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igloobest l interioare din românia 3

din România

|n ultimul an am avut ocazia s` prezent`m \n paginile revistei igloo mai multe proiecte foarte bune de amenajare, iar competi]iile na]ionale (Anuala [i Bienala de Arhitectur` Bucure[ti din 2012) ne-au adus \n aten]ie [i alte proiecte reu[ite, prin urmare am decis s` le select`m pe cele care ne-au pl`cut mai mult - 13 la num`r - \ntr-un nou album igloo best. Sunt proiecte diverse, de la interven]ii complet personalizate \n spa]ii de mici dimensiuni la amenaj`ri de case pe dou` niveluri \ntr-un stil eclectic, imagini calde, cu note retro, dar totodat` [i locuri foarte moderne, cu design provocator. Am remarcat, cu bucurie, preocuparea din ce \n ce mai mare, mai prezent`, pentru solu]iile individualizate: arhitec]ii \[i pun amprenta pe compartimentarea locuin]elor, caut` finisaje inedite, dar mai ales gândesc, proiecteaz` [i execut` mobilier special pentru fiecare spa]iu, \mbinând aspectele func]ionale cu cele estetice.

This last year we had the opportunity to present in the pages of igloo magazine several outstanding interior design projects, and since the national competitions (The 2012 Bucharest Architecture Annual and Biennial) brought to our attention several other quality projects, we decided to bring together the ones we liked the most – 13 in total – in a new igloo best album. These are varied projects, from highly individual interventions in small spaces to eclectic designs for two-level homes, warm, retro-inspired environments, as well as highly modern spaces, with a provocative design. We were glad to notice the ever growing and ever-more present pursuit of highly individual solutions: the architects leave their mark on the spatial layout of homes, they seek innovative finishing solutions and, most of all, they devise, design and execute customized furniture for each space, thus combining functional and aesthetic aspects.


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