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Website Use and Final Project

Animation/ Coding. An imaker 1. Hard to use 2. Don’t really know how to work it even with directions 3. End result could be better 4. Have to buy it to down load it 5. Fun to use but you can get really frustrated

Presentation 1. It is a wonderful website 2. Kind of like good slides or power point 3. Gives you more themes 4. Can change colors 5. Looks professional

Video/ movie. Kizoa 1. Looks weird 2. Takes some time to figure out 3. Wish the pixels were better 4. Program is good 5. Can change lengths

Story Telling. Storybir d

× 1. Can share with Class × 2. Looks professio na l × 3. Can be publish ed × 4. Others can vie w it × 5. gives you photo s to choose from



1. See each other face to face 2. an talk to each other 3. Can talk about school work and other items 4. Can send photos Can have a group chat

Poster creator or Infog raphic. S’more 1. Have to get premium for most things 2. Looks professional 3. Has different themes 4. Different colors 5. Different Backgrounds

Drawing. Draw island 1. Draw anything you want 2. Try to get better at drawing for (Holly wood) 3. Very complicated 4. Tools are easy to find 5. Might have to erase a lot to get a perfect design

Photo Editing. Rabbet

1. In order to get most things you have to get premium 2. Lots of options 3. Most other photo ed iting are the same way 4. Really had to edit wi th out an eraser 5. Finish touches are wo nderful

Timeline. 1. Sign up 2. Saves your progress 3. Dates it for you 4. Can put in images and videos 5. Gives a whole realm of options

Personal Choice. Jimd o 1.

Lets you pick styles.

2. Gives you a choice of how much you want to spend. 3. Lets you upload photos 4. Lets you make your own URL 5. Pick the theme!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Animaker Visme Kizoa Ribbet Smore Time.Graphics Drawisland Story Bird Skype Jimdo