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INTRODUCTION Many reasons could be raised why a company chooses one brand of ERP application among others and many factors would be found that influence their decision, but only one that for sure always remain the same that is “Better�. To become better in every aspect of customers concerns, IFS provides IFS Applications, an agile solution to help the customers achieve what they want. IFS Applications provides an attractive, intuitive and efficient user experience, helping you easily find what you need to do your job. So you can spend less time managing your software and more time managing your business. With IFS Applications, you will stay agile, ready for change and evolution without disrupting the implemented solution. Our strategy of building for change includes a number of best practices, including a commitment to standard technologies and well-known products. Through solid industry knowledge and customer participation in product development, we always stay close to the changing reality of our customers. And with over 20 support centers all over the world, help is always near. Ease of implementation, flexibility, and functionality match as well as the ability to understand and predict the overall initial and ongoing cost while implementing IFS Applications are some reasons why our customers believe and choose us. At IFS, we continue to execute on our communication strategy by growing profit, improving cash flow, and performing acquisitions. Your investment is protected. Have a nice day.

Elan Syuherlan President Director PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia



IFS EMPLOYEE GATHERING 2011 Lembang Mountain Resort hosted “PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia Employee Gathering” on 15-16 July 2011. Within its efforts to enhance the relationship between its management and employees, PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia, organized an employee gathering that brought together all the company’s employees and management to Lembang. “Together We Achieve The Glory” is theme that chosen for Employee Gathering 2011. Glorious is the purpose of IFS this year, so the theme is chosen as a mindset in which IFS is running to gain its glory. Attended by 80% of our employees, the event presented an Outbound Atmosphere for PT. IFS Solutions Employee to get acquainted with each other. The event included some entertainment activities whereby gifts were given to PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia’s exceptional employees. PT. Rohto Laboratories Indonesia, Esia, Wimo Shoes, Kayla Boutique XDC Indonesia, Integrasindo Mitra Mandiri, and Harvest Perdana Kompakindo were being sponsors in this Employee Gathering 2011. The event opened with lunch and speech from Mr. Elan Syuherlan, President Director PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia and Mr. Hadhy Ismanto Head of Committee Employee Gathering 2011. After that, “Direction” and “Bamboo Bridge” game were begun. The games were continued with “Flying Fox”. At night, a campfire was set up near the night gathering location to accompany BBQ and Karaoke party. Before the party, there was a game for the new employees. The party took place lively. On the second day, all employees joined ATV, Kampung Robinhood, and Sequence Tournament Activity. After those activities, there was Employee Awarding. The award was given to Mr. Indra Toha, Ms. Rhanny V. Hutagalung, Mr. Heru Setiawan, Mr. Losman, Mr. Andy Fryono, Mr. Supriyono, and Mrs. Nurhayati for 5 years work dedication and Mr. Antonius Parno for 15 years work dedication at PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia. The event was closed with the given of gifts to the winner of Sequence Tournament, Doorprize, and Grandprize to the employees by the Board of Director. Hopefully, this kind of event can still be continued for years to come and all employees of PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia can join this event, so all employees can feel the excitement together.



IFS-Solutions Indonesia in Partnership with Haluan Nusantara held Project Kickoff Meeting for DAPENBUN

Dana Pensiun Perkebunan (DAPENBUN) with IFS Solutions Indonesia held a Kickoff Meeting on June 6, 2011, with the main agenda of company direction discussion from each side, project implementation information, and exchange of contract between DAPENBUN and IFS Solutions Indonesia.

Haluan Nusantara has Deal with contract agrement DAPENBUN chooses IFS Solutions Indonesia in partnership with Haluan Nusantara to be trusted solutions to manage the data and information for the stake holders’ purpose and fund development activities or the Pension Fund Investment. Until nowadays, DAPENBUN manages more than 350.000 participants and manages fund more than 3 trillion.

In this time cooperation, IFS Solutions Indonesia will provide hardware, software, and pilot implementation at headquarters office and branch offices of Pension Fund System. Meanwhile, DAPENBUN will provide an online implementation system and roll out at other branch offices. Both IFS Solutions Indonesia and DAPENBUN hope a good cooperation with the strong support and spirit for internal and external better service.



IFS Solutions Indonesia – SHOWA HR Project Kickoff Meeting The Kick-off meeting of Showa took place in Showa Manufacturing Company on July 2011. In all, The Project Team, as representative from PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia, and The User Team (Personnel from Human Resources Department), as representative from PT. Showa Indonesia gathered together to discuss and map out immediate activities. The agenda, which was built, is around the work scope, the work timeframe, and the project organization structure. The Project Manager from PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia, Mr. Hermansyah, was there to offer advice on project expectations in implementing IFS Human Resources Applications: IFS Human Resources Operative, which will be done on July 2011 until January 2012, and IFS Human Resources Strategic, which will be done on January 2012-June 2012. This implementation will be done by 3-4 consultants from PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia. IFS Human Resources Operative will simplify and manage payroll procedures, manage the absenteeism, and manage the employee data. Meanwhile, IFS Human Resources Operative will provide comprehensive support for organizations with extensive training operations and GAP analysis. Mr. Ferry Lintang, HR Project Manager of PT. Showa Indonesia, presented the Showa Expectation of The Project. Meanwhile, Mr. Hermansyah, HR Project manager of PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia, presented the scope of the project, methodology and the project team organisation. Mr. Hermansyah hoped that the consultancy given can be useful for Human Resources Department efficiency in PT. Showa Indonesia. PT. Showa Indonesia also hoped that IFS’ Applications can help them in managing the company’s most valuable resources cost-effectively, especially in administration.

PT. HALUAN NUSANTARA AND AGRICINAL SIGN MOU PT. Haluan Nusantara signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia Office with PT. Agricinal, a palm oil plantation, farms, and fisheries company-based on community since 1982. PT. Haluan Nusantara signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding with Agricinal for stronger the cooperation on June 23rd, 2011, in PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia Office, Graha MIK, Jakarta. The MOU was signed by Mr. Thomas Dwi Susmantoro, Director of PT. Haluan Nusantara and Mr. Daniel Manurung, Director of PT. Agricinal. Among other things, the agreement sets down the framework conditions for the planned applications implementation, treeS Applications, to increase the efficiency of the resource utilization to strive in the competitive palm oil business climate. The memorandum of understanding signed is a valuable contribution towards realization of this intention. Under this agreement, the two companies can now directly negotiate concrete solution scopes, investment cost of treeS Applications, and implementation services. According to the MOU, PT. Agricinal planned to use treeS Software License which covered treeS Finance, treeS Logistic, treeS Estate, treeS Factory, and treeS Human Resources. In this MOU signing event, PT. Haluan Nusantara focus their commitment to give the best implementation service and the best treeS Applications to help PT. Agricinal in managing their palm oil plantation business. PT. Agricinal showed interested in using treeS Application. Therefore, the Kick-Off meeting planned will be held on the third week of August 2011.



PT. IFS SOLUTIONS INDONESIA TO HOST IFRS TRAINING PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia held a comprehensive range of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)-related programs. PT IFS Solutions Indonesia was training Consultant, Finance, Board of Director, and Marketing Persons from company itself to meet international standards when presenting financial statements. The one-day business training, dubbed IFRS was taking place in the PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia office, Graha MIK, 9th Floor, Jakarta, on Tuesday, 14 June 2011. Mr. Hastoni, Ak. MM, an expert in the field of taxation, accounting, and financial in the institutions and corporates for over 20 years, was cordially invited to be the speaker in this seminar. The training discussed about the ongoing trend moving away from national accounting principles towards global reporting standards. There will likely be significant demand for IFRS training from the worldwide community of financial statement preparers and users. IFS Solutions Indonesia hoped that this seminar could equip the attendee of this training with the essential knowledge in the International Financial Reporting Standards. It was also intended to educate the attendee about the practical applications of the IFRS standards. All professional accountants, regardless of the area in which they are practicing, need to keep up to date with the developments in the field. IFRS represent one of the most dramatic changes in the accounting profession has witnessed in a long time. PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia is sure that the company itself is ready in facing changes in financial reporting forms from the prior system to the IFRS standards and they are ready to give updated information about IFRS convergence and to provide IT solutions for clients.

IFSSI & LINTASARTA HELD SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE TRAINING Based on years of industry experience, PT. IFS Solutions Indonesia (IFSSI) in partnership with Lintasarta, a well-known and trusted IT infrastructure service provider, IFSSI held Software as a Services (SaaS) training to build a knowledge of the current enterprise solutions in use today. The training was successfully held at IFSSI office, on 15-16 June 2011.This training solutions enabled the commercial team and Lintasarta technical in preparation for the implementation of “clouds computing service” IFS – Lintasarta and to provide an understanding of IFS application for Lintasarta team. In this one-day training, IFS and Haluan Nusantara Applications were talked. IFS EPC was trained by Mr. Handi Sapta Mukti, IFS HR by Mr. Andy Santosa, IFS Finance by Mr. Hadhy Ismanto, IFS Manufacture and IFS EPC by Mr. Roby Wong, and then treeS and Xpresso by Mr. David T. Simanungkalit. The IT world is changing. A new reality is emerging for organizations. It is called the cloud – a profound evolution of IT with revolutionary implications for business and society, creating new possibilities and enabling more efficient, flexible, and collaborative computing models. SaaS, a type of cloud computing, delivers a single application through the browser to thousands of customers using a multitenant architecture. IFSSI and Lintasarta are helping clients excel in cloud computing and providing secure and reliable Software as a Service (SaaS), besides providing Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions.



TA Hydronics to implement IFS Applications in Sweden and Germany TA Hydronics, a part of the UK-based IMI Group and the leading global provider of Hydronic distribution systems, has signed an agreement to implement IFS Applications. The agreement includes licenses and services worth over Skr 10 million. TA Hydronics with subsidiaries have been IFS customers since 1989 and is currently using IFS Applications for critical processes such as manufacturing, warehouse and sales management. The company will now extend its use of IFS Applications across Sweden, Germany and Switzerland to streamline manufacturing and sales processes. IFS Applications will secure full support for business-critical processes, such as multi-site planning, contract manufacturing and warehouse management that will support company to consolidate large parts of its business functions into one database, by optimizing production resources, and provide efficient manufacturing processes for the company’s subsidiary contract manufacturers. “We selected IFS Applications as our corporate ERP system to standardize business processes among our subsidiaries. IFS Applications meets our needs for a group wide ERP solution and offers us a platform for the company’s future growth,” Gunilla Andersson, CFO at TA Hydronics said.

IFS Applications 8 Early Adopter Program in Full Swing IFS launched the IFS Applications 8 Early Adopter Program (EAP) with Remmele Engineering in Minnesota, in May 2011. Remmele is one of several companies around the world that are participating in the early adopter program that IFS has implemented as part of the IFS Agile Development Methodology. The kickoff for the application upgrade in Minnesota discussed about the upgrade plan and provided overviews and training related to the new capabilities in IFS Applications 8.0. The early adopter program is expected to run through early 2012, with the general release for IFS Applications 8.0 targeted for the second quarter of 2012.

IFS CAD Adapter Update Released IFS has expanded the capabilities of the IFS CAD Adapter and released a new version that supports Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks. The IFS CAD Adapter allows customers to easily manage and re-use design information within IFS Applications. This integration allows companies to eliminate synchronization issues. The IFS CAD Adapter functions as a plug-in to the Autodesk inventor and SolidWorks CAD applications. It provides a number of options for interacting in real-time with product data in IFS Applications. The IFS CAD Adapter is available on IFS Applications 7.5, Service Pack 3 or later.



IFS Technical Services Offers Audits, Database Checkups, and More The IFS Technical Services team offers many services to help maintain IFS Applications software, such as system audits, database health checkups, and general administrative assistance. The system audit will provide a general verification with updated configuration documentation. IFS Database Health Checkup will provide a written report with recommendations for tuning or configuration changes. While, General System Administration Assistance will assist various system administration or configuration activities, such as Event Notification Configuration, Foundation 1 Monitoring Console Configuration, Custom Menus, Security, Profiles, and more.

InFocus User Group Special Interest Group and Fall Meetings The InFocuS User Group is beginning the planning for the Fall 2011 local User Group meetings to be held during the second half of October and the beginning of November this fall. There will be six to eight meetings held throughout the U.S and Canada. The format of the meeting will be start with a presenter on a specific topic and following with the open discussion from the others. In June, there were two topics for SIG calls. They were IFS Cash Flow Overview and Discussion which focused on IFS Cash Flow and IFS Multi Company Financial Consolidations Overview and Discussion which focused on IFS Multi Company Financial Consolidations.

Feedback from Customer Summit 2011 Survey Shows 100% Satisfaction Customer satisfaction levels from the IFS Customer Summit 2011 survey reported that 47% of attendees were very satisfied and 53% were satisfied with their overall experience with the summit. The highest ranked areas in order of highest to lowest included: Access to IFS Personnel, Access to Other Customers, IFS Opening Sessions, Breakout Sessions, Training Sessions, InFocuS User Group General Session, InFocuS Special Interest Groups, Meet the Experts, and Partner Exhibit Area. In the survey answer, the attendee of the meetings indicated that the timing of the summit could be more often and there is an interest in attending a worldwide conference outside of the U.S.

IFS Applications Tips and Tricks IFS Distribution – Manually Enter Close Date on Purchase Order Receipt It is now possible to manually enter a close date, on a purchase order receipt. The close date indicates the receipt is fully invoiced. This should only be done if the amount booked on the account for posting type M10 or M91 (the receipt) has been manually reversed. For example: Purchase Order number P133765 has been received, but not invoiced. Go to Info Services/Order Reports and run the Received – Not Yet Invoiced Report, then manually enter a ‘Closed Date’ on the purchase order receipt and save. When the warning above appears, click OK. Rerun the Received Not Yet Invoiced report. Notice Purchase Order P133765 no longer appears on the report.



Kawasaki “A good life is if people can give benefit for themselves, others and environment�


Who says the world of IT is only for men? In fact, it is not for Maya Chrysanti. This smart and friendly woman feels that the IT world has its own charm that made her willing to figure out the complexity of programming codes. Mrs. Maya who was born in Palembang sees that the current IT world belongs to all people, both men and women, children up to the parents. In this era, everybody is in "IT literacy", along with the remarkable development of IT, including the development of social networking and electronic mail that is now enjoyed by almost all people from all classes As an IT Manager of PT. Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, the biggest challenge for her is to socialize the manual system into a system that is more systematic. This challenge is not a difficult problem for this mother of four children because the socialization which done in the office KMI is implemented in the right way and given to the right people. Therefore, this socialization process can run smoothly. According to her, nowadays, the need of IT cannot be suspended and any company would have been very dependent on the IT. The role of IT is required to offset and to follow the development of the company's business. This Bina Nusantara University’s Alumnus always thinks positively for everything happened in her life. She sees the challenge as an interesting thing. For some people, IT seems a "heavy" thing, but it is not for her. IT is her daily world. She believes that all IT activities are positive since they have a good purpose to simplify the work implementation. IT is also very dynamic because its technology is always developed and developing, and able to follow the development of human needs, even be a trend setter for the lifestyle. The partnership of KMI - IFS has been going since 2008 for ERP implementation which includes from Distribution modules to Finance modules which are also enhanced with a Policy and Warranty factor. This partnership is running very well because each party sharing ideas and solving for each problem. She hopes that the partnership of KMI - IFS can be continued ongoing and be developed in a long time, considering the huge support from IFS applications in the KMI work process. Implementation of Enterprise System does require a quite long time process, so that it requires a good and compact cooperation, and a mutual trust between the two parties. By implementing its well, the emerging needs can be provided with immediate settlement.



IFS Delivers Advanced Maintenance Solution to SAAB The new IFS Heavy Maintenance industry solution has been implemented within Saab, the global military defense and security company, to help maximizing the return on the SEK 900 million, Performance-based Logistics (PBL) contract awarded by the Swedish Armed Forces. The solution is designed to support all aspects of PBL contracts, within all areas of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) concept. In 2008, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) outsourced all activities pertaining to service, maintenance, and availability of the entire fleet of SK60 trainer aircrafts. Under the PBL contract, Saab is committed to ensure the readiness of the aircraft fleet and to organize maintenance and repair processes accordingly. IFS Heavy Maintenance is designed to help system integrators, aerospace manufacturing companies and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul service providers comply with strict regulations pertaining to the equipment’s availability. “As our work is always time-sensitive, we require a system that can deliver consistent accuracy throughout the entire maintenance and repair cycle. We have worked in close collaboration with IFS during the core development of the solution and believe we have arrived at a system that can support us in keeping track of all repairs so that maintenance can be completed accurately and on time,” says Leif Karlsson, Head of Operations Development at Saab’s business area Support and Services. The development of the IFS Heavy Maintenance is the result of an early adopter program whereby IFS and Saab have worked in close cooperation, benefiting from the other’s knowledge and experience. The program is part and parcel of IFS’s agile product development methodology, where iteration-based implementations are aggregated into an end product which is based on industry excellence. “We are pleased to announce the successful implementation of IFS Heavy Maintenance. Building on the experience found within Saab and IFS, we are convinced that our joint efforts have resulted in an industry solution that will maximize the efficiency in any PBL venture,” says Glenn Arnesen, CEO, IFS Scandinavia. Aerospace and defense is one of IFS’ targeted market segments. IFS Applications™ provides market leading offthe-shelf component based solutions that support Performance Based Logistics (PBL), Contractor Logistics Support (CLS), and Fleet Operator programs; and solutions for Defense Manufacturing, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), Asset & Fleet Management, Supply Chain Management and Product Lifecycle Management. Customers include the United States Army and Air Force Materiel Commands, British Navy and Army and the Norwegian Navy and Air Force; as well as the Eurofighter consortium—commercial MRO shops and service operators include Bristow Helicopters, Aero-Dienst GmbH, K&L Microwave, Hawker Pacific, Ensign Bickford, Todd Pacific Shipyards and Lufthansa Technik Qantas (LTQ, formerly known as Jet Turbine Systems). In addition, IFS provides solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, BAE SYSTEMS, SAAB, and GE Aircraft Engines.



IFS signs £1.3 million contract with major UK health-services company On July 12, 2011, IFS officially announces that one of the leading healthcare companies in the United Kingdom has chosen to deploy IFS Application. IFS has been chosen to be trusted solutions to help the company increase internal efficiency and improve its agility. The implementation process will be across ten countries and is expected to take 24 months to complete.

Bergene Holm and five other Norwegian wood-products manufacturers select IFS Applications A group of six Norwegian wood-products manufacturers: Bergene Holm, Begna Bruk, Eidskog-Stangeskovene, Kjeldstad Holding, Inntre, and Romerike Trelast, has selected IFS Applications for a complete ERP solution in wood manufacturing to streamline operations. According to Øyvind Eriksen, CFO Bergene Holm, IFS has a proven track record within his industry, including successful deliveries to Moelven Industrier for many years. IFS’s consultants have shown world-class industry competence and IFS Applications is a fully-integrated industry solution based on modern technology. He expects that this new system will create efficiency and improve communication with the building-material chains. In connection with the contract, IFS and Skog-Data have entered into a partnership agreement, in which IFS delivers licenses and implementation services while Skog-Data is responsible for operation and support. The contract has a value of NOK 17 million and IFS expects to deliver the project in 2012. IFS offers its application for financials, distribution, document management, manufacturing, and mobile clients for warehouse operations, with a complete solution, including software, services, support, and operation of the system. Meanwhile, Skog-Data will operate the solution as well as deliver first-line support. “The cooperation with Skog-Data exemplifies how IFS strengthens its industrial competence through partners. IFS has delivered business solutions to manufacturers of wood products for many years,” says Glenn Arnesen, CEO IFS Scandinavia.

IFS Microsoft BI Integration Now Available for Early Adopters The beta release of the IFS Microsoft Business Intelligence Integration is now available, and is looking for several early adopters to test the solution and provide feedback. The solution provided include integration between IFS Enterprise Explorer (IFS EE) and SSRS Report Builder, which is End-users can open up SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) Report Builder from within IFS EE and create ad-hoc reports; Integration between IFS EE and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, a new report viewer for viewing reports implemented with SSRS and deployed to the SSRS Report Server; Presentation of SSRS reports in IFS EE that can be distributed and viewed in IFS EE in three different ways: as quick reports, as dashboards, and from within the new IFS EE Analysis panel showing contextual BI content directly in various forms; and View SharePoint dashboard within IFS EE, which links to SharePoint dashboards can be created through Quick Reports and categorized into dashboard folders in the IFS EE navigator. To run the IFS Microsoft BI Integration, we need IFS Applications 7.5, Service Pack 7, JBoss Enterprise 4.3.0, AND Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.



IFS Asia Pacific Customer Summit 2011 3rd-5th November, 2011 SanYa, China

We are looking forward to do your participation!



IFS Asia Pacific Customer Summit 2011 WHO SHOULD ATTEND. Executive Management Senior line-of-business managers HR, Finance, Marketing, and Sales Managers IT managers and project team leaders Business analyst and consultants Product and business strategists Implementation specialists System and database administrators Networking specialists End users and power users

3rd-5th November, 2011 SanYa, China

VALUE OF ATTENDING. From the previous conferences, we learned from attendees that they benefited most from hearing how other users have implemented and obtained returns from their IFS Applications. They also appreciate the opportunity to know more about IFS’ latest or upcoming offering so that they can plan a path for their own business system upgrades. At the IFS Asia Pacific User Conference 2011, you will meet IFS APAC customers and experience how the latest solution from IFS provides greater functionality and flexibility for your business. You will network with other IFS users, IFS senior management and IFS partners over good food, drinks and entertainment.

WELCOME TO SANYA. Sanya is the southernmost city in Hainan province, China. It has an area of 1919.6square kilometers. With six gorgeous bays, it boasts the best white-sand beachand turquoise sea water in Asia. This coastal city is nestling among hills, with twoquiet rivers running through it. Several little islands are scattered in the South Seaoff the city. The highest elevation of Sanya is the Luhuitou Peak Park that canoverlook the whole city. The southern coast has several sandy beaches. Yalong, Dadonghai (grand eastsea), Sanya, Haitang, and Yazhou are the five major bays in Sanya. At thesouthernmost point is Jingmu Cape, which is a popular sunset viewing point.There are several coral islands to the south of Sanya, the Wuzhizhou Island lies near Haitang Bay, and the West Island is near Sanya Bay. Both islands are suitable fordiving. Sanya prides itself on advantaged coastal location and the best dwelling environment in China, which can earn much praise from all over the world, such as “Oxygen Bar of the world” and “East Hawaii”. It simultaneously owns sunshine, sea water, sand, tropical climate, tropical forest, animal, hot spring, cavern, Pastoral and ethnic culture, by which tourists couldn’t tear themselves away from this city. Sanya creates a legend of health and longevity. In 2003, SARS brought China a crop of misfortunes and attacked nearly all the cities, but only Sanya successfully escaped from the disaster count on its sound ecological environment. Moreover, Sanya rears a favorable number of centenarian which regards as miracle. This city is young and very promising, while it always open arm to give the world a hug



IFS Asia Pacific Customer Summit 2011

3rd-5th November, 2011 SanYa, China

RENAISSANCE SANYA RESORT & SPA. Discover incredible sunsets, spectacular tropical landscaping and pristine beaches at the new and exquisite Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa. Relax and rejuvenate at our resort and spa located at Haitang Bay on the South China Sea. Guest rooms offer breathtaking views, air conditioning, in-room safe, iPod docking system, and luxurious bedding. From international and Chinese to seafood and burgers, our restaurants create the perfect cuisine and atmosphere to meet up with family or friends. To rejuvenate your body and spirit, visit our Quan Spa featuring massages and treatments. Other amenities include a fitness centre, lagoon pool, kids' pool with slide, kids' club and many recreational activities including a bowling alley. Our event facilities feature an exquisite grand ballroom that accommodates more than 900 guests. When planning a family holiday, honeymoon or conference, choose one of the newest and most luxurious resorts in Sanya.

Countless visitors flock to the Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone area, drawn by the beauty of NanshanMountain (South Mountain), making it a principal eco-tourism zone. Visitors also are attracted to the area because of the profound Buddhist influence on the surrounding culture. The zone features three theme parks: Buddhism Culture Park, Blessing and Longevity Park, and Hainan Custom Culture Park. Buddhism Culture Park was developed to portraythe Buddhist culture and help people understand its profound philosophy. Visitors are awed by the giant sea-side statue of Kwan-yin which stands 108 meters (353.33 feet) high. A second statue of Kwan-yin, located nearby, stands 3.8 meters high (12.47 feet) and was constructed out of gold, diamonds and jade, among other precious stones.

In the Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone, you will be able to feast your eyes on the beautiful location, while dining on the area’s renowned vegetarian dishes. Cooks make use of wild mushrooms and other vegetables when preparing delicious and nutritious dishes.after you dine, be sure to attend the classical concert and Kung Fu performance. Besides enjoy beautiful Chinese Music created by the traditional instruments, one cannot fully appreciate the skill and technique of Chinese kung fu without witnessinga live performance such as this one.



IFS Asia Pacific Customer Summit 2011 3rd-5th November, 2011 SanYa, China PROGRAM


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Newsletter 2011 Q2  

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