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Chacun à son goût Each to their own

A Casebook

Chacun à son goût No body knows how they are truly perceived by other people, both physically and personality but every person on the planets in that boat. I want to say thank you for the lovely messages I get on both pictures and in my inbox. It is genuinely appreciated. I can’t thank you enough because it makes me as a person feel a lot more secure.

But... not only in messages but in my everyday life, without sounding vain, people tend to go with “cute”, “adorable”, “sweet” none of those really describe appearance. Don’t get me wrong they are all very nice and very gratefully received, I love getting a few likes and comments like this on pictures I post, but you know what I mean? I know I don’t have the whole tall, dark and handsome thing going on :/ I don’t suspect I am any girls fantasy guy which is life, I have a whole time lord thing going on anyway, I’m not even recognisable to people who knew me from school, so maybe it’ll get better. It’s not that I have a particular offence to how I look, just that I don’t really think it’s many peoples type. To be honest the bit that gets to me most is I keep seeing dickhead guys who I don’t consider to be particularly good looking come in and out of relationships, girls find them attractive and just makes me feel like an acquired taste. I was talking to someone I used to be her friend when I was like 15, were still friends, we were having a conversation about attractive qualities in people. And she goes, what do you think are my best qualities, so I went, you’re amazing laugh, you have “nice womanly assets”

laugh, you have “nice womanly assets” my best qualities, so I went, you’re amazing laugh, you have “nice womanly assets” I believe was the term I used :P and you’re brilliantly intelligent. So I posed the same question and she goes, “Your hair”. WHAT THE HELL? Out of any personality traits, out of any parts of my appearance you think the most attractive thing about me is also the thing thats the most inconstant part of anyones anatomy. Length, style, colour all of which can change within an hour and thats the best thing about me, f****** great! Thats all I was thinking at the time. It did actually get to me. I know I have insecurities about my appearance, I couldn’t deny that if I tried, as anyone who has the same problem will tell you. It makes you paranoid and it occupies my mind more than I’d like even if it’s less than it use to. I’m just worried it’ll be something that never goes away. If people wanted to give me some feedback on what I think I should be doing differently or what would help then it’d be appreciated, I’m constantly thinking about how I can improve how people perceive me, just like everyone, I want to catch someones eye too :)

But once again thank you for your nice comments, it has helped towards the increase of my self esteem so its meant a lot to me.

Chacun à son goût (Each to their own)  

Chacun à son goût (Each to their own)by fiftybox Houssem Benhacen