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about Ígló&Indí Loved by parents and children alike and praised in the media for boldness and creativity, Ígló&Indí has since 2008 offered parents and children an ever-growing collection of clothes with a fresh take on children’s fashion – representing the best that childhood has to offer. Ígló&Indí’s philosophy is simple: Playful and Practical. To create stylish pieces with comfort and quality in mind, promising bursts of colour and graphics that engage children’s imagination and positively influence the way they look, feel, play and explore the world. All the pieces have clever and beautiful details such as ruffles, bows, elbow patches and prints. Every garment is carefully designed to be an ‘everyday favorite’ using only exceptional fabrics to ensure maximum wear and tear resistance. The Ígló&Indí collection is divided into two age groups: for newborns to 24 months and for boys and girls aged 2-12.

ÍGLÓ&INDÍ FLAGSHIP STORES & SHOWROOM Ígló&Indí operates two successful flagship stores in Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital: at Kringlan, Reykjavik’s largest shopping mall and on the trendy Skólavörðustígur street, located in the heart of Reykjavík’s old city centre.

Ígló&Indí showroom Skipholt 33 105 Reykjavík Iceland For further information, please contact:

the story


Ígló&Indí Being a mother of three creative children, I find myself constantly picking up their creative work. Some you keep … others get tossed away. One day I was going through piles of artwork my oldest daughter had created. There was one drawing that drew my attention in particular. It was a picture of two small creatures; a boy holding hands with his little sister in an open magical landscape. The little children were both wearing hooded coats as if to seek shelter from the wind and the cold. There they were, independent, cozy and content in a world of their own. We named the boy Ígló and his little sister Indí. Birth of a brand — the magical world of Ígló&Indí. Ígló&Indí is a manifestation of a creative state that children have easy access to, a place where the mind gets to roam free. A state in which we long to persevere, as we become adults. I truly believe all children are artists. They see colors, shapes and patterns as tools for creation … where there are no limitations — only opportunities. Such is the thinking behind the world of Ígló&Indí. A world where rabbits and lions walk foot in paw. A world where the real and the imaginary are equally tangible. My Nordic roots draw me to focus on trendy styles as well as durability in my design for children. Every piece of clothing needs to be practical and ever so comfortable. I encourage parents and children to play with our collection and be the creators and artists we all truly are.

Helga Ólafsdóttir Founder and Creative Director of Ígló&Indí



with Enza

With focus on corporate responsibility, Ígló&Indí is proud to join the Enza Women Social Enterprise. An Icelandic/South African charity, Enza’s mission is to provide underprivileged South African women with the possibility of starting their own small businesses by creating projects that later might develop into jobs. Guided by sustainability, the organization empowers these women and enables their economical independence. Ígló&Indí empowers Enza women by supplying them with designs and training in repurposing old garments, giving them new life in the shape of beautiful children’s accessories that are sold in the Ígló&Indí stores. A very exciting innovation project, it is also a rewarding one as it will lead the organization in creating products that are socially responsible, profitable and environmentally friendly. Ígló&Indí donates all designs and consulting to Enza. Established in 2008, Enza Empowering Women is a vision born in the heart of an Icelandic woman named Ruth Gylfadottir. Its main operation is in Mbkweni, an underprivileged suburb 50 kilometers north of Cape Town, South Africa. The name of the organization, Enza has a positive connotation; it means to produce or to do something in Zulu and Xhose, the native language of the population’s majority. Enza is an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) as well as an NPO (Non-Profit Organization). It has active board members in Iceland, South Africa and in the UK.



Picture an island far in the arctic north with snowy mountains, icy lakes and jet-black beaches. In these fantastic frozen landscapes carefree children run, dance, laugh and play with their animal companions. Emulating their movements, they sprint like the fox, jump like the rabbit, or charge like the bear. Others perch in a tree like the owl or spread their arms, emulating the eagle’s majestic flight. With a foxtail here and a bear paw there, some have even begun to take the shape of their soft and furry friends. In their own little enchanted world, frozen in time and space, anything is possible. Made from the softest top quality fabrics and embellished with ruffles, bows, stripes, patches and unique prints, the Ígló&Indí Autumn/Winter 2014 collection stays true to its signature style. Inspired by its two characters, Ígló&Indí, the collection is divided into three color stories making it easy and fun for parents to mix and match. The palette includes pink, navy, red, dusty rose, pearl, mélange grey, arctic blue and elm green. The collection caters to every child, mixing everyday essentials with dressier items intended for those special occasions, all featuring the collection’s unique prints. Naturally, all Ígló&Indí garments are perfectly tailored for children’s body shape and movements – allowing them to freely play in their frozen fantasy world.

Founder and creative director of Ígló&Indí

Ígló&Indí kids


GD1 GD14204-512 / BJÖRK dress GT14202-522 / BÁRA top

GD14209-104 / DILJÁ dress

GT14207-522 / DAGMAR top

GD14210-744 / DIDDA dress

GP14211-522 / DAGNÝ leggings

GP14205-512 / BIRNA leggings GP14208-224 / DANIELA pants


GT14213-520 / ELÍSA top

GD14215-115 / EMMA dress

GJ14212-115 / ERLA jacket

GP14214-115 / EVA pants GP14216-115 / ESJA leggings


GT14219-740 / FANNEY top

GP14223-731 / FLÓRA leggings GP14220-520 / FRIDA pants GT14221-731 / FILIPPA top

GP14218-520 / FJÓLA leggings

GD14222-731 / FREYJA skirt


GT14225-257 / GNÁ top

GT14224-900 / BUNNY top

GP14226-257 / GÓA pants

GP14235-900 / HILDUR leggings

GP14228-257 / GÓGÓ leggings


GD14233-514 / HLÍN dress

GJ14229-250 / HALLA jacket

GD14232-534 / HELGA dress

GP14231-250 / HULDA pants

GP14234-514 / HREFNA leggings


BJ24201-250 / BALDVIN hoodie BT24202-250 / BALDUR top

BT24205-104 / ÍGLÓ top BT24203-224 / BÚI top

BT24204-104 / BERGUR T-shirt

BP24206-900 / BALTASAR pants BP24221-225 / EMIL pants


BJ24207-740 / DANIEL hoodie

BT24209-250 / DARRI top

BT24211-741 / DABBI top

BP24215-740 / ROBERT pants BT24212-740 / DÝRI top


BJ24208-520 / DAVID cardigan

BT24213-520 / DÚI top BT24210-731 / DAN T-shirt

BT24214-520 / DREKI top

BP24215-250 / ROBERT pants


BT24217-367 / ELLI shirt BT24218-324 / EGILL top

BT24219-258 / EYJAR top

BP24221-258 / EMIL pants

BT24220-306 / ELDAR top

Ígló&Indí baby


GT14240-522 / ÍDA top

GO14244-512 / ÍSOLD playsuit GD14246-522 / INDÍ dress

GT14245-512 / ÍVA bodysuit

GD14248-744 / ÍSÓL dress

GP14241-522 / INGA pants

GP14247-512 / ÍSEY pants


GA14252-115 / JÓA bib

GA14251-115 / JANA hood GJ14212-115 / ERLA jacket

GT14257-534 / JÚNÍA top

GT14258-224 / JÖKLA top

GT14255-115 / JÓHANNA bodysuit

GD14253-115 / JÚLÍANA dress

GT14254-104 / JÚLÍETTA top

GP14259-224 / JÓNÍNA pants

GP14256-115 / JACOBINA pants


GA14266-514 / KATRIN hood

GT14263-257 / KRISTÍN top

GT14268-514 / KARITAS top

GT14267-250 / KRÍA top

GP14235-900 / HILDUR leggings

GP14269-514 / KÓKÓ pants


BA24241-718 / FELIX hat

BA24240-741 / FANNAR hood

BA24242-718 / FILIP bib

BT24244-718 / FLÓKI top BT24246-741 / FROSTI top

BP24247-741 / FÚSI pants BP24245-740 / FLOSI pants


BT24254-731 / GLÓI top

BA24249-515 / GARDAR hood

BT24255-515 / GUTTI bodysuit

BT24253-104 / GAUI top BO24257-731 / GRÍMUR playsuit

BT24252-250 / GARPUR top BP24256-731 / GUNNAR pants


BT24260-258 / HRÓAR top

BO24263-258 / HÚNI playsuit

BP24262-258 / HUGI pants

Thanx to the fun and lovely: Andrea, Andreas Halldór, Arna, Björk, Breki, Emilía, Högna, Indí, Jói, Jón Kári, Knútur, Ragnheiður and Salka.


Íris Dögg Einarsdóttir Head of design:

Helga Ólafsdóttir Props & brochure design:

Karitas Pálsdóttir Makeup:

Guðbjörg Huldís Kristinsdóttir Hair:

Theodóra Mjöll Skúladóttir Jack Assistant:

Sandra Vilborg Jónsdóttir Text:

Ásta Andrésdóttir

Ígló&Indí Head Office & Showroom Skipholt 33, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland For more information: For ordering: Showrooms are available in Reykjavik, Stockholm, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Sydney. // // // // #igloindi © 2014 Ígló&Indí. Images are not to be reproduced or distributed without the approval of Ígló&Indí

Ígló&Indí AW14 Collection  
Ígló&Indí AW14 Collection