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TNT 2.0 : Becoming the st Physician of the 21 century

SUMMARY Introduction  Word from the President  Letter from the organizing committee

Potential trainers  Why Trois-Rivières?  What does it take?

Logistics & Program  Dates  Venue & Accommodation  Proposed Agenda

FROM THE PRESIDENT A LETTER WORD FROM THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Dear IFMSA members, It is with great pleasure that we’d like to welcome you to our annual Training New Trainers. The event will take place in the charming city of Trois-Rivières (near Montreal) from February 7th to Feb. 9th, 2014. The “TNT 2.0: Becoming the Physician of the 21st Century” will feature two parallel streams answering the needs of today’s medical students: the first one will feature sessions on leadership and communication; the second one will be oriented toward global health advocacy and is supported by IFMSA Think Global Initiative. Some joint sessions will allow all participants to meet and get trained as a group. Take a look at the proposed agenda on page 6 for more details. We are looking for an experienced and dynamic trainer to team with one or two trainers from IFMSA-Québec. If you are interested, please send us at a short motivation letter and your resume highlighting your relevant past experiences. Our ideal trainer would have a strong background on leadership, communication and advocacy. Deadline to apply is December 15th, 2013. All the requirements and the full procedure is better explained on page 4. If you have ever dreamed of seeing Quebec during the winter, this is your chance. Either you can apply to be our “international friend” or you can attend the event as a participant. Registration will open early January. This high-quality event will surely be memorable! On the behalf of the National Team,

Claudel P-Desrosiers President, IFMSA-Québec

A LETTER FROM ORGANIZING COMMITTEE IFMSA-Québec is constantly looking to empower their members and find innovative ways to let their voices be heard in order to facilitate their roles as agents of change at both the local and international levels. At IFMSA-Québec, we share the belief that thinking and acting local is the integral step to taking action on the global scale in order to meet the mission statements and the objectives of the Standing Committees IFMSA represents. It is in this vein that we are reaching out to our IFMSA family to bring the skills and knowledge of IFMSA trainers to Québec: to train the IFMSA members of today to become the global healthcare leaders of tomorrow. Indeed, the training division offers this engaging opportunity to empower members of IFMSA with the skills and confidence they need to efficiently carry out the tasks required in each of the different Standing Committees. This concrete and hands-on approach has strengthened sentiments of common ownership among IFMSA members, and as such, has allowed IFMSA to strengthen as an organization. It is our belief that holding a TNT 2.0: Becoming the Physician of the 21st Century in Trois-Rivières, Québec will allow IFMSAQuebec to grow as well, since the presence of competent trainers among IFMSA-Québec members will facilitate the development of National and Local Officers and equip them with tools to define and achieve goals, communicate efficiently, manage conflicts, and most importantly, will contribute to the shaping of Québec medical students into socially and morally conscious global healthcare professionals. Furthermore, not only is there a need for trainers in our NMO, but all across North America and the PAMSA Region. Through the organization of a TNT 2.0 in Trois-Rivières we aim to offer the unique opportunity to all PAMSA members to attend a training and enjoy the warm Quebecois hospitality at the same

time. Moreover, we believe that this will offer PAMSA members an economic alternative to trainers coming from other regions such as Europe. Finally, through the training of a substantial amount of new trainers, we will not only empower the members of IFMSA-Québec, but we will also contribute to supplying new and old trainers in the North Americas at the international level, straightening our organization as a whole, contributing to the achievement of our ultimate goal: providing IFMSA members with the hands-on tools and skills to work for solutions to the global healthcare issues that transcend our national borders. Chérine Zaim Head of the Organizing Committee


Within the charming and welcoming Mauricie region, TroisRivières is desirably located only minutes from the woods and lakes that attract so many people from around the world. A vibrant city proud of its cultural heritage, it is officially the Quebec capital of poetry, as can attest the various excerpts put up on plaques downtown. It is really not a surprise then that this year’s TNT will be held in this beautiful town. Trois-Rivières, the second oldest city in Canada, boasts a small-town vibe with metropolis advantages and commodities. Its dynamic historic district, near the renowned St. Lawrence River, will wow you with its beauty and the diversity of restaurants, art galleries and artisanal boutiques. Host of several large-scale international cultural events, it can easily bear comparison to bigger cities. No account of our beautiful region would be complete without talking about the snow that falls abundantly during winter months. Even with the cold weather, fun can always be had. Put on your warmest clothes and join us in typical Québécois winter activities : sledding on the various hills set up in the city, fishing in the frozen waters of Ste Anne River, snowshoeing in parks all around or experiencing the traditional sugar shack meal (prepare for the maple syrup overdose!). You’ll also be able to ice-skate at night in the Port (right on the banks of St. Lawrence River, what a view!) and, if you’re freezing afterwards, sip a hot coffee in the numerous cafés that litter the famous des Forges Boulevard. It’s really the place to be on a cold Saturday night!

Furthermore, to make sure this TNT will be a success, we have a very motivated team who will go to the limit to greet you and other participants with the care you deserve. Even if our team is a small one, we have a great track record of putting our own creative spin on IFMSA-Quebec projects. We are confident our tight-knit community will be the ideal destination for your trip to Quebec. Our dynamism and up-to-date facilities will also be a plus in your enjoyment of this training session. You can’t miss this opportunity. Remember that good things always come in small packages!

POTENTIAL TRAINERS: WHAT DOES IT TAKE? You want to be a trainer? We are looking for a polyvalent trainer who can both run “classic” training sessions as well as advanced advocacy sessions. If you are a certified TOT and have experienced on the global health scene, please apply! You’re exactly what we’re looking for. Please note IFMSA-Québec will offer a 500$ travel grant to the selected trainer, an accommodation free of charge and free registration for the event.

What do you need to send? In order to consider your application as an official trainer, we need to receive the following:  

Curriculum Vitae (maximum 2 pages) Letter of motivation (maximum 1 page) o Objectives o Past experience

Deadline to send the documents to is: December 15th 2013. All the candidatures will be reviewed by IFMSA-Quebec Executive Board with input from our training division members. For any other questions or inquiries, please drop us an email at We promise we’ll answer you in the shortest delay!

You want to attend the TNT? Registration is open until January 19th for everyone. We sadly can’t offer registration discount for international delegates nor travel grant. However it will be our pleasure to warmly welcome you in Quebec. Stay tuned of IFMSA Official Servers and/or follow our Facebook page at for more updates!

LOGISTICS & PROGRAMMING Expected number of participants

Dates th


The TNT will be held February 7 -9 2013. The event will start late afternoon on the 7th and will end late afternoon on the 9th. During those three intense days, participants can expect up to 24 hours of high-quality trainings.

Venue 

    

One large room with a capacity of 50 students, equipped with a computer, projector and screen, a sound system, a whiteboard and most important, tables with outlets for laptops; One multifunctional room with a capacity of 200 students (may also be used for icebreakers, ceremony or lunch); Six small classes for small groups of about 8-10 students, equipped with a computer, projector, screen, a sound system, a whiteboard and very comfortable chairs; 2 reunion rooms with whiteboards; Two small lounging areas with couches; A basement kitchen.

Accommodation As mentioned previously, each trainer or IFMSA member will be welcome to stay at an IFMSA-Québec residence in TroisRivières (cost included in the registration fees).

Weather Weather in February in Quebec is usually between -5oC and -10oC. However, one may not be surprised if temperature drops at -20oC during the night. Pack accordingly!

We are hoping to attract between 20 and 40 participants (for about 15 participants per stream) but have the capacity of accommodating many more at our venue, should the need arise. We therefore also invite members of NMOs in the Region, and across the world you are interested in a Quebec experience. Any IFMSA student that would happen to be in Québec or that could make it would be enthusiastically and warmly welcomed by the IFMSA-Québec Organizing Committee.

Registration fees Budget is yet to be finalized, however participants can expect to pay between 40 USD and 60 USD for the weekend, including food, accommodation, material, transport and t-shirts. We will be able to confirm the final registration fees at least one month prior to the event. It’s mostly dependant on how the fundraising goes.

About the trainers Claudel P-Desrosiers (president of IFMSA-Québec) will serve as the main trainer and the focal point to the IFMSA Training Support Division. She will be responsible for the “Advocate” stream. The international trainer will serve as our expert trainer and will be in charge of the “Leader” stream. Finally, a call will be sent in December within IFMSA-Quebec trainers for one or two support trainers.

About Think Global Think Global is IFMSA premium global health initiative. It equips students with core knowledge and understanding of global health issues and skills to take action on these issues, so as to train global leaders and representative for medical students worldwide.


Thank you! Looking forward to welcoming you this February 2014 in Quebec!


Training New Trainers: Becoming the physician of the 21st century  

IFMSA-Québec is proud to warmly invite you to its annual Training New Trainers (TNT) weekend. This year, we'll add a "Advocacy" component, a...

Training New Trainers: Becoming the physician of the 21st century  

IFMSA-Québec is proud to warmly invite you to its annual Training New Trainers (TNT) weekend. This year, we'll add a "Advocacy" component, a...