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FIX OUR TEA ROOMS The TCFUA is starting a campaign to clean up tea rooms across the industry. Be part of the union campaign to make sure that all companies are making tea rooms clean and safe so workers can take their rest breaks away from their work area, in a clean and hazard free Tea/lunch room. It’s time that employers understand that workers have a right to Tea and Lunch rooms that: • are clean and away from workstations and machines, • have facilities that include a fridge, food warmers and fresh clean hot/cold water • have safe seating and tables • are regularly cleaned each day • have space for all workers • are located away from noise and other hazards The Occupational Health and Safety Act says, employers must provide a healthy and safe workplace. This includes providing workers with a clean tea room. Under the law there is a compliance code, which provides simple advice about tea rooms and can be used to check if your boss is doing the right thing. Your union organiser and your Health and Safety Representative will be talking to you soon about: • Is a room provided for workers? • Are there enough tables and chairs? • Is the room cleaned daily? • Does the company employ a cleaner? • Is there hot /cold water? • Is there a fridge to keep food and drinks cold? • Can you heat up your food? If you do not have worker OHS representative talk to your union organiser and about electing a Health and Safety rep for your workplace. If there is a problem with the Tea/Lunch room in your workplace we will work together to fix it. Contact the union if you want advice about your rights and how the union can help you organise workers in your workplace to improve your tea/ lunch room and workers health and safety. Textile Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia (Victorian Branch) 359 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000 PO Box 441, Carlton South, Victoria, 3053 Phone 03 9639 2955 Fax 03 9639 2944 Country Areas 1800 800 135 Email Website

TCFUA - Tea Room Campaign