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Foundation Gazette Jan ‘12

Rebuilding lives!

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Introduction The ICI Pakistan Foundation was set up in 1991 as a charitable trust, to provide financial support to bona fide healthcare, education and social welfare organizations across the country. The purpose of this Foundation is to alleviate human suffering, eradication of illiteracy and poverty and imparting of education with opportunities for research.

Governance The Foundation is governed by six trustees who are all volunteer their time to run and manage the trust. A percentage of ICI Pakistan’s annual profit is allocated to the Foundation each year and invested in various community projects. The Trustees decide upon the projects to be initiated and supported in accordance with the objectives of the Trust. The accounts of ICI Pakistan Foundation are audited every year by KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co.


Board of Trustees include:

Waqar A Malik- Chielf Executive Feroz Rizvi-Chief Financial Officer (Headoffice) Suhail A Khan- Vice President (Polyester) Ali A Agha- Vice President (Soda Ash) Asif Malik- Vice President (Life Sciences) Seemi Saad- Manager (CCPA)

Vision To work towards the establishment of a self-sustaining system in Pakistan by providing basic needs to less privileged sectors of the society.

Mission To establish a Trust to undertake community development programs at the grassroots level in education, health, vocational training, environment, skill development, disaster Relief and Rehab.

New Corporate Identity for

ICI Pakistan Foundation

The logo showcases a flying bird that symbolizes independence and freedom. The ICI Pakistan Foundation believes in building sustainable lives and therefore aims to invest in initiatives that provide opportunities for people to become economically independent and thereby improve their lives. The serif font incorporated with the symbol supports it as a base and completes its identity of appearing as a corporate logo. Font: Calisto MT (Serif Font Family) Color of image: Red to Fuchsia

Floods 2010 & 2011:

Relief and Rehabilitation 2

The worst national disaster in our history struck Pakistan in 2010, with over 20 million people affected, homes and belongings washed away, and crops and livelihoods destroyed. In response to these floods, ICI Pakistan Limited initiated an immediate emergency relief program through the ICI Pakistan foundation to provide food and medical assistance for the affected. The Foundation provided one million meals; 11,350 liters of clean drinking water were and set up 15 Medical and 9 Veterinary Camps across Pakistan.

Flood 2010

Relief & Rehabilitation After the success of ICI Pakistan’s Flood Relief Camp, the Foundation then moved on to the Rehabilitation program. It signed an agreement with Karachi Relief Trust (KRT) to rebuild a village of 40 houses in Rahim Yar Khan- Punjab and restore the infrastructure of the community. AkzoNobel’s Global Community Program contributed PKR 10 million to the Foundation for this project.

Medical Camp Rajanpur

Following this, another agreement was signed with KRT to build a village in Munda Headworks- Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa.

The village in Munda Headworks is complete and houses have been handed over to the affected families. The Foundation also helped put together a playground for children in this village.

Under the banner of ICI Pakistan Foundation, a medical and veterinary health camp was set up in the flood affected area of Mehmood Miani District Rajanpur. The camp was inaugurated on December 12, 2011 and catered to 400 patients including women and children. The floods have triggered many diseases such as anemia, chest and throat infection, worm infestation, joint pain and other problems being prevalent amongst the residents. Dr. Kamran Farooq from Sheikh Zaid Hospital in Rahim Yar Khan along with other volunteers diagnosed the patients and provided medicines to them. Some patients with severe illness were referred


to Sheikh Zaid hospital. The team of volunteers from ICI included: S Mushahid Ali Naqvi, Ghulam Abbas, Nafees Azad and Ubaidullah. This effort of ICI Pakistan Foundation was highly appreciated by the residents of the affected area. M Javed, applauded ICI Foundation for providing healthcare facility with quality medicine to patients and live stock of poor community. Bahadur Ali, a local resident, on the other hand was grateful at being provided with pakka ghar and medical assistance. Many other residents namely Muniran bibi, Ghulam Mehmood and others were of the same opinion. Dr Kamran too appreciated ICI for the effort made in providing shelter and medical support to the flood affectees.

Flood 2011

Relief and Rehabilitation Program Following the tsunamic deluge of monsoon rains in August 2011, flood affected another 7.4 million people mainly in the province of Sind. Million who were already displaced because of the floods in 2010, once again lost their livelihoods, crops and livestock. The ICI Pakistan Foundation along with the Life Sciences team put together a relief program for the flood affectees. The segment held eight camps in total treating over 7000 patients in far-flung areas of Nawabshah, Umerkot, Badin,Mirpurkhas and T.M. Khan. These areas were especially chosen for affectees had little or no access to medical facilities. Over 7000 patients were treated which was made possible by excellent planning and management by our Pharmaceuticals Team based in Hyderabad. Along with these, four veterinary camps (TM Khan, Umarkot, Badin, Kario) were set up, and approximately 12,000 animals were treated. The Foundation is now deliberating over a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for Sind. The pressing need in the area is providing solutions for clean drinking water as serious health ailments are spreading because of this.




ICI Pakistan Foundation launched its ‘Ilm-o-Hunar’ skill development program by signing an MOU with the Construction Technology Training Institute (CTTI) Islamabad to mark the beginning of a vocational training program for painters in February 2011. The larger plan of the ‘Ilm-oHunar’ program is to establish skill development programs across Pakistan with the aim of creating opportunities for sustainable development.


training Program

This first ever Painter Training Program was launched in collaboration with Construction Technology Training Institute, Islamabad, sponsored by the ICI Pakistan Foundation. This program was launched after identifying the need to develop technical knowledge and skills of painters through a formal, structured approach as opposed to the traditional method of apprenticeship. Under this program, ICI Limited Paints team volunteered to train building painters in paint application techniques, issue identification, colour selection, safety and environmental practices. Painters completing the three-month course were to receive certification, an important step towards formalizing this profession and helping the painters meet the benchmark workplace standards and equipping them with to cope with rapid changes in the industry process. By March 2011, 25 students were enrolled in this course, learning the latest painting techniques from qualified teachers which were to enable them set higher .

The larger plan is to create opportunities for sustainable development.

standards in their work, eventually raising the standards of the industry in turn!. After this pilot project, the aim is to expand the extent and scope of this program across Pakistan.


vocational training for the


Under the banner of Ilm-o-Hunar, a vocational training program run by the ICI Pakistan Foundation, a free technical training on ‘Basic Household Electrical Wiring’ was launched by the Polyester Business in July. The purpose of this training was to provide technical skill development opportunities to members of the local community, thereby making them more employable so that they can contribute to the income of their families. An experienced instructor from TEVTA was hired as the lead trainer and program coordinator. After the mandatory 3-months course, students then proceeded on to their On-The-Job training in different industries/workshops, as per the Apprenticeship Certificate. As per the future plan the business will keep track of the ’15 graduates’ regarding their practical training and provide support and guidance wherever possible. The business is now evaluating the possibility of sponsoring such workshops at a TEVTA site, where the infrastructure is already available but is not utilized due to lack of funding.

Training of

SOCH members

The Human Resource Department of ICI Pakistan Limited conducted a ‘Team Skills Workshop’ at the Head Office on December 20, 2011 for 23 volunteers of the SOCH (Save Our Civil Hospital). These enthusiastic aspiring doctors of Dow Medical College are helping improve Karachi's largest public service facility, the Civil Hospital. The core aim of the workshop was to increase team productivity and to enable the students to realize their strengths .

The enthusiastic response from the students was appreciable. The workshop gave them an experience that will go a long way in serving humanity and exhibiting positive body language by team members, with betterment in overall working as a team. The workshop was arranged and conducted by the ICI employees namely, Hasan Tariq, Abdul Ghani and Beenish Kajani.


News feed Free Medical Camp at Sahu ki Malian in coordination with Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT) Eye Hospital Lahore, 30 June 2011.

Dengue Camp

Funding A Play Area ICI Pakistan Foundation along with the Paints Business funded the installation of a play gym, a play house, spring animals, benches and painted the walls to make the Children’s hospital at Ferozpur road into a fun play area for the children.

Bararkot school

ICI Pakistan Foundation contributed Rs 200,000/- to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Punjab to facilitate a ‘Hematology Analyzer’ for the public service Dengue Camp in Lahore. The purpose was to encounter the outbreak of Dengue Virus for the poor and needy patients in Lahore.

ICI Pakistan Foundation, in its role constructed a school at Bararkot near Ghari Habibullah. We help run the school which has now been upgraded to middle school level. The Foundation also provides scholarships to top position holders every year.

The 2005 earthquake in the Northern areas brought about a lot of destruction due to which the infrastructure was heavily compromised. In the aftermath, the government, NGOs and corporate sector organizations started reconstruction of some of this infrastructure.


Tibbi Hariya school ICI Pakistan Foundation has appointed a new non-profit organization for the running of ICI Adopted School M. C. Boys Primary School, Tibbi Hariya. CCF is a professionally run NGO with a proven track record of good management. CCF has now adopted this school formally for onward upgradation and improvement purposes.

Volunteering Time Out For the Community Giving back to the society in which we operate is one of the core values of modern dynamic organizations. With this spirit a community activity was organized: painting parts of the SOS Village along with the children from the SOS. The exercise was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone as the walls were attacked with rollers and brushes and with sufficient amounts of high quality paint at our disposal. Everyone’s support was truly appreciated.

Drinking Water For Khewra Water shortages are an acute problem in the outlying areas of the country such as Khewra, and we at ICI Pakistan Foundation have tried to meaningfully address this serious problem. This has been achieved at Khewra through the installation of nine Community Water Taps in and around the area of our Soda Ash Plant. These water taps are operational round the clock and provide approximately 23,000 gallons of drinking water.

celebrating universal Children’s day ICI Pakistan Foundation organized a volunteer activity to celebrate the Universal Children’s Day with the aim to highlight the importance of hygiene amongst the children and families and to promote infection control and cleanliness. Volunteers from the Chemicals, Life Sciences and Corporate Teams at the Head Office enthusiastically participated in this activity and helped clean the wards as well as entertaining the children with stories and songs

Recycling Banners! Recycling is important in today’s world of ever more scarce resources, and so ICI Pakistan Foundation came up with an innovative way of creating schoolbags which were not made of cloth, but of Panaflex skins used for the promotional banners of ICI Pakitan. This project was pioneered by Abdul Ghani of CCPA and so far quite a number of bags have been made and distributed among the students of Bararkot and Kakapir schools. After the recent discovery of using panaflex skins for recycling school bags by Abdul Ghani of CCPA, ICI Pakistan Foundation came up with another idea of reusing panaflex skins as ‘ Weather shields’ on the house rooftops of the monsoon struck areas of Sindh giving the people shelter and relief.


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