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Praised in the international media as a bold and creative brand – focusing on playfulness and comfort – Ígló Kids have a fresh take on children fashion with its unique style – representing the best that childhood has to offer. Since creation in 2008, Ígló Kids has established itself as a creative force and has steadily grown in the nurturing hands of the dedicated Ígló team, lead by head designer and owner, Helga Ólafsdóttir. The philosophy is simple: To create children’s clothes that are stylish and beautiful without ever compromising on comfort and practicality. Ígló Kids focuses on enhancing the lives of children by creating quality products that positively influence the way they look, feel, play and experience their environment. All pieces have ingenious details such as ruffles, bows, elbow patches and prints and are designed to be ‘every day favorites’ using only exceptional fabrics to ensure maximum wear and tear resistance. The Ígló collection is broken down into two age groups, Ígló Baby for newborns to 18 months & Ígló Kids for boys and girls from 2-12 years.

ÍGLÓ FLAGSHIP STORE In 2010 Ígló Kids opened their flagship store in Reykjavik, Iceland. In the store the whole Ígló world comes together with a little bit of magic where all the latest Ígló goodies are on display.

NEW ÍGLÓ WEBSITE Ígló kids launched a new website in August 2011. In the creative process a big mood board was created to map out the elements inspiring the Ígló brand. At the end the mood board itself became the main focus of the site and ended up being photographed and transferred into the digital world. The website is mostly handmade with handcrafted details like the embroidered Ígló logo and handpainted front page.

Helga Ólafsdóttir is the founder, head designer and manager of all design development at Ígló. Helga has a degree in fashion design from Copenhagen, Denmark but being a true globetrotter at heart she furthered her studies in both London and Milan. “I love designing kids wear. Every child I meet is an inspiration. I admire their honesty, purity, humor and their natural joy of life.” Children’s comfort is the underlying principle behind every design where fashion meets comfort with a touch of whimsical playfulness thrown in.

AW12 - OPPOSITES ATTRACT “The inspiration for AW12 comes from two opposites: the north and the south. I was captivated the breathtaking photography of Ragnar ´RAX´ Axelsson and his beautiful movie Last Days of the Arctic where he shares his unique vision of the rough wilderness of the north. His black & white photographs from remote places in Iceland and Greenland are astonishing. The inspired me to experiment with different shades of grey in the fabrics as well as animal prints made with pencil strokes. On the other hand there is the one and only Miguel Paredes. I was captivated by the vibrant colors of his work and the energy and expression flowing from it. The main colors of the collection are red, navy, pink and purple from Paredes´s drawings mixed with various shades of grey from the north.” // //

Ígló kids Kringlan Mall 103 Reykjavík // Iceland Tel. +354 5177913

Thanks to the fun and lovely: Baldvin, Benni, Katla, Sigtryggur, Snæfríður & Urður // Head of design: Helga Ólafsdóttir Brochure design: Karitas Pálsdóttir // Photographer: Bernard Kristinn // Special thanks to: Guðbjörg, Þóra, Svala, Tinna, Laila & Feldur.

Autumn-Winter 2012  

Ígló AW12 brochure