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Issue 1 | April 09

90 LINE IN AUSTRALIA The No.1 waterborne paint worldwide Advice from industry experts Your questions answered


21 14 “T his new Spectro has so many more benefits to the end user. It is very simple to use and returns extremely high levels of accuracy. You can easily adjust formulas and it is backed up by the entire Glasurit Profi System.”


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Welcome to the new BASF refinish magazine Gloss.

04 90 LINE IN AUSTRALIA Ready to deliver the most time-saving cost effective resource on the market.

We have taken the opportunity to create “GLOSS” magazine to ensure that we keep you right up to date with all the exciting new developments that are occurring at BASF Coatings in Australia & New Zealand and also within our industry in general.

06 90 LINE. ASK THE EXPERTS Find out what users in Australia and New Zealand have to say about bringing 90 LINE into their Body Shops.

Throughout the magazine you will find in-depth articles on a range of new technologies, services and products that Glasurit offers. The articles will help you understand some of the changes that are happening in the refinish industry, such as the move to waterborne products and advancements in technology. The detailed information contained in “GLOSS” will help to give you clarity and answer some of those questions that you may have on products and systems within the refinish market. This year BASF Coatings celebrates a number of impressive milestones and achievements including the 120 year anniversary of the creation of Glasurit from a small manufacturing facility, just outside of Hamburg. BASF was also voted the “World’s most admired Chemical Company.” by Fortune Magazine earlier this month.* BASF Coatings will continue to work hard to ensure that we are developing products and support mechanisms to assist your business through these challenging times. We hope you enjoy the read and if you have any further questions or feedback please contact us on (02) 8787 0100. * Fortune Magazine, 9th March 2009.

IAN WILKINSON Country Manager Australia & New Zealand

08 90 LINE. Q&A All your questions on this new technology answered by our experts.

FEATURES 10 RAPID REPAIR Added revenue for your Body Shop business. 12 NEW RATIO SCAN II SPECTRO COLORIMETER T he launch of a revolutionary new Spectrophotometer. 14 UV COATINGS SYSTEM For Body Shops with high throughput or high amounts of spot repairs. 17 GLASURIT SHOOTOUT GRAND FINAL Neil Moneypenny from Duracraft Paint & Panel, WA wins first prize. 18 VALUE ADDED SERVICES PROGRAM Glasurit gives Body Shop owners and managers a helping hand. 20 COLOUR TRENDS Future global colour trends. 21 MAZDA KIYORA We develop an innovative new finish for a concept car. 22 GLASURIT NEWS Latest news update.


90 LINE in Australia. Glasurit’s 90 Line waterborne system is quickly becoming the leading coating of choice amongst OEM’s and Body Shops for its highly concentrated, quick and efficient coverage.



VER HALF OF US LIVE in places where the air quality occasionally falls below acceptable standards. Smog, pollution and poor air quality cause thousands of deaths each year and hundreds and thousands of severe cases of asthma and bronchitis. All around the world governments and industry groups are starting to address these issues with the intention of reducing emissions or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and fostering a cleaner, green environment. Traditionalists would have argued that waterborne coatings had no future in automotive refinishing. BASF Coatings, the makers of Glasurit Auto Refinish Coatings predicted a trend towards water-based technology over 17 years ago and introduced a waterborne coating onto the market long before the VOC directive was even passed. Glasurit 90 Line made its debut in 1992 at the Automechanika Trade fair in Frankfurt Germany amongst high levels of skepticism

from visitors to the fair who believed that waterborne coatings had insufficient hiding power, were too slow drying and over priced. The skeptics concerns about waterborne finishes were quickly dispelled and today it is hard to imagine the automotive refinish sector without them. In Great Britain, the Netherlands and Austria, sales of waterborne coatings have for a long time exceeded that of solvent based due to their stringent VOC legislation. Over seventy percent of worldwide car manufacturers now use waterborne basecoat finishes, which for a number of reasons makes 90 Line Waterborne the smart choice. Those with the foresight at Glasurit now have the highest selling waterborne basecoat system for passenger cars in the world. Waterborne technology is the future of automotive refinish paints as we look

towards reducing emissions into the earth’s atmosphere. This is achieved by making water the major ingredient of the paint basecoat, rather than solvents. Fortunately for Australian Body Shops there is a choice available right now to help carry you into eco-friendly profitability. Glasurit’s 90 Line waterborne system is quickly becoming the leading coating of choice amongst OEM’s and Body Shops for its highly concentrated, quick and efficient coverage – and for its advanced formula aligned to the most stringent VOC standards. It has been

“With its 17-year tradition of high quality, 90 Line makes the transition to waterborne as seamless as possible,” Wilkinson says calling 90 Line “a proven time-saver, with less time meaning increased productivity.”

designed to be a high performing all round product. The coating has excellent hiding power, is environmentally compatible, fast drying and saves you in time and materials. 90 Line is easy to use and has given Body Shops a reason to convert over to waterborne coatings. In fact in Germany, all Body Shops using Glasurit products have now changed over to 90 Line. 90 Line delivers cost advantages for shops of every description, according to Ian Wilkinson, Country Manager ANZ. “With its 17-year tradition of high quality, 90 Line makes the transition to waterborne as seamless as possible,” Wilkinson says calling 90 Line “a proven time-saver, with less time meaning increased productivity.” Glasurit Technical Sales Support Manager, Ian Johnson noted that other companies’ waterborne topcoats require significantly longer application time per job as well as

higher material consumption.“The bottom line is that we can help shops and distributors today prepare for the demands of tomorrow” says Johnson.“Glasurit 90 Line offers reliability and peace of mind along with a great finish.” Changing over to 90 Line waterborne coatings is easy. The application system is standard procedure and there is a superior Colour Support System available through the Glasurit Color-PROFI System. The ability to colour match replicates much closer to the original manufacture colour than solvent systems. This system consists of over 60,000 colour chips which are sorted into colour groups and there is colour availability as far back as 20 years. 90 Line has also proven itself at high altitudes and extreme conditions with the products being selected as the paint supplier for Extra Flugzeugbau in Germany a company that manufactures single engine aircrafts for aerobatic pilots. The planes require a finish that can cope with the most

demanding and rigorous conditions as they are pushed to the limits at competitions such as the Red Bull Air Race. 90 Line has continually proven to be an outstanding choice for the company as well as being 100% VOC compliant. The transition to waterborne represents a commitment to change. BASF supports your efforts by developing products that not only meet requirements but are also cost-effective. Along with Glasurit’s world-class reputation behind it, 90 Line delivers value with a host of money-saving benefits – ease and speed of application, short dry time, less energy consumption and much less waste. Glasurit 90 Line is the most advanced technology available in today’s market. And, add to this the fact that waterborne technology is not only environmentally more responsible, but also much safer for your employees.


90 LINE. Ask the experts.

As we move towards waterborne finishes in Australasia, 90 LINE is ready to deliver the most time-saving, cost effective resource on the market. Here’s what users in Australia and New Zealand have to say about bringing 90 LINE into their shops.


BE A LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER “E nvironmental factors played a big part in our transition to waterborne products. We need to demonstrate the best practices available on the market today, and also have to consider the environment. More importantly our internal workshop environment is my priority; I needed to create a healthier environment for our staff. They have really benefited from the positive change in their working environment.” John Zulian “Our staff have been happy with the changeover to 90 Line. We won’t go back! Water based product is not prevalent in NZ yet - but we were very proud to be the first Body Shop in NZ to install it. I am very happy with it.” Stefan Tolich “It was not a hard decision for me because I wanted the competitive edge and I wanted to reproduce the manufacturers finish as closely as I could.” Michael Wilkinson

SMOOTH TRANSITION “The transition to 90 Line was great. Our spraying techniques remained the same and all it involved was some minor housekeeping.” Stefan Tolich “The transition was surprisingly smooth for us. The guys picked it up very easily and we found the support from Glasurit to be excellent. Frank Timmins “Glasurit took out 55 Line on Friday and by Monday 90 Line was installed and ready to go. We had on site training and also sent some staff away for a week’s intensive training. All in all, it was an easy transition.” Stefan Tolich

PARTICIPANTS Stefan Tolich - Director RAY HASLAR AUTOHAUS Auckland, New Zealand 90 Line user for 12 months John Zulian - Managing Director KESWICK CRASH REPAIRS South Australia 90 Line user for 6 months Frank Timmins - Owner/Director FINE FINISH PANELBEATERS Auckland, New Zealand 90 Line user for 5 months Steve Menkes - Proprietor MENKES AUTO RENEWALS Lambton, NSW 90 Line user for 5 months Rick Stone - Manager SWAINS MOTOR BODY REPAIRS Queensland 90 Line user for 4 years Michael Wilkinson - Owner PETER WILKINSON & CO Perth 90 Line user for 2 years

“We were given hands on training and the Glasurit team continue to assist us when we need it. I couldn’t be happier.” Steve Menkes

PERFORMANCE “90 Line has so many advantages. It works brilliantly on less than perfect surfaces, there is no fry up, you can’t smell it and my staff have reported fewer headaches since we introduced it.” Stefan Tolich “We changed to 90 Line because we wanted to use a product that was better suited to our business, which predominantly deals in prestige vehicles. 90 Line works on a number of levels including gloss levels, colour depth and colour matching.” John Zulian “90 Line offer us higher levels of productivity, excellent colour matching, it is easy to use and has an environmental advantage.” Steve Menkes

COLOUR MATCHED “There have been countless advantages of moving to 90 Line but one of the main ones I have experienced is the ability to match modern colours. This means that we are spending less time on colour matching and more time on painting cars, which has led to a significant increase in our Body Shop efficiency.” John Zulian “T he colour and colour matching using Glasurit 90 Line has been outstanding. We can match colours quicker and we have reduced the amount of spray outs that we have to do and as a result increased productivity.” Frank Timmins

ENVIRONMENT “We changed to 90 Line because of environmental issues. It is the way of the future and we knew that we needed to head in that direction. I also needed to consider our staffs’ wellbeing, and waterborne made for a much better working environment for them.” Frank Timmins

LOOKING AFTER OUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET “My staff are my number one asset. By reducing VOC’s in the Body Shop, I am improving working conditions for them. This was paramount in my decision to move to waterborne.” John Zulian “We had a look at the 2 main areas that would benefit us most with Glasurit Waterborne technology; the environment and the work conditions of our technicians, the work conditions have improved further as the risk of solvent coming in contact with their skin has lessened." Rick Stone

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK “Customer feedback has been extremely positive about the changeover. We have had comments on the lack of fumes coming from the Body Shop and they are intrigued with water based and support our reasons for change.” Stefan Tolich

PRODUCTIVITY “The 90 Line system is much quicker to use in the spray booth, the colours are cleaner and the environmental impact lessened.” Steve Menkes



IAN JOHNSON Technical Sales Support Manager ANZ

Part One: Why Waterborne?

Q: How long has 90 Line been around?

Q: Why should we consider changing to Waterborne coatings?

A: 90 Line was introduced in 1992 and is still the paint of choice throughout Europe. The same 90 Line that Body Shops use everyday is the product chosen by a number of OEM's such as high end manufacturers Rolls-Royce and Maybach due to its outstanding performance and easy of use. Waterborne coatings have been used by OEM’s since the mid 70’s, so the technology is not only well accepted

A: When paints and coating are applied, the solvents which help form the continuous film, evaporate into the atmosphere. This results in emissions of VOC’s which are harmful to ourselves and the environment. This is now becoming the focus for Body Shops around the world as they try to reduce the use of solvents and improves the working conditions for their staff whilst also being environmentally responsible. Waterborne coatings use water as their main ingredient rather than solvents, and are much more environmentally friendly.

Q: Waterborne is supposed to be better for the environment. Is it really better? A: Yes. Glasurit 90 Line allows you to reduce solvent emissions by about 60 percent.

but well proven.

Part Two: Setting Up Q: Is there any special equipment I need to buy? A: More than likely you already have all the equipment necessary to spray waterborne coatings now. However, if you wish to capitalise further on improving your efficiencies and thereby increasing profits into your business there are some additional changes you can consider making, – some


simple, some more complex. Some examples are spray guns, air-flow improvement units and gun cleaning systems all designed specifically for waterborne material. Our Glasurit Distributors will help you identify these profit areas and make recommendations specific to your shops needs.

Composition of 90 Line Basecoat


Q: Is it necessary to have a new mixing machine?

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Q: What about new lids and paddles?

Q: What does the 90 Line system consist of? A: 90 Line consists of 53 tinting bases, 2 mixing clears, and an additive. So once you have the 90 Line bases, 90-M5 Blending Clear, 90-M4 Mixing Base and 90-E3 Adjusting Base, you are ready to spray.

Q: What is the shelf life of 90 Line? A: It is no different from its solventborne alternative. Unlike competitive systems, 90 Line bases are colour concentrates that can be stored like solventborne bases. You don’t need plastic or lined cans for the bases. Only colour that has already been mixed with 90-M4 must be stored in lined cans or plastic containers.

Q: How long can I keep 90 Line when already mixed with 90-M4? A: Once mixed, the shelf life is six months and must be stored in properly sealed, lined cans or plastic containers.

Part Three: Using 90 Line Q: How is applying 90 Line different from what I am doing now? A: Anyone comfortable with solventborne basecoat will find it easy to use 90 Line. Although there is no difference between the application of 90 Line and 55 Line - as both use 2 coats (flash to matte) and then a half coat for effect pigment orientation - there are differences in mixing the colour and disposal that you will need to know as you begin to use the system. BASF has a training programme that will help you with this transition.

Q: What about Colour Matching? A: That’s the best news of all. Some 70% of manufacturers worldwide are now using waterborne systems for their original finish, which makes 90 Line a logical choice for matching a refinish. The application system is standard procedure and there is a superior Colour Support system available including the industry leading Glasurit Color-PROFI system. This system consists of over 16,000 sprayed colour chips representing over 40,0000 OEM colours which are sorted by colour group allowing quick colour retrieval without the need for a spray out. The colour replicates to a blendable match first time, every time.

Q: Is 90 Line easy to blend? A: Yes. Blendability is one of the key advantages to this system. In most cases, no blending clears are needed.



A: 90 Line can be used with existing 55 Line mixing machines. Only the lids and stirring mechanism will need to be changed. If you are considering moving from a competitor brand you will require a new machine. A: 90 Line uses conventional steel cans and existing-style lids and paddles.



Solids content Solventborne


Q: Should I factor in flash-off times? A: 90 Line’s flash-off time is no longer than the current, Glasurit 55 Line solventborne system, if used in conjunction with one of the recommended drying systems.

Q: Everyone says waterborne takes a long time to dry. A: That may be true with other waterborne systems, but not with 90 Line. There is no significant difference in drying time between 90 Line and other Glasurit paints. In each case the drying of the basecoat depends on the Body Shop’s temperature, humidity and air circulation.

Part Four: After The Spray Q: I don’t like spending a lot of time in clean up. A: With 90 Line you don’t have to. After spraying, simply rinse your HVLP spray guns with water. The dirty water can be collected and disposed of after treatment with Coagulation Agent 700-7.

Q: Should I be worried about waterborne durability? A: No. As with solventborne basecoats, 90 Line is protected from weather, rain and car washes by a clearcoat. And it features the colourfast properties that Glasurit is renowned for.

Q: What do I tell my customers about waterborne? A: You can proudly tell them that your Body Shop is using the highest selling waterborne basecoat system for passenger cars in the world 1 and that you are leading your industry in the change process towards environmentally friendly refinish systems. By using 90 Line, your shop is showing concern for the environment, the community around them and a continual commitment to delivering high quality finishes. Chances are that with over 70% of manufacturers worldwide using waterborne systems, your customer’s car’s original finish had already made the transition. 1

SpecialChem website: Industry news - August 14th 2008.



Little dings mean a lot.

“We are able to economically repair vehicles that are trade-in’s through our business as well as offering it as part of our car care business which includes add-on services such as alloy repairs.” Joe Talo, Kloster's

Stone chips, scratches and other types of small paint damage are a common annoyance for owners of new or expensive cars. Now these little annoyances can mean added revenue for your Body Shop business.


HE Glasurit Spot Repair shop is a smart way to increase business and create a new profit centre within your Body Shop. It uses completely separate facilities and allows you to target a totally different type of customer whilst also servicing and retaining your existing customers. It allows you to offer fast, dependable repairs as a value-added service at a reasonable cost.

Fast Spot Repair targets non insurance claim customers who have small scratches or dents in their paint work that doesn’t warrant putting through a claim. For the customer, they are inexpensive to rectify and there is a quick turn around. Within an average time of 40 minutes the damage is repaired and the car returned. This means you can easily turn around a job whilst the customer is shopping or attending a meeting. Using this innovative system, you can make small repairs (up to 3cm in diameter) without the need to clear coat an entire panel. The new technology from BASF uses a unique “spot blender” which makes it possible to blend the paint in the small area surrounding the damage. This means less time and less material is required.

Profitable Spot Repair is a highly profitable extra business venture. You may want to investigate other addons to your business such as alloy wheel repairs, dash and trim repairs or windscreen repairs making your Body Shop a one stop destination for repairs.

Newcastle Body Shop - Kloster’s introduced Spot Repairs over 5 years ago and it has now become “an integral part of our business” says Joe Talo - General Manager, Body Repair and Spot Repair division. The addition to their business has been a smart one as it has allowed them to offer an added service to their customers and minimise overall costs. Talo adds, “That it is a win-win for us, we get great business from the service, quicker turnaround times and it is a low cost venture.”

Easy The number of jobs a Body Shop can turn around in a day varies and depends on the amount of painters and booths. One painter can complete between 5-6 spot repairs in one day in one bay. Spot Repairs can cater for all types of passenger car especially those less than 5 years of age. There are specific areas that you can target with advertising to grow this business - such as cars that are about to be sold, and need to look in perfect order, or cars that have been traded in and the car dealer needs to make some minor repairs to. It is also suitable for light commercials vehicles. The Glasurit Spot Repair system has proven solid returns for a number of Body Shops in Australia and New Zealand. Glasurit will assist you with identifying the equipment you will need to launch this new initiative and also offers full induction services and ongoing staff training to ensure that the business is a success.

THE SPOT REPAIR PROCESS There are 5 steps involved: 1. Fast Colour Identification - using the Glasurit Colour Profi System 2. Fast Masking System - using a specialist non paint supplier system 3. T opcoat application - using new topcoat application techniques 4. Cool down and polish 5. Delivery of vehicle - average job takes around 40 minutes.

“We are now repairing between 7-8 cars a day with one painter and one booth. The customers love it because there is a much quicker turnaround than traditional repairs and it is much more cost effective for them.” Joe Talo, Kloster's


A new way to colour match.


Glasurit is set to unveil its revolutionary new Spectrophotometer at the Collision Repair Expo in Sydney.

Glasurit is set to unveil its revolutionary new Spectrophotometer at the Collision Repair Expo in Sydney. The Ratio Scan II Spectro Colorimeter introduces a technological breakthrough in the world of colour measurement and matching with a number of advantages over the products currently on offer in our market. Ratio Scan II combines a user friendly measurement device which works in combination with a new, easy to use colour retrieval software application. The software is a module of the Glasurit Profit Manager Software application. Ian Johnson (Technical Sales Support Manager ANZ for Glasurit) has been involved in the rigorous testing of the new Spectro System.

“T his new Spectro has so many more benefits to the end user. It is very simple to use and returns extremely high levels of accuracy. You can easily adjust formulas and it is backed up by the entire Glasurit Profi System” comments Johnson. With a precise measurement tool, the new Specto allows you to find the right colour. The system has been designed to be extremely simple to operate whilst giving you great results every time. An efficient automated process combined with simple support tools means that calibration, formula searches and general operation are so much easier than existing models on the market. It is also supported by a 3 year warranty. The new Ratio Scan II Spectro allows you to easily adjust a formula if you require it and will factor in issues such as sun and heat exposure which have the capacity to alter the colour measurement. The new Ratio Scan II will factor these into the formula that it provides. Unlike other Spectro’s on the market, the new Ratio Scan II does not require the need for a spray out to check the colour. The new Spectro provides an accurate measurement when referencing the Glasurit Colour Profi System, so you can do away with time consuming and wasteful spray outs resulting in higher productivity levels and less wastage. The Specto also has the ability to easily adjust formulas and in this case a spray out is recommended.

FIVE STEPS TO EASY COLOUR MATCHING 1. Measure the colour of the vehicle that you have to repair. 2. Download the measurement. 3. R atio Scan II will identify the best variant from the database, which includes all Colour Profi System references. 4. If required the mixing formula can then be automatically adjusted. In this case a visual check is recommended. 5. Weigh out the mixing formula and save it as a custom formula within Profit Manager.

You will have the option of using the Ratio Scan II as a stand alone colour retrieval tool, or it can be set up in conjunction with the comprehensive Glasurit Colour Profi System. The Spectro has been designed to take the mystery and the complexity out of the colour matching process so that almost anyone can use it. The system is available now and will be demonstrated by Glasurit staff at the Sydney Collision Repair Expo before being launched to market.



UV-Cured dries clean and green. The Glasurit UV-A system is particularly interesting for Body Shops with a high throughput or shops that do a high amount of spot repairs.


LIGHT CURING OF materials is one of the most exciting and versatile material technologies in our industry. UV is experiencing rapid growth as Body Shops and OEM’s around the world recognize its benefits and how essential it is to the future growth of their business. Glasurit continues to prove itself as an innovation leader within the automotive finish sector, with the introduction of an award winning new UV-A Coatings System. But what does that mean to your business? What are UV Coatings? And how do they work?

What is a UV Coating? UV light is a wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum that falls just outside of our visible spectrum. UV Coatings contain special materials that remain inactive until they are exposed to UV light. Once exposure takes place, the materials crosslink to form a fully cured finish within minutes.

“Glasurit system utilizes UV-A technology which is the safest type of UV technology on the market." Why is UV-A technology preferable? UV-A light is the most harmless to painters compared to UV-B and UV-C. Spray painters can work in their usual way without being exposed to the harmful UV-B rays. UV-A eliminates the use of special safety protection gear-only safety glasses are required. It also means that there is no need for a special shielded application area within the Body Shop to cure the coating. The Glasurit UV-A System is particularly interesting for Body Shops with a high throughput or shops that do a high amount of spot repairs. The potential savings are particularly high in these areas with the

WHAT DOES THE GLASURIT UV-A SYSTEM CONSIST OF? 1K UV Body Filler 1K UV Primer Filler 1K UV Special Cleaner 2K UV Clear 1K UV Blender UV-A & Infrared Radiation Lamp

Benefits of the UV-A System? Economical - Along with the efficiency and durability benefits, UV curing needs no drying booth, saving energy costs. It produces less waste, saving material costs. And it requires less equipment cleaning, saving clean up time and expense. Outstanding Properties - The UV-A system has high scratch and chemical resistance. It cures to an extremely hard and durable finish with no die back thus removing rework. Safety - Glasurit’s UV-A System is low in toxicity and offers meaningful safety advantages. The UV-A light poses no significant hazard when protective eyewear is used and no other special safety equipment or special drying areas are required. Environmental - the UV Primers are VOC compliant and have been recognized with the prestigious ‘Chemmie’ Award. Quick Repair - the system has fast curing times, and can also dry in sunlight. It is also ideal for spot fixes, especially when used as part of Glasurit’s Small Damage Repair System.

speed and convenience of the Glasurit primer-fillers offering outstanding value.

“W hat we are talking about here is a shift in technology occurring over a period of 10 years.” The new technology is truly an innovation breakthrough and one that Glasurit is committed and excited about. “What we are talking about here is a shift in technology occurring over a period of 10 years” says Ian Wilkinson – ANZ Country Manager, “Glasurit has made a point of investing a huge amount of time and effort into research and development of this system which will have optimal benefits to our customers.”

“U V products are good. A UV-A system is better." The Glasurit UV-A curable primer caught the attention of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency who present annual awards for products and companies that discover innovative ways to use chemistry to significantly reduce pollution at its source. The product was awarded the prestigious 2005 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award (The Chemmies).

“Glasurit has made a point of investing a huge amount of time and effort into research and development of this system which will have optimal benefits to our customers.”



Shoot Out Grand Final. The 2008 competition aimed to find the best overall Glasurit Spray Painter in Australia & New Zealand. The competition was extremely tough with a surprising result showing a convincing clean sweep by the West Australian contestants who took out the top 3 places. The Second Annual Glasurit Shoot Out Grand Final was held in Sydney in October last year. The competition began with over 100 contestants and was soon whittled down to 54 competitors from around Australia and New Zealand who fought it out in their qualifying rounds to ensure a place in the National Grand Final. The top 16 finalists were invited to travel to Sydney for the Shoot Out Final. This followed a series of assessments at a State level over a series of disciplines.

“The competition was extremely tough” says Ian Johnson “and it was very hard to separate out who the eventual winner would be.” Over 2 days of tough competition, the 16 finalists were critiqued and assessed on a series of tasks including application, colour matching and product knowledge. Under the watchful eye of the 3 judges; Ian Johnson - Glasurit Technical Sales and Support Manager, Peter Jones Glasurit National Head Trainer and Brian Lewis Colour Lab Supervisor, the finalists were tested and challenged in areas that were pertinent to success in everyday Body Shop scenarios.

The main judging criteria was based on three disciplines: Application - including material usage, quality of finish and application time. Colour - including the ability to visually colour match both solid and effect colours. Process - including theory of the correct processes and products to use. The competition was held within the 2 spray booths, prep-bays and mixing areas of the BASF Wetherill Park Head Office in Sydney. Competitors were given the choice of using either Glasurit 55 Line Solvent or Glasurit 90 Line Waterborne basecoats, and a choice of either High Solid or MS Clearcoat. The competitors were truly tested and challenged in all areas of their craft and after an extremely close competition and a demanding two days, Neil Moneypenny from Duracraft Panel & Paint was awarded First place. Neil was awarded a $1000 travel voucher, a Champions trophy as well as 2 De Vilbiss Spray Guns and a 3M Sun Gun for his winning effort.

Mike Seddon from Nova Smash Repairs was awarded second place and Clint Davies from Wayne Davies Smash Repairs came third.

“Each of the finalists did their homework and competed in a thoroughly impressive and professional way” observed Ian Wilkinson- Australia/NZ Country Manager. Neil Moneypenny now joins the elite winners circle and a bright future as a Glasurit Shoot Out Champion. Whilst the 2 days of competitions were intense there was also the opportunity for some well deserved networking and R&R including a high energy Paint Ball competition and a day at the Bathurst 1000 with a prime position in the Glasurit Corporate Enclosure.

How can you compete in the Glasurit Shoot Out 2011? Become a member of the Glasurit Painter Academy. Have a Glasurit TSR visit your Body Shop and complete a NBA assessment.


BODY SHOP DESIGN A systematic layout of the work areas provides optimum work efficiency levels.

Value-added Services.


Glasurit gives Body Shop owners and managers a helping hand with their Value Added Services programme with initiatives such as Body Shop Designs, Vision Plus, Ratio Concept plus and Process Optimisation. Glasurit has a number of consultants worldwide who are rigorously trained to provide support and guide Body Shops to greater business success. Consultants are competent in both the technical and business fields and are trained to support Body Shops through over viewing business practices and implementing change processes. We spoke to Colin Stevenson the National Ratio Consultant on what a typical work day involves:

ways of moving their business forward and implementing processes and procedures. This is particularly relevant to manufacturers implementing recommended repairer networks. I also assist repairers in the rolling out of New Times & Rates (NTAR) with IAG insurance

Are you finding that an increasing number of Body Shops are using your services? Colin Stevenson: Yes. With work providers (in particular insurance companies) “tightening their belts” and attempting to monitor and reduce the average repair cost, it is more important than ever to measure any new changes to rates or times so as to ascertain the real effect they have on the Body Shop. More repairers are looking to improve their efficiencies within the Body Shop. We can assist them with implementing new and different types of procedures designed specifically for their individual requirements.

Have you visited a Body Shop or spoken to one already today? Colin Stevenson: Yes. I have spent time with a Body Shop today speaking about marketing their business and approaching insurance companies and other work providers to attract additional work. I concentrated on motor vehicle dealerships and IAG with their real time, real money which is currently being rolled out in N.S.W. & Victoria with the other states to follow. I have also spent time in a Body Shop explaining real time, real money and helping them with an estimate and comparing it with the old method of estimating. When implemented correctly based on information from our repairers using NTAR there is now real potential for additional earnings.

What does a typical day as a Ratio Plus consultant consist of? Colin Stevenson: It is very varied, but mostly speaking with Body Shops regarding measuring and benchmarking their business against themselves and the industry. I undertake evaluation reports for the participating Body Shops through the Vision Plus Online program and advise Bodyshops on new and innovative

What type of support do you offer Body Shops? Colin Stevenson: In any area that they see value. I am currently spending a lot of time with repairers focussing on how to meet the criteria of the Toyota Body Repair Network. If product usage (paint) is above benchmark. I will recommend that a Glasurit Technical Service Representative spends time in the paint shop to monitor usage and to ensure that products are being used to maximise their performance.  

Which program do you think has the most impact on Body Shops? Colin Stevenson: The measuring and benchmarking that the Vision Plus online program provides to the end user. We can identify areas of strength and weakness and advise on ways to improve on them.

Tell me about a few of your success stories? Colin Stevenson: We have been successful at assisting 6 shops in meeting the criteria for the Toyota Body Repair Network. With Canberra Body Works, I spent many hours with Darren Jones the owner looking at the required processes and

VALUE-ADDED SERVICES PROCESS OPTIMISATION A detailed analysis of all relevant work processes in your Body Shop including the implementation of the new tailor made processes.

BODY SHOP DESIGN A systematic layout of the work areas to provide optimum work efficiency levels.

BODY SHOP MANAGEMENT SEMINARS Management and staff development at a managerial level including business management practices.

VISION PLUS This invaluable program will assist in identifying problem areas and tracks business progress and performance. It focuses on areas from Finance and Marketing to Processes and Paint Shop Analysis.

VISION PLUS “20 GROUPS” The “20 Group” is a powerful, non-competing discussion and brainstorming group of regional Body Shop owners that work through issues and problems that members are struggling with.

procedures. I also achieved this with the owners of Senator Smash Repairs in Rooty Hill. Another good success story was a Body Shop in Adelaide which I evaluated. We identified that their labour costs and productivity were well below the benchmark. Based on the Vision Plus report, the Body Shop reduced their staff by one, reduced their overtime and changed job roles within the workplace. The Body Shop has not reduced their output but has increased their productivity and reduced their labour payout. A great result for them.


Colour Trends. When buying a new car more than 40% of buyers can imagine changing their existing make if a manufacturer doesn’t offer exactly the right colour in the right range. In this competitive market, colour trends and directions play a huge part in the success or failure of new ranges or models. At the last Paris Motor Show (October 2008) it was evident that our global focus is turning towards sustainable development themes and progressive changes in colour which in turn are influencing the world of automotive colour. New colours reflect an integration of both nature and technology themes or a new term entitled “techno natural”. In all areas of our lives, we are focussing more and more on sustainable design, and this is becoming more evident in the colours and finishes we are wanting on our cars. The BASF Coatings Colour Design Studio in Munster also sees a trend towards catering for the less design-oriented buyers. These buyers are interested in effects and colours that are less energy consuming to produce whilst not compromising on visual impact.

SO WHAT ABOUT POPULAR COLOURS? Silver and black remain the most popular colours in newly registered cars in Europe.

SILVER The statement, “my car is Silver” will not be specific enough in the future, predicts the BASF Colour Design lab. New pigments and technology offer Silvers that are more stylish and understated with warm undertones. From very light almost White Silvers to the deeper, highly reflective surfaces that with the addition of aluminium flakes give the illusion of a liquid metal finish that almost dances with life, silver remains one of the most popular colours

Glasurit is predicting colours inspired by ecology to emerge as a growing trend. These colours combine technical progress and softness with natural imagery and tones. BLACK The face of Black is also changing as technology adds a new complexity to it. Blacks ranging from extremely clear, deep blacks to super lush blacks with the appearance of extreme sparkle. Blacks are no longer drifting into grey, they are lush and

have coloured highlights of violet or gold, giving the illusion of a black that appears to light up.

WHITES The soft white trend of the past years will also continue to make headway in the European markets, especially for high-class cars in the premium segment.

ECOLOGICAL COLOURS Glasurit is predicting colours inspired by ecology to emerge as a growing trend. These colours combine technical progress and softness with natural imagery and tones. Iridescent and silky effects and metallic technology make for stunning finishes. Dramatic pairings of green and blue tones that create the effect of a stormy sea through to the soft “pure water” finish created to showcase the Mazda Kiyora concept car. It will still take sometime for these trends to appear on the OEM application scene as carmakers and consumers decide which will be winners. But if this is an indication of things to come, we can be confident that there will be some exciting new developments in the future and Glasurit will be there with a solution for all of its refinishing needs.


Mazda Kiyora.

The BASF Coatings team worked in conjunction with Mazda Motor Europe designers to translate the theme of pure water into an aesthetically pleasing finish that would complement the cars design. At the Paris International Motor Show, Mazda unveiled its stunning new environmentally friendly compact car which is intended to appeal to young European urbanites. The new model is called Kiyora which means clean and pure in Japanese. The Kiyora is due to replace the Mazda 2 in the middle of the next decade. The car was modelled on the shape of a water droplet on its side, and it required a unique finish to reproduce the impression of water showing depth, fluidity and transparency.

“The finish expresses the transparency and depth of water and is in complete harmony with the exterior design,” Richter comments. Stefan Richter (Key Account Manager OEM After Sales for Automotive Refinish Products) led the BASF project team. “It was fantastic how employees from our Automotive OEM Coatings

and Refinish Coatings Units collaborated with the designers from Mazda. They kept developing ideas and refining them resulting in a stunning finish.” says Richter. With an integrated team of Mazda Colour and Material Designers, BASF Coating Designers and BASF colorimetry experts from the refinish coatings unit - a cross divisional and company wide project team was created. Using various layers of materials, combined with forms and colours on the inside, gives the impression of looking into water with its depths and flowing shapes beneath the surface. From the blue-green finish to the transparent polycarbonate doors, the interior with its wave shaped forms and the side members of the body resembling flowing seaweed, the effect is visually stunning. The Kiyora caused a sensation amongst visitors from the automotive sector and the general public at the show. With global trends all pointing towards urbanisation, this model offers a compact; fuel efficient car with a stunning exterior that could herald the future direction that small cars might be heading towards.



Accelerated drying system developed for Waterborne


better solution... there’s a

3M™ Paint Preparation System

The 3M™ Paint Preparation System (PPS) replaces Traditional paint mixing cups and filters & drastically reduces the amount of solvent required for gun cleaning. With the 3M™ PPS paint is mixed in a liner bag which marries directly to a filter and then is mounted on the gun with a dedicated adaptor. As freshly filtered paint is used, the liner collapses, allowing the gun to function at any angle. The bag and filter are disposable, leaving only the spray gun adaptor to be cleaned. Now that’s a faster, cleaner system, safe from contamination and ready to take your paint shop to the next level of Performance. For more information visit our website at or call

136 136

Sydney Automotive Paints & Equipment have successfully launched the Garmat USA Accele-Cure™ accelerated drying system for both Waterborne and Solvent Based Paints. Their recent installations have proven to be very successful and have enhanced the drying process of waterborne paints. The Accele-Cure™ from Garmat actually enhances the natural downdraft airflow pattern in the booth without the disruptions to the air flow that can be found when utilizing corner or side mounted units. These units work by cutting through the laminar air movement in the booth and so, by their very design, must create turbulence. Dust then settles on the base coat and when the clear coat is applied it is very difficult to remove. The Accele-Cure™ system is a strategically placed ceiling mounted air accelerator system which increases laminar airflow over the vehicle and dramatically reduces flash off and bake cycle times. The clean filtered air from the booth ceiling plenum is accelerated over the car at high velocity allowing for faster evaporation of water or solvent during flash off. The accelerated cure system is designed to speed up drying in the areas that are traditionally slower to dry, i.e. the roof, the bonnet and hard to reach areas under the mirrors and sills. The faster the water/solvent is evaporated from the surface of the newly sprayed object, the faster that coat is cured, allowing for the next coat to be applied almost instantly. Garmat USA claim that when leading paint manufacturers in the USA tested Accele-Cure™ the system performed better than their initial expectations. Accele-Cure™ has proven to reduce flash off times of both waterborne and solvent based paints by at least 50% resulting in a significant reduction in time needed to paint a vehicle. When used during the bake cycle this accelerated air flow improves the heat transfer to the metal which decreases the bake cycle time by approximately 20% resulting in significant energy savings. You can retrofit the Accele-Cure™ to your existing booth now whether you use waterborne or solvent materials. With installations now in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth the team at SAPE are confident that their Accele-Cure™ System from Garmat is the perfect solution for any repair shop contemplating the use of Waterborne Paints. Enquiries to: Robert Gray 02 9568 2233 Sydney Automotive Paints & Equipment



BASF has been presented with several notable awards over the past few months further reinforcing the company’s position as a progressive and innovative brand. Accolades include being named the “World’s Most Admired Chemical Company”according to a survey carried out by the U.S. business magazine “Fortune.” Industry experts voted BASF into top position in the chemical industry in eight ​of nine categories, which included product and service quality, innovation, global competitiveness, financial soundness and quality of management. In late 2008, BASF was listed as the “World’s Leading Chemical Company” in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. BASF was also awarded second place as “Germanys most sustainable company.” And in further recognition of the company’s focus on sustainability, it was recently named in the “Global 100” list by Innovest a New York company that produced an annual survey of the world’s most successful companies in the area of environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance, and thus the world's most sustainable enterprises. Innovest noted BASF's achievements in the fields of sustainability management, innovation and product stewardship.

Mahindra awards OEM approval to Glasurit Glasurit has recently received OEM approval from the giant Indian motor group - Mahindra for all of their Premium refinish products. This is a milestone achievement for Glasurit in the rapidly growing Indian market. The $6.7 billion (U.S) Mahindra Group is among the top 10 industrial houses in India and is the market leader in multi-utility vehicles in India. It made a milestone entry into the passenger car segment with the Logan. The US based Reputation Institute recently ranked Mahindra among the top 10 Indian companies in its Global 200: The World's Best Corporate

Reputations list. Mahindra is also one of only four Indian companies to receive an A+ rating from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for its first Sustainability Report.


BASF wins prestigious global recognition for sustainability


Glasurit is recommended by leading car manufacurers Glasurit is a rare breed. There is little competition when it comes to the number of approvals granted by carmakers. By now Glasurit  has been granted approvals by 44 carmakers alone. For Body Shops, working with coatings products and systems approved by carmakers is a crucial factor for success. An approval guarantees customers that their vehicles will undergo top-quality refinishing, not unlike a repair with original parts. These days, brand-linked Body Shops are gaining in significance, making top-of-the-line refinishing an important competitive edge. From comprehensive tests to global approval A car manufacturer does not grant technical approval until it has carried out intensive tests and thoroughly checked whether the quality of Glasurit automotive refinish products meets the stringent requirements of automotive OEM coating. The technical approval is then laid down in a contract and is valid for a region or for the entire international market. Detailed agreements on aspects such as delivery, training, or services are signed at the national level. Each carmaker’s approval states that Glasurit’s innovative product systems, color management, and comprehensive shop support make it the ideal partner for any car dealer and any Body Shop. Glasurit products and product systems have been approved by: Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Citroen, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Daewoo/Chevrolet, Daihatsu, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Porsche, Skoda, Land Rover, Lexus, Lancia, Maybach, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mahindra, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Rolls-Royce, Saab, Seat, Smart, Suzuki, Subaru, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volkswagen and Volvo.

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Gloss Magazine Issue 1  

Gloss is a high quality magazine designed and produced by BASF Coatings Australia, targetting a highly defined trade audience. Gloss has be...

Gloss Magazine Issue 1  

Gloss is a high quality magazine designed and produced by BASF Coatings Australia, targetting a highly defined trade audience. Gloss has be...