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Organic without Boundaries by Denise Godinho

Introduction In February of this year, IFOAM launched its blog ‘Organic without Boundaries - A Journey to Sustainable Livelihoods‘ alongside of an invitation to all IFOAM Affiliates and members of our broader network to submit stories of their journeys towards sustainable livelihoods.

A Journey to Sustainable Livelihoods

A sky lantern was chosen to symbolize the imagined journey of the lantern released into the skies just outside of IFOAM’s Head Office on February 10, 2012. Many of the contributors played along with us, keeping this leitmotif alive by repeating and documenting the ritual of releasing their own sky lantern. On the right you see a snapshot of We thank Lebensbaum some pretty fun moments around the world!


At the launch of the blog, the Rio+20 Earth Summit loomed large and tinged the tone of the early contributions to the blog with the expectation, hope, reservations and elation that an event of that magnitude evokes.

and Artebio for their sponsorship of the blog

Yet Rio+20 came and went, and submissions continue to come in. As this publication goes into print, close to 40 submissions have been made. Some of them are very personal, almost intimate accounts of what sustainable livelihood means to the author. Others address challenges faced in specific regions, while yet others are advocacy pieces, calling for the mainstreaming of organic agriculture. But no matter what the content or mood of these contributions, they all capture the passion with which people, around the world, strive to positively contribute to a more sustainable world. They also highlight the beauty of global diversity, so clearly perceptible in IFOAM’s membership, and underpins the thought that, regardless of geographic, cultural or other differences, a shared dream can truly bring people together. So, the name of the blog could not have been better chosen to reflect the global and inclusive nature of organic. Organic, truly, knows no boundaries. On the next pages we share with you some of the stories of sustainable livelihoods. We are unable to reproduce them all here, but you can find them on organicwithoutboundaries We hope you enjoy this short trip around the world of organic.

Organic without Boundaries. IFOAM Celebrating 40 years, 1972-2012  

Publication commemorating IFOAM's 40th anniversary, 1972-2012

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