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In this project, the interns will work in pairs, and each pair is going to be responsible for one NGO. The propose of Smarketing is making the NGO known on society and organize a fund raising event, but, mainly, the big propose of Smarketing, is cause a positive impact on the NGO’s public and volunteers.

Smarketing is all about making the difference. WHY SMARKETING The NGOs really need people to work on the marketing area, and the interns job is very important to them. Besides all the impact on the NGO, Smarketing is going to make a big difference on your life as well. Not only by improving technical communication and marketing skills, but also by giving you the opportunity to create a new network with people from different cultures.

WHY MARINGA Maringa is a great city to live in. It is not so big, but has all you need for a good life. People are very nice and friendly and many university students live here.

It is also close to many nice places you can visit on the weekends!

WHY AIESEC MARINGA AIESEC Maringa is among the top 3 LCs in Brasil, and is the top 1 in social exchange programmes! But not for the number of experiences we generate, we are known by the quality of those experiences. AIESEC Maringa wants to make every experience we generate the best!

Benefits AIESEC Maringa offers host, which is a student’s house or a trainee house. The NGO offers food and transportation on the working days (3 times a week).

Requirements We are looking for proactive people, who really want to make an impact here! Marketing experience is preferred, but not required!

Realize date

25/11/2013 (The project lasts for 6 weeks)



The intern will be responsible for studying the NGO’s reality and its market, in order to make and implement a marketing plan based on the o...