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Prospective Student-Athlete Questionnaire PERSONAL Name Height

Date Weight


Address City

Home Phone State

Cell Phone



Father’s Name

Mother’s Name

Father’s Occupation

Mother’s Occupation

Business Phone

Business Phone

Your Social Security No.

MU Alumni or Students You Know

ACADEMIC High School

Phone number

HS Address City

Grade State


Graduation Date

Guidance Counselor’s Name SAT Scores: Math

Grade Point Avg. Verbal

ACT Score

Predicted Major

Reasons for Interest in MU

ATHLETIC Primary HS Position

Primary Club Position

HS Coach

Phone Number

Soccer Accomplishments, Awards, Statistics (please use additional sheet)

HS Jersey #

Club Team

Club Jersey #

Club Coach

Club Coach Home Phone

Upcoming Club Tournaments (attach additional sheet)

Club Coach Email Years Played on Each ODP Team




The Marquette Soccer Staff sincerely thanks you for completing this form. Please complete and mail to: Marquette University • Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Gym, Lower Level • P.O Box 1881 • Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881 Or fax completed form to: 414-288-6680

For additional information, please call 1-800-434-GOMU

Please describe, on the field below, your playing strengths.

Circle your best position(s): 1) Goalkeeper 2) Right Back 3) Outside Midfield (right or middle) 4) Right wing

Central Defender Interior Midfield Striker

Please describe your interest in Marquette University Soccer

Left Back Left Wing

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