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Trust in Quality. Worldwide. We build bridges between regional suppliers and discerning consumers across many languages, cultures and expectations.

Happy birthday and our warmest congratulations to the IFOAM team! IFOAM is the worldwide umbrella organization for the organic movement. For 40 years this network has built links with the people from the organic movement all over the world. By overcoming national borders, IFOAM is a place for visionaries and provides a counterbalance to national authorities. Like IMO, IFOAM bridges ideals and perspectives of different social and cultural groups. Together we are working for a sustainable future.

Proud to be part!

A highly experienced International body for quality assurance of sustainable products.

Organic without Boundaries. IFOAM Celebrating 40 years, 1972-2012  

Publication commemorating IFOAM's 40th anniversary, 1972-2012