project  
Climate Change Project  

Agustin Herrera, Ignacio Vasconez