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International Green Environment, Energy Expo & Forum “Palestine on a new era armed with alternatives” 2016 Palestinian environment on its all different elements and forms exposed to various sources of pollution such as pollution of air, water, solid and liquid waste water besides the open violation by the Israeli occupation, where the confiscation of land , control of water sources and polluted it by throwing waste water and industrial effluents and solid in the Palestinian territories , razed and destroyed agricultural land, Even the wildlife does not Scrape of destruction, thereby exposing the human and its surroundings to pollution sources and the spread of infectious diseases. Palestinian human rights violated by Israeli settlements and factories which built on Palestinian land, where they are throwing these sources and spilled nearly 37.6 million cubic meters of waste water on Palestinian land that surrounding them. Because of economic and social developments that have occurred over the past years , new lifestyles emerged which contributed directly to increase human requirements and diversification, this has led to increase the amount of waste generated daily and varied as well as industrial waste that contains many of the chemical compounds that are dangerous to all living beings and pollute air, water and soil which led to adopt scientific methods of waste management and disposal in healthy ways, so we see the importance of spreading awareness in waste management as waste recycling projects , promoting means of environmental awareness and develop a culture of waste recycling and a sensation of responsibility of the Palestinian community to the environment. Palestine suffers from a significant shortage of natural resources and mineral wealth which increases when we are upon talking about traditional energy sources of oil and gas, this puts Palestine’s energy sector in the face of big challenges depending on imports of energy supply. Palestine imports more than 86% of electric energy from Israel and 95% of the oil derivatives energy producers also from Israel. In addition to high prices and financial cost to the consumer and the Palestinian product where electricity's bill reaches up to $ 500 million annually. Due to Israeli raising of electricity prices in 2013 to 33% compared to 2010 when electricity's import bill reached $ 650 million, Furthermore, import's bill of oil's derivatives reached nearly 800 million a year , this import of electricity and oil just over 12% of the Palestinian GDP. What we have suggest above shows sufficient justification to rethink and go ahead towards other renewable sources not only to provide electrical power in Palestine, but also for recycling , conserving water sources and protect environment, this trend imposes serious and strategic challenge in front- of Palestinian decision maker and the private sector in finding a viable strategy for the foreseeable future , going towards new investments in this area, all that is related to the reliance on renewable sources of energy to ensure the provision of economic security for the purposes of consumption and production.

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In order to achieve this, the Palestinian Energy Authority aims to prepare a strategy for renewable energy aimed to exploit renewable energy sources in Palestine to increase the proportion of its contribution of the total energy, equivalent to 25% by 2020 as there is an urgent need to search for renewable energy sources, which are defined as those energy derived from natural resources, which is renewed that are not implemented, it differs substantially from traditional energy which prone to burnout or completion, for example, the completion of the fossil fuels, oil , coal, natural gas and nuclear energy ; any energy being generated without emissions harm the environment. It consists of several renewable energy sources such as the wind, sun, water, and ground temperature. In order to find effective strategies to exploit and improve sectors of energy, water and green environment in Palestine and going along with the Government's vision to build a sustainable future for the state , will be held the following:

International Green Environment, Energy Exhibition and Forum Under the Main Theme "Obstacles and Challenges Facing Energy, Environment Sectors in Palestine Present and Future” This Forum is considered the leading Palestinian forum in the energy, environment and sustainability fields. It comes as a continuation of the green environment and energy exhibition that was held in June of 2015, where many international and local companies took part in it. The Forum will be held in full partnership with Al –Quds University, Sharek Youth Forum and Al Munir Services & Consulting Company. Moreover, the event will be sponsored by the Palestinian Energy And Natural Resources Authority with the participation of the Environment Quality Authority, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Local Government, the Ministry of Public Works, the Association of Engineers, the Palestinian Contractors Union, and a group of effective local and international institutions in the fields of energy, environment and water.

ACTIVITIES The event is composed of a series of different activities that involve institutions and groups concerned in the fields of green environment, energy and water in Palestine. Hence, this unique event will touch the various segments, and it will be a platform for the concerned international expertise under one roof. The event includes a scientific day, followed by Forum and Exhibition over other two days. The event will take place over three days, which is expected to be in the second half of the month of September 2016. During the Scientific Day, papers, researches and scientific projects will be presented which fit the Palestinian reality, they are picked up, fleshed out , discussed and evaluated in advanced before 11, Sateh Marhaba St., Al Sharafeh, Al Bireh - Palestine Fax: +970 2 241 2052 :‫ فاكس‬Tel: Wataniya: +970 569 27 78 40 :‫ وطنية‬Jawwal: 3 ‫ من‬8

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presentation, under the supervision of specialized scientific committee, where they will present and discuss projects related to each sector separately .About four scientific papers will be selected for each sector, 15 minutes will be allocated to display each paper, follows by 10 minutes for any question. There will be an invitation to all the scientific, academic institutions, investment companies and all concerned locally, regionally and internationally to present their researches and projects. The event will be started at Al Quds University, Abu Dis, where will initiate with a scientific day .The scientific day will be divided into three periods, almost two hours for each period , the first one will present and discuss projects of renewable energy in Palestine ,the second one will be allocated to discuss the scientific papers of green environment sector, climate change in Palestine, and display their scientific research, while the third period will address the scientific papers of the most important local research of water sector in Palestine, with a focus on research of water treatment, and the possibility of re-using it. The activities of the event will be completed in the other two days after the scientific day in one of Ramallah's hotels, where the exhibition will be held over two days, in which there will be enough space and time for companies of green energy sector, water and environment to introduce their products and latest technological and geometrical solutions and open the way in front of them to view their success stories that would provide solutions to the obstacles facing the sectors of green energy, environment and water in Palestine. The exhibition will also include an angle for viewing posters of research and scientific papers that did not accommodate the time of day scientific to present. In conjunction with the two day expo ,a forum will be held over two days in which decision-makers from the government sector representing on Energy and Natural Resources Authority, the Environment Quality Authority, Water Authority, Ministry of Agriculture, in addition to all ministries that are relevant to the event directly or indirectly, besides the owners of capital , investment companies, banks , providers of products and services for green energy, water and environment locally, regionally and internationally. In the first day of the forum, there will be a discussion for the current situation of renewable energy and finding available and possible funding opportunities, while the second day will discuss the situation of environment, water and climate change in Palestine. The forum aims in two days to develop strategies, come up with recommendations and mechanisms of action and outputs serve the vision of all relevant parties, contribute to develop , integrate sectors of green energy, water and environment, overcome the obstacles of current and future challenges, find alternatives and solutions feasible , viable and applicable projects in Palestine, discuss financing and investment opportunities for the advancement of green energy, water and the environment sectors in Palestine.

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 

Focus on financing opportunities for renewable energy, ways to exploit sustainable energy sources, and their suitability and feasibility of economically viable in Palestine, and review success stories of the latest developments and techniques used to exploit these sources. Discuss notable topics such as green environment, pollution, natural resources, re-solid and liquid waste recycling, climate change and global warming, green buildings, eco-friendly agricultural practices, and eco-friendly tourism like green village. Focus on the current water situation, the planning and management of surface water resources and protect it from pollution, energy conservation, and infrastructure development as well as activation and development of wastewater treatment plants and to discuss and keep abreast of the latest scientific and technological developments in the field of wastewater treatment in order to get a sustainable water source that is used in agriculture and any other appropriate areas.

VOCATIONAL TRAINING COURSES AND WORKSHOPS INITIATIVE The initiative will be launched during the Forum in order to serve the professionals working in the energy, environment and water sectors, and to develop their professional competencies in the areas available through studying the needs of the working market requirements to determine courses needed to develop competencies. Therefore, advanced and intensive courses supervised by engineers, local and international specialists will be conducted. It is worth knowing that every training certificate will be authorized and signed by the Ministry of Labor, the relevant company and Al Munir Services Company as the organizing body of the event.

FORUM OBJECTIVES 1. Achieving sustainable development through the dissemination and promotion of green practices in all areas, and inculcating a culture of preservation of available resources to save the right of future generations in them. 2. Raising the Palestinian public's awareness of the importance of preserving the environment, its sources and methods of rationalization energy and water consumption. 3. Finding alternatives to traditional energy sources, and studying the possibility of its application and success in Palestine. 4. Finding ways to attract local and foreign investments. 5. The development of the professional competencies working in green environment, energy and water sectors through advanced courses and workshops that keep pace with the latest technologies used to develop the mentioned areas. 6. Discussing matters related to the most important challenges and obstacles faced by green environment, energy and water between present and the future in Palestine, and working to find positive and effective solutions in short and long term. 7. Presenting the success stories and contributing to its adoption, development and financing.

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8. Encouraging scientific research, motivating researchers to continue their research and creativity, and presenting their projects and research to open up opportunities for adoption by interested companies and parties.

TARGET PARTICIPANTS The event targets decision makers, policy makers and investors in addition to all the local, regional and international organizations working in these sectors. The forum seeks partnerships with the following institutions: 1. Energy and Natural Resources Authority 16. USAID 2. Environment Quality Authority 17. PECDAR 3. Water Authority 18. Foreign institutions operating in these 4. Ministry of Labor sectors 5. Ministry of Education 19. International donor institutions 6. Ministry of Local Government 20. Arab and foreign embassies operating in 7. Ministry of Agriculture Palestine 8. Ministry of Public Works 21. Non-profit organizations working in 9. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Palestine 10. Ministry of Finance 22. Relevant syndicates and unions and 11. Union of Real Estate Developers associations 12. Palestinian Contractors Union 23. Electricity distribution companies 13. Engineers Association and its branches 24. Institutions operating in the energy, 14. Palestine Higher Green Building Council environment and water sectors 15. The European Union 25. Specialized media outlets

MEDIA AND ADVERTISING PROGRAM FOR THE FORUM: The forum will start with the promotion of the forum from the beginning of April 2016 focusing on promote a widespread adoption and will be allocated for radio and TV program for two months before the start of forum's activities of promoting the events and hosting decision-makers from ministries and relevant institutions in order to raise the awareness of visitors and participants as much as possible. And will be promoted to companies participating in the exhibition, researches and scientific papers that will be discussed at the conference several months prior to the event in order to encourage the participation of companies and motivate them to highlight the most important experiences and successes.

THE IMPORTANCE OF PARTICIPATING IN THE FORUM:  Expo achieves a privileged position of the identity of institutions working in these sectors: energy, water and green environment.  Provides new business opportunities for multinational companies, gives them the opportunity to collaborate with strategic partners and other stakeholders and promotes the performance of companies by providing the latest technologies.

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 Provides an opportunity for the exchange of best practices and experiences between different local exhibitors and multinational companies.  Provides a unique opportunity to take advantage of special care offers at media and marketing levels.  Provides an opportunity to communicate with government policy makers, senior business leaders, investors, and delegations representing countries around the world within distinctive environment of speech.  Constitutes an important way to take advantage of the available opportunities in Palestine.

EXPECTED RESULTS  Raise the necessary awareness about the clean energy or alternative methods of energy and rationalizing consumption in coordination with ministries and relevant institutions.  Find solutions to the challenges and obstacles facing sectors of energy, water and green environment in Palestine.  Develop strategies and facilities to attract domestic and foreign investment in these sectors.  Find methods and strategies for the development of professional competencies operating in these sectors.  Access to sustainable development in these sector: energy, water and green environment.

THE ORGANIZERS OF THE FORUM: AL- QUDS UNIVERSITY: A Palestinian University was founded in 1984. The main campus of the university is located in Abu Dis. The University contains 15 Academy Colleges. These colleges can accommodate more than 13,000 students from Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jenin, Jericho, Nablus, Ramallah, Tulkarm and Qalqilya. Al - Quds University offers a dynamic learning environment for their students, creates the nucleus of creativity, exchange of ideas, freedom of speech and innovation in research. University's Vision focuses on providing students with the best possible teaching methods, consolidates the values of citizenship, opens up to new ideas, stimulates constructive cooperation, and respects the cultures of the world. Establishing several partnerships with American and European educational institutions. Relating with more than 30 centers and institutes in the university, where some of them are working to create innovative research and others are working to meet for answering the societal needs of Jerusalem's community.

SHAREK YOUTH FORUM: considered as one of independent civil major organizer of youth, non-partisan, non-aligned in Palestine, and a platform recognized both locally and internationally, to the interaction of youth with each other, with their community and with children. 11, Sateh Marhaba St., Al Sharafeh, Al Bireh - Palestine Fax: +970 2 241 2052 :‫ فاكس‬Tel: Wataniya: +970 569 27 78 40 :‫ وطنية‬Jawwal: 7 ‫ من‬8

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This Forum was established in 1996 with support from the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and the UNDP / PAPP. In 2004, SHAREK became an independent institution after registered and licensed in the ministries of youth, sports and Interior as a non-governmental, non-profit organization.

AL MUNIR SERVICES & CONSULTING CO. Founded in 2007, offers a wide range of services and integrated consulting services to institutions and individuals in many areas, including project management, marketing consulting, management and organization of events for public relations, international academic training in addition to the management of human resources capacity and many other services with an important role in provision of comprehensive solutions. We seek to create a new concept of leadership through the provision of comprehensive services. We would appreciate any comments or suggestions that help us to enhance this paper AND the activities of the forum to get the best results. For more information, please contact with the organizing company: Issa M. Hamayel General Manager Al Munir Services & Consulting Co. 11, Sateh Marhaba St., Al Sharafeh, 1st floor, Munir Issa Bldg., Al Bireh, Palestine Sharek youth forum building – ground floor – Al Tireh Ramallah Tel. : 00 970 2 241 2051 Fax : 00 970 2 241 2052 Mobile :|00970 569 277 840 | 00 970 599 11 60 96

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International Green Environment and Energy Expo and Forum - 2016

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International Green Environment and Energy Expo and Forum - 2016

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