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Since 1981

Since 1981

Creating Unique Aquatic Environments

Infinity Pools

NEW CONSTRUCTION Our clients appreciate our delivery of value over mere cost.



Exact calculations lead Details to precise execution.


Years of experience have reinforced our belief that a scientific approach to the highest quality of pool construction best serves our discriminating clientele.

Exercise Pools Endless Pools

Best practices such as our 6� layer of crushed rock foundation supporting our Gunite pools are a Sparkling Pools standard. Attention to details make our sophisticated pools work as flawlessly as our simple designs.

Cocktail Pools

Sparkling Pools brings design and construction innovation to the renovation of existing pools. New technologies and materials are utilized to revive an aging dinosaur to a useful efficient source of personal revitalization.


Extreme Swimming Pool Makeovers

Glass Tile & Natural Stone

This Vinyl Pool was partially collapsed, overgrown and a source of stress for the homeowner. A little Sparkling Pools magic integrated the pool area with the home’s living roomrevitalizing an eyesore into a fun entertainment center.

BeadCrete Surfaces Pebble Pool Surfaces Marbledust Surfaces


New Technology



Gothicstone Pavers Leak Investigation Structural Repairs

Vinyl/Gunite Conversions

Bullnose Natural Coping


Automatic Pool Covers

Efficiency Solar Heating

Go Green Chemical Free Systems

JetSolar Fence (JSF) is a solar pool heater that blends into the landscape instead of being mounted to the roof. JSF was designed to be installed into an existing fence or used to hide the equipment pad, anywhere there is exposure to the sun.

Harness “FREE� Power from the SUN

Sparkling Pools believes it is our social responsiblity to design, construct and maintain our waterscapes in the most environmentally conscious manner possible. Education, research and involvement in associations with cutting edge innovators allows us to fulfill our dictum.

Get RELIEF from your electric bill !! The Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump DRASTICALLY REDUCES your pool's operation COST. Using a permanent magnet motor, as in hybrid cars, its SILENT operation eliminates noise pollution too!

Earth Stewardship Pool Maintenance Program This season we are introducing a program that combines several products to create a balance of water chemistry that mitigates the undesirable levels of chlorine required for safely operating your pool or spa. The basis of our program is a combination of a mineral system and a micro-micellar borate emulsion which creates a water balance that is more enjoyable to swim in. We find this blend of products, with a very low level of chlorine results in sparkling clear water that leaves your skin feeling soft.

CBP Certified Builder Professional®


“SPARKLE” The Sparkling Pools famliy desires nothing more than to help you to maximize your happiness with your waterscape

APSP Certified Techs

Service and Maintenance is the backbone of Sparkling PoolsOur staff of trained and motivated EXPERIENCED technicians strive to make each pool



CSP Certified Service Professional®

Weekly Service Leak Detection All Repairs


Hot Tubs

& Saunas Steam Rooms Spas

For stress relief today, spending time in your own hot tub is the modern equivalent to spending time at an ancient Greek or Roman hot water bath or a hospital based physical therapy pool. For back pain suffers, sitting in a warm hot tub can do wonders. Hydrotherapy offers benefits not only for healing muscle ache and stiffness, but also promotes a more restful sleep. In today’s fast paced world, we all need a break from the stress, tension and noise of everyday life. A traditional or infrared sauna provides a private retreat- a mini vacation in your own home. Top Ten Health Benefits of Sauna Use : 1. Relieves Stress 2. Relaxes Muscles 3. Flushes Toxins 4. Cleanses Skin 5. Promotes Deeper Sleep

Swim Spas Heath & Relaxation

Endless Pools


Luxurious Wood Hot Tubs

Bradford Custom Spas

6. Recreational and Social Benefits 7. Improves Cardio Performance 8. Burns Calories 9. Fights Illness 10. Feels Good

Completed Pool Fully Animated Interactive 3D Design

3D Animated Plan

3D Model

Man's innate desire to be close to water should be enhanced by thoughtful composition.

Too many Hamptons pools are tediously similarBoring! 3D Model

Custom Design Work

For 30 years, Ian's quest has been to create a subtle sensation of tranquility when interacting with his waterscapes.

3D Animation

Utilizing a wide pallet of materials; unique glass tile to classical travertines Each project is an opportunity to create a serene place of well being. Ian Fyffe designs each waterscape to blend synergistically with the land and existing architecture to capture a specific feeling for the space.

Completed Pools

“Masters of Design� Award



ly nd

This Sparkling Pools creation was selected out of thousands of waterscapes as a “Master of Design� by Pool and Spa News, the international publication of the aquatic industry. Adapting to the natural contours of the wooded site, a ribbon of falling water surrounds the shining gem of a basic pool. Strategic lighting allows our clients to enjoy their relaxing oasis whether Day or Night.

mically Frie o n

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