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7 What’s Included in Our Program Fees

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Why Choose Engage Programs

In an increasingly global job market, study abroad is becoming a minimum requirement. Today’s employers are looking for deeper global understanding; they expect a solid set of skills cultivated through interactions abroad. It is no longer enough to study abroad—You must study abroad with a purpose.

IFSA-Butler’s Engage study abroad programs are an affordable launching pad for your career in an exciting international setting. As an Engage student, you will study at a world-class institution, hone your intercultural skills and local knowledge through our exclusive Exploring Community & Culture course, and have the opportunity to build your resume through immersive pre-professional experiences like internships and laboratory work. Choose from three dynamic countries, where you will be integrated into your host community and come to look at the world from another point of view. Engage programs are all-inclusive, offering all the support you’ll need to make your semester a success. We believe that providing the highest level of support from the beginning—rather than charging extra for add-ons—is the best way to maximize your experience.




No matter your major, the opportunities that come from international experience set you apart not just in today’s job market, but 20 years from now. Hiring managers look for candidates who are nimble, able to communicate with diverse populations and ready to be part of a global workforce. But adding these skills to your resume doesn’t have to break the bank.



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Exploring Community & Culture





In today’s global world, it is no longer enough to travel and study in another country. Employers and graduate schools want to see more. They want you to demonstrate that you have successfully navigated another culture, that you have the skills to work in a multicultural environment and that you have gone beyond the surface. Set yourself apart Set yourself apart from other students studying abroad with IFSA-Butler’s Exploring Community & Culture (C&C) model. C&C is exclusive to IFSA-Butler and is a distinguishing feature of every program. Our C&C course and community engagement philosophy will help deepen your understanding of your host community and our greater global society. The Engage program C&C courses are:


• Exploring Australia Adelaide and Gold Coast, Australia—see p. 15

• Exploring Barcelona: Identity in a Multinational Society Barcelona, Spain—see p. 22

• Exploring London London, England—see p. 29

What C&C offers you C&C offers you the exciting chance to experience your host city in a way most visitors never can. It is designed to take study abroad to another level. While abroad, do you want to do what locals do? Go where they go? With C&C, you’ll engage in conversations and situations that will change your perspective and maybe your life.

Get more out of study abroad with C&C Using your host city as your laboratory, C&C will help you become a student of your host culture. Get a behindthe-scenes look at your city that you could never learn in a classroom or see on a tour bus. You’ll observe some of the quirks that make your new home unique, and develop theories, ask questions and build understanding of what you see.

Experience your host city in a way most visitors never can with


community & culture


“The C&C class gave me the space to discuss how my views

on myself and culture have changed throughout the semester. After a semester of taking this class, we truly did feel like a family.” – Meaghan Cranney Philadelphia University

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Exploring Community & Culture What you’ll do in the C&C course: Go local! Join a community Wondering how you might make local friends and actually feel more like a local? With C&C, you’ll engage in a community of your choosing in your host city. This could include joining a university club or sports team, volunteering with a local NGO or becoming involved in a faith-based organization.

Do things! Participate in cultural excursions Each of our Engage programs offers different co-curricular excursions for students, and our local staff arrange these unique activities so that you don’t have to. You’ll have access to experiences you wouldn’t even know were available!

Get an insider’s look! Every week or so you’ll get together with your C&C classmates and instructor to learn and understand more about where you’re studying and living. What makes this place unique? What historical, social, economic or political factors made it this way? You may even get the chance to hear from a local guest speaker on important issues in your city. Take advantage of this opportunity to go beyond the surface through C&C!


“The C&C class challenged me to look critically at all aspects of society and what could be used to form this sense of someone’s ‘identity’, and also to look critically at myself, as well as how I view myself and the world. – Rachel Lemalefant, University of South Carolina


What’s Included In Our Program Fees

WHAT’S INCLUDED Just because Engage programs are affordable doesn’t mean they skimp on services. Our fees include essentials like co-curricular excursions, insurance and transcripts. We believe that by including more in your experience, you’ll be free to spend your money on what’s important to you abroad. Academics • Tuition (12 to 15 U.S. semester credit hours, depending on program) • Full academic advising and course selection/ approval assistance • Review of credit load abroad • Butler University transcript for easy credit transfer • Permanent academic record maintenance

Pre-arrival support services • Assistance finding the perfect program for you • Personalized advising and assistance from your Engage program advisor • U.S.-based program, academic and finance staff available on a daily basis • Parental support, including our U.S.-based student and parent support services manager, and a parent welcome packet • Assistance in accommodating students with disabilities • Assistance with financial aid transfers • Travel and student visa assistance • Optional group flight arrangements 800-858-0229 | 7

What’s Included In Our Program Fees



• Program fees are set and do not change because of currency fluctuations • Monthly payment plan available • Students can use home institution grants, scholarships and federal financial aid to help pay for study abroad

Housing and meals • Guaranteed pre-arranged housing • Fully furnished accommodation • Weekday breakfasts included in the fee for London

Support from resident offices • Full-time, on-site resident staff in each country for local support and assistance • Orientation program (includes transportation, housing, activities, student handbook, welcome materials and most meals) • Academic advising • Internship coordination assistance • Newsletter updates throughout each semester • Traditional meal hosted by our local staff • 24/7 emergency assistance





Co-curricular excursions and activities (see each program section for specifics) • Visits to local historic and cultural sites as part of each location’s Exploring Community & Culture course • Weekend excursions and day trips: We get you out of your host city and take you somewhere you might not be able to access as a tourist • Day trips during orientation to help familiarize you with your local community, introduce you to commuting the local way and seeing parts of the city it would otherwise take you months to find • Cultural excursions • Academically and culturally relevant activities such as guest lectures • “Off the beaten path” activities that most students wouldn’t be able to do on their own

Program fees average under


for tuition, housing,


support throughout the program and much more

Health, safety and emergency assistance • Full medical insurance plan for all students • Access to local medical facilities • Assistance and support from on-site resident staff • IFSA-Butler resident staff are on call 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency • All resident staff hold basic first aid certification and have undergone emergency training

IFSA-Butler doesn’t believe in the nickel and dime approach

to study abroad. Our program fees include tuition and housing for the full semester, orientation and excursions, on-site assistance, health insurance and a Butler University transcript at the end of the program. 9

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LIA Indian Ocean

Northern Territory

Western Australia

Coral Sea


South Australia New South Wales


Indian Ocean











Welcome to Engage Australia!

We’re so excited that you’re considering Australia for study abroad. Our country will give you an experience like no other, with unique geography and unlimited outdoor possibilities, yet centered in sophisticated urban locations. Best of all, our program locations are home to world-class academics and great internship opportunities, making Engage Australia hard to beat when it comes to a high quality, unforgettable semester abroad. Adelaide and Gold Coast are terrific cities with unique opportunities and lifestyles, but both offer great possibilities for academic enrichment and practical internship placements. You’ll find plenty of internship opportunities in these cities, from corporations to nonprofits to government offices and more. What better way to build your resume and get a head start on a great career after college than to pursue one of our many internship offerings in Australia. Don’t forget that while you’re in your host city, an IFSA-Butler Student Services Coordinator will be on hand to show you around your city, take you to events and visit local attractions, but most importantly to be there for you if you have questions, concerns, personal issues or an emergency. We’re here to help 24/7 and to provide support whenever you need it. Australia is a brilliant place to study abroad and a place you’ll never forget! We can’t wait to meet you and show you our amazing country. Sincerely, Christi Hoover, Resident Director Sharna Bremner, Adelaide Student Services Coordinator Anne-Marie Dangerfield, Gold Coast Student Services Coordinator

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IFSA-Butler Orientation No matter where you’ll be studying in Australia, you’ll have an on-site orientation in Sydney alongside other IFSA-Butler students and staff. Orientation is designed to be a time for you to learn about “Oz,” explore the capital city, and get to know your IFSA-Butler support system, especially your Student Services Coordinator (SSC). The SSC, your go-to staff member in your host city, will travel with you from Sydney and will be there for your support throughout the semester. Other orientation highlights include:

Cultural and Sporting Events • Welcome event, tailored by your IFSA-Butler Student Services Coordinator (SSC) to showcase the best that each city offers • Local sporting events like National Rugby League and Australian Football League games, sea kayaking, bicycle tours, surfing and more • Arts events such as music festivals, local theatre and other live performances

• Hotel stay in the Rocks Districts, one of Sydney’s oldest and hippest areas. It’s less than a 10-minute walk to the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay! • Visits to Sydney’s countless cultural attractions while experiencing beach life at world-famous Bondi and Manley Beaches

Country Life Weekend This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is a highlight of our programs in Australia. It gets you into the country to learn about Australian rural life. Activities include a farm tour, bushwalking, star gazing, BBQs, farm activities, animal spotting and great home cooked meals.

• Day trip to the stunning Blue Mountains: The trip includes a visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park, where you can feed kangaroos and get a photo with a koala; hiking; Scenic World; and a visit to the Waradah Aboriginal Educational Centre (including live dance performances and demonstrations) • Welcome dinner at a traditional Aussie pub

Aussie Experience Day These day or weekend trips are designed to maximize your exploration of Australia as a unique destination. Your SSC will plan a few adventures throughout the semester. Past events have included whale watching boat trips, sailing, trips to a local island and rafting.

Other Activities and Services • Afternoon teas, pizza afternoons and regular campus visits by your SSC • Program hoodie • Farewell celebration and meal


AUS TRA Engage Australia

Locations: Adelaide, Gold Coast

Minimum GPA: 3.0 (Adelaide) 2.5 (Gold Coast)

15 U.S. semester credit hours Application March 15


deadlines: Semester 2 (July-Nov)

November 15


Semester 1 (Feb-June)

Why Choose This Program • Discpline-oriented tracks make it easy to find the courses you need • Focus exclusively on your selected track or choose courses in other departments • An optional internship at Griffith University enriches your experience and boosts your resume • Study and live alongside Australian degree students • Courses taught by professors at two of Australia’s most prestigious universities, Griffith University and University of Adelaide • Co-curricular excursions, activities and day trips included in the program fee • IFSA-Butler’s Exploring Australia: Community & Culture course will deepen your appreciation for Aussie culture and give you a behind-the-scenes look at your city that you could never experience in a classroom or see on a tour bus

Program Tracks Track 1: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (offered in Adelaide) Track 2: International Business and Economics (offered in Adelaide and Gold Coast) Track 3: Applied and Social Sciences (offered in Adelaide and Gold Coast) Track 4: Fine Arts and Music (offered in Gold Coast)

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Housing Gold Coast Housing is in apartments near the world-famous Surfer’s Paradise Beach. Each apartment houses three students, and the building has a gym, pool and tennis courts. Residents purchase or prepare their own meals. Adelaide Students live in four- to six-bedroom apartments located near campus, restaurants and a supermarket. Each resident lives in a single bedroom and shares a bathroom and common areas with other residents.


Program Fees

$15,975 | $17,975 Griffith University

University of Adelaide

Spring semester 2017

Spring semester 2017

Includes: • Tuition (15 U.S. semester credits) • University of Adelaide tuition supplementals • Housing • Health insurance • Activities, excursions and day trips • On-site support from IFSA-Butler resident staff in Australia • Butler University transcript upon completion of program




Adelaide, the coastal capital of South Australia, offering an ideal climate, vibrant arts scene, affordable living and the country’s most renowned wine region nearby. Gold Coast, Australia’s quintessential beach capital, where students live in the heart of world-famous Surfer’s Paradise surrounded by both skyscrapers and the laid-back attitude of the South Pacific.


Gain practical experience during study abroad with an internship on the Engage Australia: Griffith University option. Various internships are available at placements in businesses, nonprofit organizations, government offices and community volunteer centers. Internships are unpaid but are worth 4 U.S. semester credits and replace one class. Placement possibilities include: • Advertising, Communications, Journalism and Public Relations • Business, Economics and Finance • Community internship: Give back to the community by volunteering 50 hours during the semester in structured activities, projects or research. Some examples of past internships include: environmental work, executive assistance, event planning, social media work, marketing assistance, research project assistance, human resources intern or community development work. • Engineering: Internships are available in a wide range of engineering disciplines. The internship is ungraded but supervised by an engineering faculty member. • Music: Applicants must be music majors.

What courses will I take? REQUIRED COURSES Exploring Australia: Community & Culture (3 credits) This Exploring Community & Culture core course focuses on helping you develop strong skill sets through direct, local engagement with your host city, including team building, intercultural communication and critical analysis. It provides the opportunity to learn about what makes Australia and its communities unique, and how and where you fit in. You’ll meet regularly with your instructor and other Engage Australia students to undertake discussions, special excursions and presentations. In addition, you will choose from a variety of activities through which you engage with your host campus and community, taking your very local experience in Australia to another level. Academic Tracks (12 credits) In addition to the required Exploring Australia course, students choose university courses. Students may take courses exclusively in a single track or mix and match courses from different tracks. Other courses outside of the tracks listed below may also be available. Cross-enrollment between the University of Adelaide and Griffith University is not possible due to distance.


Track 1 courses taught at University of Adelaide Computer Science Algorithm Design and Data Structures Computer Systems Foundations in Computer Science Operating Systems Artificial Intelligence Computer Networks and Applications Engineering Chemical Engineering Intro to Process Modelling Process Engineering Thermodynamics Process Heat Transfer Process Fluid Mechanics Civil and Environmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Engineering Mechanics and Statistics Engineering, Modelling, and Analysis IA Water Engineering

Electrical Engineering Signals and Systems Engineering Electromagnetism Circuit Analysis Electric Energy Systems Mechanical Engineering Engineering Mechanics Petroleum Engineering Reservoir Thermodynamics and Fluid Properties Formation Evaluation, Petrophysics, Rock Formations Drilling Engineering Physics Astrophysics Electromagnetism Experimental Physics Optics and Photonics III Health Sciences Public Health Essentials in Epidemiology Investigating Health and Disease in Populations International Health Health Sciences Fundamentals of Biomechanics and Human Movement Life Span Nutrition Principles of Exercise Science Biology, Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences Biology I: Molecules, Genes, and Cells

TRACK 2 (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS) COURSES Business and Economics-Griffith University Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Business Logistics Inter-Cultural Management Operations Management Management Accounting Financial Accounting Auditing Consumer Psychology Marketing Globally Strategic Marketing Sport Marketing Project Management Performance Management International Human Resource Management

800-858-0229 | 1 5



International Finance Money, Banking, and Finance Financial Institutions Management Corporate Finance Intermediate Microeconomics Intermediate Macroeconomics International Economics Business-University of Adelaide Accounting Accounting Methods I Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting Economics Principles of Macroeconomics Principles of Microeconomics International Financial Institutions Business and Economic Statistics I International Trade and Investment Policy II East Asian Economics II International Business International Business II Corporate Responsibility for Global Business III Marketing Consumer Behavior International Marketing Management Business Law Management of Change Strategic Management Managing in a Global Context Management Project Statistics Statistical Practice 1 Statistical Analysis and Modelling Statistical Modelling and Inference II Mathematical Statistics III Communication-Griffith University New Communication Technologies Intercultural Communication for the Global Marketplace Business Communication Multimedia Storytelling for Publication Radio Journalism News Production Genres of Journalism Advertising and Creation Strategies Experimental Writing Television Studies Media Relations Introduction to Public Relations


TRACK 3 (APPLIED AND SOCIAL SCIENCES) COURSES Criminology and Forensics-Griffith University Sociology of Crime Gender, Crime and Justice Rehabilitating Offenders Forensic Science and Criminal Justice Introduction to Policing Punishment, Justice and Reform Criminology Skills Contemporary Perspectives on Crime Crime and Media Offender Profiling International Comparative Criminology Victimology Race, Crime and Justice Environmental Management-Griffith University Environmental Politics and Policy Resolving Environmental Issues Environmental Assessment and Management Planning and Environmental Law Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment Climate Change and Public Health Exercise Science-Griffith University Sport Coaching Introduction to Sport Development Physiology of Exercise Biochemistry of Exercise Exercise Sports Nutrition Exercise and Sport Psychology Politics and International Studies-University of Adelaide Comparative Politics of Rising Power Global Politics Australia Faces the World The Ethics of War and Peace Information Technology-Griffith University Foundations of Computing Systems Computer Networks and Security Research Methods in IT Systems Programming Business Informatics System Analysis and Design

Psychology-Griffith University Human Behavior Exercise and Sport Psychology Counseling Psychology Research Methods and Statistics I Cognition, Memory, and Learning Social Psychology Introduction Cognitive and Biological Psychology Psychology-University of Adelaide Research Methods in Psychology Foundation Health and Lifespan Development Perception and Cognition Psychology in Society

TRACK 4 (FINE ARTS AND MUSIC) COURSES Track 4 courses taught at Griffith University Film Introduction to Screen Analysis Australian Screen Documentary Studies World Cinema Fine Art Drawing Painting Photography Digital Media Animation Graphic Design Music Cultural Theory in Popular Music Music, Sound and Vision Music Research Design Songwriting Techniques Music Programming and Production Technology and Music

Political Science-Griffith University Australian Politics and Government Human Rights in World Politics Power and Politics Media, Politics and Public Opinion

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Mediterranean Sea


Atlantic Ocean





18 18






Welcome to Engage Barcelona!

Set beneath the shadow of the Pyrenee mountains, Barcelona is a tapestry of music, history, religion, architecture, food and art. Any study abroad program in Spain is augmented by the rich lifestyle and culture offered by Barcelona as a destination. What makes it very special, however, is its complex personality weaving together seemingly opposing strands. Barcelona is very modern yet quite ancient. A cosmopolis full of people from all over the world yet with some neighborhoods that are reminiscent of villages. Mountain, sea. Part of Spain, yet very Catalan. Oriented towards Spain but also sharing its identity with Europe, the Mediterranean and Latin America. Barcelona is an ideal place to combine study abroad with an internship. Our city is home to countless international businesses, nonprofit organizations, tech start-ups, government offices, media outlets, political groups and more. All of these offer tremendous opportunities for you to put your academic learning to real-life use during the semester. When you’re not taking classes, studying or working at your internship, be assured that our office is open daily and also available for 24/7 emergency assistance. We’re here to help with medical issues, personal emergencies, academic questions or just to chat! Our goal is to support our students in every possible way throughout their time in Barcelona. I invite you to come to Barcelona with IFSA-Butler to discover and define your Barcelona. It will be an unforgettable experience. Sincerely, Ryan Lorenz, Resident Director

800-858-0229 | 19



Our program in Spain begins with a four-day orientation that introduces students to the academics and culture of Barcelona. Activities include a welcome meal, an introduction to Catalonian culture and discussion of academic differences and expectations. Housing and most meals for orientation are included in the program fee.

IFSA-Butler’s Engage Barcelona program aims to share the best of Catalan history and culture with students. Some of the semester excursions include a day trip to the medieval town of Girona and a visit to the city’s famous Jewish Quarter, a visit to Salvador Dali’s house in Portlligat, as well as the Dali Museum in Figueres. A visit to the Garrotxa Volcanic Natural Park will introduce students to one of Spain’s beloved national parks that boasts 40 volcanoes and nature reserves, and the nearby Collserola and La Fageda Forests showcase Catalonia’s natural beauty. All of these excursions are included in the program fee for Engage Barcelona and will be an unforgettable part of your semester.

Orientation is more than just meetings, however. IFSA-Butler staff will accompany students on a private guided tour of Barcelona’s Medieval Quarter and attend a workshop on getting to know Barcelona.

Tarragona and Poblet Weekend Spend a weekend in the Tarragona Province, a sun-filled port along the east coast of Spain that’s famous for its gorgeous beaches, Roman ruins and Mediterranean atmosphere. IFSA-Butler’s resident director will accompany students on the weekend excursion and introduce them to some of the sites that make Tarragona a favorite vacation destination for Spaniards and visitors from throughout Europe. Part of the weekend will also include a visit to Poblet Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site founded in 1151, and the cave paintings of Abric d’Ermites, one of the largest collections of cave paintings in Europe.

Cultural and Sporting Events No city beats Barcelona when it comes to experiencing amazing and unique culture. IFSA-Butler staff in Barcelona accompany students on a visit to a musical performance, arrange a Catalan cooking class and give students the once-in-alifetime experience of an FC Barcelona football game during football season.


BAR CEL ONA Engage Barcelona

Location: Barcelona, Spain Minimum GPA: 2.75 (4.0 scale)

12 U.S. semester credit hours Application April 1


deadlines: Fall semester (Sept-Dec)

September 15

Spring semester (Jan-April)

Why Choose This Program • Based at the prestigious Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) • A substantial internship is included as part of the program • Internships available in a wide range of areas, including business, marketing, communications, arts, design, tourism, sciences, IT, engineering, humanities, social sciences and more • The Exploring Barcelona: Identity in a Multinational Society course will help deepen your understanding of and participation in the greater campus environment and Barcelona community • Seminars, guest speakers, field trips, essays and group discussions complement the student experience • No previous study of Spanish required, with levels of Spanish from beginning to advanced available

Program Tracks Track 1: International Business, Economics and Internship Track 2: Humanities, Social Sciences and Internship Track 3: Politics, Communications and Internship You can choose courses exclusively in one track or mix and match courses for maximum academic flexibility.

800-858-0229 | 21

What courses will I take? PROGRAM CURRICULUM • Spanish Language (3 or 6 credits) • Exploring Barcelona: Identity in a Multinational Society (3 credits) • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Elective (3 credits) • Internship (3 credits)


Program Fees

$13,975 Spring semester 2017

Includes: • Tuition (12 U.S. semester credits) • Housing in a student apartment • Health insurance • Activities, excursions and day trips • On-site support from IFSA-Butler’s resident office in Barcelona • Butler University transcript upon completion of program

Spanish Language Spanish is taught at all levels from beginning through advanced and is offered through the university’s Study Abroad Program. Students with seven or more semesters of college-level Spanish or the equivalent, or who are native Spanish speakers, may opt out of this course and replace it with two electives at UAB. Students who want a more intensive Spanish experience can take the 6-credit version of this course, which is available at all levels from beginning through advanced. This option replaces the 3-credit Spanish Language course, as well as the UAB elective. Exploring Barcelona: Identity in a Multinational Society This Exploring Community & Culture course takes students’ study abroad experience to another level. It includes a seminar, meeting for three hours every week, in which students learn the historical, social, political and economic context of Barcelona. As part of the course, students are encouraged to join a community of their choosing, participate in unique guided field trips and write essays on their daily experiences in Barcelona. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Electives Elective courses were created especially for international students and are taught by UAB faculty. Most courses are taught in English but some are available in Spanish, and you may choose to take a second elective for an additional $1,000. See page 23 for a list of available elective courses. Internship This class incorporates the internship placement and offers a contemporary issues approach through the lens of various academic themes. In addition to articles and discussions, related guest speakers and field trips are included. Interns work 14-16 hours per week, and placements are available in a wide range of areas and host organizations. The internship seminar is taught in English and meets for two hours every other week.


COURSE OPTIONS Spanish for Business Students who test into an advanced level in Spanish may replace the 3-credit Spanish course with this option for no additional fee.


Note that courses with English titles are taught in English, and those with Spanish titles are taught in Spanish.

TRACK 1 (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, ECONOMICS AND INTERNSHIP) ELECTIVE COURSES Behaviour and Incentives in Economics: The Case of Soccer Business in Action: Local Companies in a Global World The Creative Economy Cross-Cultural Management Doing Business in Emerging Markets E-Commerce and Online Businesses Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation Español Para los Negocios Estrategias de Marketing Internacional Human Resources Management International Business International Economics International Finance International Marketing Strategies Managerial Skills for International Business Managing Services Negocios Internacionales Strategic Behaviour in Business and Economics Strategic Management of the Firm Understanding the European Economy

TRACK 2 (HUMANITIES, SOCIAL SCIENCES AND INTERNSHIP) ELECTIVE COURSES Arte Español Barcelona City Planning and Architecture Civilización y Cultura Españolas Cultures Without State: the Case of Catalonia Digital Photography

The Great Art Collections in Spain The Image of Barcelona in Literature Inequality, Poverty and Globalisation Mediterranean Culture and History Modernisme: Art Nouveau Architecture Sketched and Explained New Tendencies in Spanish Contemporary Art The Seven Wonders of Spain: Spanish Architecture History Spanish Art and Cultural Heritage Spanish Civilization and Culture Spanish Contemporary Art Spanish History in the 20th Century An Urban Approach to Spain and Europe Urban Interventions, Graffiti and Public Sculpture

TRACK 3 (POLITICS, COMMUNICATIONS AND INTERNSHIP) ELECTIVE COURSES Geopolitics and International Relations Global Environmental Governance A Greater Middle East Mediterranean Politics The Political Economy of European Integration Politics of the Developing World Politics, War and Economics in the Age of Globalization

HOUSING Barcelona students have three housing options: a student apartment, residencia or housing with a carefully selected host family. Student apartments are located throughout Barcelona and typically house up to five students in single or double bedrooms with shared living areas, kitchens and bathrooms. A residencia is an apartment-style dormitory, with as many as 30 students sharing a living area. Host family homes are located throughout the Barcelona area, and IFSA-Butler houses only one student per family. Both the residencia and host family options require an extra fee.

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North Sea

Isle of Man

Irish Sea Isle of Anglesey








Isle of Wight ENGLISH












Welcome to Engage London! We are glad you have chosen London as your study abroad and internship destination. This really is a great city to live, study and work in. London is one of the top choices for international students, as over 100,000 have chosen to make it their home away from home, making it a truly global, vibrant and diverse city. Studies aside—for all work and no play makes one dull—the hundreds of museum, art galleries, theatres, concert halls, cinemas and performance spaces in London make your host city one of the hottest cultural centres in the world...and when all of that culture makes you thirsty, you can recover over a soft drink or pint in one of the myriad pubs throughout London, many of which have literary and artistic associations! Your On-Site Academic Resources IFSA-Butler London’s academic staff are available to offer guidance on adjusting to the different academic system in the U.K. You’ll receive an Academic Survival Pack that is full of useful academic advice and information. We also host academic drop-in sessions over tea and biscuits in the office should you wish to avail yourself of our help, although you are always welcome to pop into the office whenever you want! Medical and Emotional Support We are not professionally trained counselors, but we will be the first port of call if you need help emotionally or medically. All London staff hold basic first aid and fire marshalling certificates, and we’re very experienced in providing local resources for support. That’s what we’re here for. We are sure that you will enjoy your time here and rise to the challenge it will place upon you. We look forward to being part of your exciting experience. Sincerely, Andrew Williams, Senior Resident Director, Academics Lynne Alvarez, Senior Resident Director, Student Services Dr. Anna Loutfi, Exploring Community & Culture Coordinator Charlotte Robinson, Academic Officer

800-858-0229 | 25

Arrival and Pickup Students who choose to take the group flight will be met at the London airport by IFSA-Butler staff and transported to their accommodation in Central London. Students who travel independently will receive clear instructions on how to meet up with the rest of the group and IFSA-Butler staff.

IFSA-Butler Orientation Our London staff provide a welcome meal on arrival day and lunches during each day of orientation. They also organize a London Theatre evening. IFSA-Butler provides each student with an Oyster Card (London’s famous travel pass for the subway and buses) during orientation. The Oyster Card can be topped up with additional money for travel throughout the semester. Students will receive a detailed schedule of orientation events in an eco-friendly shopping bag, as well as a notebook, pen, maps of London, a fold up material bag (useful for traveling) and a Cadbury chocolate bar.

Teas No England experience is complete without tea time! It’s a time to reconnect, socialize and enjoy some yummy treats. IFSA-Butler staff are always available for tea time one-on-one by appointment, but we also host a few official ones at our London office: Refresher tea will take place a few weeks after you have started classes, to touch base and see how your adjustment to London is going. A farewell tea is organized towards the end of the semester, as we begin the (sad) process of saying goodbye and preparing you for the transition home.

Regional Excursions IFSA-Butler provides two day trips to points of interest a little closer to London. Destinations vary each year, but past trips have included Brighton Royal Pavilion, Oxford, Salisbury and Ely Cathedrals, Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon, Canterbury and Windsor Castle. Our London staff organize and accompany these excursions and provide destination maps, entrance into a local places of interest and plenty of free time during the day!

Adventure Weekend We know you’ll love the city, but you need a taste of English country living, too! Our London staff organize a threeday trip for students and staff to the Lake District in Cumbria, where students explore a variety of outdoor pursuits and local flavor. Activities include mountain biking, gorge scrambling, canoeing, hiking and regional sightseeing. Transportation from London, all meals, bedding and basic Activity Centre equipment (wetsuits, walking boots, waterproof boots) are provided. Students also receive a hooded sweatshirt upon arrival for those chilly Northern nights!


Exploring London Cultural Trips As part of the Exploring London core course, students participate in weekly field trips around London to pursue critical discussion topics through the lens of cultural context. This could be anything from attending a comedy show to visiting a neighborhood mosque to explore the many cultures that inhabit and shape London as an international city.

Engage London

Location: London, England Minimum GPA: 2.8 (4.0 scale)


15 U.S. semester credit hours Application April 15


deadlines: Fall semester (Sept-Dec)

October 15

Spring semester (Jan-April)

Why Choose This Program • Live and study in the heart of London • Experience life in the best of Central London without the long commute • Housing in Notting Hill Gate and classes near the hip Covent Garden and Soho districts • Classes are small, interactive and academically challenging • Round-the-clock support from resident staff • Field excursions to London sites are integrated into classes and give students a true London experience • The Exploring London Community & Culture core course examines the cultural values of England and includes dynamic lectures, visits to cultural sites and discussions of the differences between the U.S. and U.K. • An optional, hands-on internship caters to individual academic interests and is a great way to enhance your resume and professional skills • University courses are taught by faculty from the prestigious Birkbeck, University of London

Program Tracks Track 1: International Business and Economics Track 2: Communications and Media Studies Track 3: Literature, Theatre and the Arts You can choose courses exclusively in one track or mix and match courses for maximum academic flexibility.


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Student housing is in a beautiful Victorian home in the Notting Hill Gate area of west central London. Most rooms are doubles or triples, with shared bathrooms and common areas. The housing is an easy commute to class and just 10 minutes from London’s chic West End. Breakfast is provided Monday through Friday, and students purchase or prepare all other meals.

Internship Placements Internship placements are available at a wide range of employers, including top U.S. companies, Parliament, fashion designers, British financial institutions, theatres, concert halls and prestigious media outlets.

Program Fees

$15,975 Spring semester 2017

Includes: • Tuition (15 U.S. semester credits) • Housing in a picturesque Victorian home in London’s Notting Hill Gate area • Breakfast Monday through Friday • Health insurance • Activities, excursions and day trips • Oyster Card for London transportation during orientation • On-site support from IFSA-Butler’s resident office in London • Butler University transcript upon completion of program

Internships cater to individual academic interests but are generally available in the following areas: • Accounting • Anthropology • Biology • Business • Communications • Economics • English Literature • Exercise Science • Finance • History • Marketing • Museum Studies • Political Science • Psychology • Public Relations • Theatre The internship includes guidance and discussion designed to facilitate learning through the field assignment and to establish parameters for a related academic research project. Internships require 10 hours per week of on-site employment as well as a research project. The United Kingdom requires any student pursuing an internship to obtain a U.K. Tier IV visa. At publication the cost of this visa is approximately $500 and requires pre-planning and authorization. The Engage London program advisor will provide information about applying for this visa to all students who are interested in a London internship.


What courses will I take? REQUIRED COURSES Exploring London (3 credits) This Exploring Community & Culture core course focuses on helping you develop strong skill sets through direct, local engagement with the city of London, including team building, intercultural communication and critical analysis. Online, you’ll get the resources to develop a personal digital archive of your study and internship experience, and you’ll be given a personal mentor to help you translate your experience into an account of how you have developed new competencies while living, studying and working in a different cultural context. Classes are held two hours a week for reading and discussion of cultural ‘hot topics’ (both at home and in London); and there will be weekly field trips, immersing you directly in London’s rich and diverse cultural life, while giving you the opportunity to meet Londoners ‘at home’ in their community spaces to find out what really matters to them — and how it affects you. Program Electives (12 credits) In addition to the Exploring London course, participants take three program electives worth 4 credits each for a total of 12 U.S. semester credits. Electives are categorized into three academic tracks to make it easier to understand what fits into your degree plan. You can choose courses exclusively from a single track or mix and match courses from different tracks for maximum academic flexibility.

TRACK 1 (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS) ELECTIVES Globalisation and Regionalisation International Business Climate Change and Sustainable Business Practice Sports Business Management

TRACK 2 (COMMUNICATIONS AND MEDIA STUDIES) ELECTIVES British and European Cinema Media Forms and Institutions in Britain Modern British Politics Social Psychology Modern British Society Since 1945 London: The Growth of a Modern World City

TRACK 3 (LITERATURE, THEATRE AND THE ARTS) ELECTIVES Modern Theatre and the London Stage The Twentieth Century British Novel London in Literature 1837-1984 Shakespeare in London Aspects of Modern Art in London British Art and Architecture in London

INTERNSHIP Students participating in the Engage London program have the option of participating in an intensive, 4-credit internship. The internship replaces one program elective. See page 27 for more information about placements and employers.

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About IFSA-Butler The Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University (IFSA-Butler) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1988 at Butler University. Our primary goal is to provide quality study abroad opportunities, plus academic and personal support services, for qualified North American undergraduates seeking to earn academic credit through study abroad. While the Institute for Study Abroad has an affiliation with Butler University for transcripts and other purposes, it is a separate organization. IFSA-Butler is organized to assist our students from the time they apply until after they return. Our staff in the U.S. prepare students for the academic and cultural changes that await them, and our offices around the world provide on-site support to help students make the most of their study abroad experiences. Contact us at: 6201 Corporate Drive, Suite 200 Indianapolis, IN 46278 800-858-0229 Institute for Study Abroad is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

How to Apply




Engage programs are open to any qualified undergraduate in good standing enrolled full time at an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada. Students must have completed two full years of undergraduate study before the program begins. We reserve the right to reject applicants on the basis of academic, disciplinary, conduct and other considerations.


Admissions to Engage programs are conducted on a rolling basis. Some of our more popular and competitive programs fill well before the deadline. Apply early! Please note that IFSA-Butler does not charge an application fee.

How to apply IFSA-Butler requires only one application. You may ask to be considered for more than one program on the same application. Download an application or apply online at

A completed program application includes the following: • A program approval form completed by your study abroad advisor. If your university does not have a study abroad advisor, an official with the authority to approve study abroad (such as a dean or registrar) may complete this form. • An official transcript from your home college or university (and from any others you have attended) showing credits and grades for all college or university courses you have taken. • A recommendation completed by an instructor in your major discipline or the discipline in which you wish to concentrate abroad. • One 2-inch by 2-inch full-face photo in color. Print your name on the back of the photo in case it is separated from your file. Universities abroad require a photo. Additional materials required: • Fine arts and graphic arts majors may be required to submit portfolios. • Students planning to study music or theatre abroad may be required to submit portfolios or audition tapes. • Prospective interns should submit a resume. Your IFSA-Butler program advisor will be able to provide more information and/or suggested formats. You may also be asked to submit an additional internship application or recommendation.

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