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About 80% of men & 60% of women will experience some degree of hair loss during their lifetime.


hair loss is your problem read on...

Chemist accidentally discovers herbs to help hair grow!

Where it was found

Segal with African Chief

Lou Segal Dip Pharm SA C&D in his lab 1966

It all began while Lou Segal was on a safari in East Africa. He noticed a tribe who had exceptionally thick and healthylooking hair. They were using “natures secret”...a blend of plants, leaves & roots as part of their rituals. Segal experimented and refined this mixture, making it available to people experiencing hair loss. The results were remarkable.... People all over the country reported “reduced hair loss, control of thinning hair and even new hair growth”.

Mixing the tribal brew

They had exceptionally thick hair

Hair treatment makes news across South Africa!

Pharmacist D.R. Segal improves original formula with great success!

Darryl Segal BSc Pharm RPEBC

D. R. Segal was fascinated at the amazing results his fathers formulas were bringing to people with hair loss. As a Pharmacist, he decided to not only improve on the original formula, but also to make sure that these products are available to everyone experiencing hair loss. He enhanced these extracts using the latest in hair care technology creating a formula of science and nature in harmony with each other. This is now one of the most complete and natural hair growth products on the market. These products are remarkably helping thousands of men & women worldwide. Pharmacist Segal is also the author of “Preventing & Reversing Hair Loss” that tells you everything you need to know to have thick, strong, healthy hair growth.

Successful results from all over the world!! Sunday Januray 13th 2002


The Edmonton Sun News Page 11

Hair-raising success How an out-of-Africa tribal ritual became a top-selling hair loss treatment by Philip Raphael Staff Reporter

W hen Lou Segal and his family arrived in Canada in the late 1970’s he was’nt overly concerned about how he was going to make a living. The tenous political situation that forced him to leave behind much of his wealth he had accumalated through a thriving cosmetic & pharmaceutical company in SouthAfrica left him with a modest amount in his pocket. In a new country, with little contacts, the future may have seemed pretty bleak. But Segal, a chemist and pharmacist, had something he believed would get him back in business. “I wasn’t worried at all,” he said. “I had the formula for hair loss, and it worked.” The formula Segal speaks of is a concoction he developed from an east African tribal ritual. And now, more than a decade later the product line he produced, and his son Darryl improved, has grown their Vancouver based company, into one of the leading natural hair loss treatment lines in the market place. It was during a safari vacation in the early 1970’s when the elder Segal made his “discovery”. He came upon a number of tribes performing rituals and noticed that one particular group had thick, strong, healthy heads of hair.

“I found out that this one group applied a mixture of plants, roots & leaves to their heads and their faces and would wait for the moon to come out,” the elder Segals explains. “The reason was that they felt that the moon would absorb & cleanse their souls of all the evil spirits through the medium of this earthy botanical mixture. What they didn’t realize was that they were unknowingly giving themselves the best hair & scalp treatment nature has to offer. Segal asked the tribe’s chief to give him a bucket full of the mixture which he took back to Cape Town where he incorporated it into his scalp formulas, shampoos & conditioners. While the components were all from natural sources, the exact ingredients remains a secret...a valuable one. His new products met with surprising results with many people reporting drastic reductions in hair loss and even new hair growth. But as increasing political uncertainty grew in South Africa, Segal decided it would be best for his family to leave the country. “I was fortunate to have access to my fathers formula,” Darryl says. “And as a pharmacist, and being fascinated with the results people were receiving from the product for so many years,

Thanks to an African tribal concoction discovered in the 1970’s by his father Lou, Pharmacist Darryl Segal has developed a natural treatment for hair loss that has made his Canadian product a top-seller in the market.

I made the decision to make it my life long commitment to improve on the formula and make it available to as many people as possible.” “It was very hard at the beginning,” Darryl says. “In a new country, we no longer had the status we achieved in South Africa and had to let the product speak for itself.” Today these formulas are available in salons under the name Segals Solutions, in health food stores under the name Herbal Glo and in Pharmacies under the name Herbs help Hair Grow. Not only are these products sold across North America, they are also distributed in many other countries including Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore & Malaysia. While the company makes no wild claims that it will grow a

new head of hair on its users, it has found that people are getting different degrees of results. “Some people get more dramatic results such as rapid hair growth within 3 to 4 months,” says Darryl. “Others notice a drastic reduction in hair loss. even to be able to keep the hair one has means achieving results.” “When there is too much oil secreted, the follicles become clogged up preventing hair growth.” he says. “By using our product you will not only clean out the follicles, but also feed the hair roots with natural & essential hair nutrients. “People are looking for a natural alternative to surgery and drug treatments, and we have adapted our formulas to provide that,” Darryl says.

The facts about hair loss and how you can treat it! Contributing Factors which may cause hair loss. Poor hair hygiene Excessive Stress Improper nutrition Crash dieting Build up of DHT Birth Control Pills Pregnancy Chemotherapy Poor blood circulation Clogged hair follicles

How to use the Scalp Formula Daily, apply the Scalp Formula onto scalp, either before retiring or after using the Shampoo. Massage thoroughly using fingertips in a kneading motion. Continue for a few minutes. You will notice a pleasant warm stimulating tingle as the nutrients are absorbed. Your entire scalp will feel invigorated. Leave on overnight. In the morning or whenever you wash your hair use the Shampoo to remove deep-seated impurities. Follow with the Conditioner to add luster and shine to your hair. After towel drying you may reapply the Scalp Formula. Leave on and style as usual. For best results use with the special Hair Supplement and take one capsule after breakfast and one after dinner.

Works for all stages of hair loss.

Can be used for all ages!

How the program works. 1. Cleanses the scalp by removing the waxy sebum

The Scalp Formula contains the most complete & comprehensive formula.... a blend of science & nature!



2. Revitalizes the hair root by reducing the levels of DHT

By reducing DHT the size of the follicles goes back to normal

3. Stimulates the hair follicles by increasing blood flow

The world of plant life is full of mysterious secrets. We are interconnected with nature and our bodies accordingly respond to its natural ingredients. The Scalp Formula is a delicate balanced ratio of nutrients that come from the roots of plants to the roots of your hair.

Some of the unique ingredients are the following: Polysorbate 80, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Silk Amino Acid, Saw Palmetto Horsetail Extract, Rosemary Extract Comfrey Extract, Gingko Biloba Burdock Root Extract, Niacin, Biotin, Jojoba Oil, Zinc, Vitamin E, Nettle Extarct, Aloe Vera Extract, Green Tea

4. Strengthens and thickens the new hair growth.

Women & Hair Loss... Perm or colouring can break hair and make it look thinner. Physiological changes can also cause hair loss. Childbirth, crash dieting and taking birth control pills all encourage hair shed. Using our program will revitalize normal hair growth.

Treat hair also from within with these best known herbs. Silica: Encourages healthy hair growth. Fo-Ti: Chinese herb that helps restore the hairs natural color. Stinging nettle: Stimulates blood flow. Kelp: Enriches the look of heatlhy hair. Saw Palmetto: Helps redce the levels of DHT.

If hair loss is you problem  

We have the solution.

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