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Invitation: TNT from IFMSA-Québec

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Introduction  

Word from the President Letter from the organizing committee

Potential trainers 

Why come to Saguenay?

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Dates Expected number of participants Venue & Accommodation Budget

Word from the President Dear IFMSA, It is with great pleasure that I am welcoming you to our annual Training New Trainers to take place in the charming city of Saguenay, Québec, from February 7th to Feb. 9th, 2013. We are looking for an experienced and dynamic trainer to team with one or two trainers from IFMSA-Québec. If you are interested, please send us at a short motivation letter and your resume highlighting

the relevant past experiences. Deadline is December 28th, 2012. If you have ever dreamed of seeing Quebec during the winter, this is your chance. This highquality event is likely to be memorable! On the behalf of the Executive Board,

Claudel P-Desrosiers President, IFMSA-Québec

A Letter From Organizing Committee: The need for a TNT in Saguenay IFMSA-Québec is constantly looking to empower their members and find innovative ways to let their voices be heard in order to facilitate their roles as agents of change at both the local and international levels. At IFMSAQuébec, we share the belief that thinking and acting local is the integral step to taking action on the global scale in order to meet the mission statements and the objectives of the Standing Committees IFMSA represents. It is in this vein that we are reaching out to our IFMSA family to bring the skills and knowledge of IFMSA trainers to Québec: to train the IFMSA members of today to become the global healthcare leaders of tomorrow. Indeed, the training division offers this engaging opportunity to empower members of IFMSA with the skills and confidence they need to efficiently carry out the tasks required in each of the different Standing Committees. This concrete and hands-on approach has strengthened sentiments of common ownership

among IFMSA members, and as such, has allowed IFMSA to strengthen as an organization. It is our belief that holding a TNT in Saguenay, Québec will allow IFMSA-Quebec to grow as well, since the presence of competent trainers among IFMSA-Québec members will facilitate the development of National and Local Officers and equip them with tools to define and achieve goals, communicate efficiently, manage conflicts, and most importantly, will contribute to the shaping of Québec medical students into socially and morally conscious global healthcare professionals.

A Letter From Organizing Committee: The need for a TNT in Saguenay Furthermore, not only is there a need for trainers in our NMO, but all across North America and the PAMSA Region. Through the organization of a TNT in Saguenay we aim to offer the unique opportunity to all PAMSA members to attend a training and enjoy the warm Saguenay hospitality at the same time. Moreover, we believe that this will offer PAMSA members an economic alternative to trainers coming from other regions such as Europe. Finally, through the training of a substantial

amount of new trainers, we will not only empower the members of IFMSA-QuĂŠbec, but we will also contribute to supplying new and old trainers in the North Americas at the international level, straightening our organization as a whole, contributing to the achievement of our ultimate goal: providing IFMSA members with the hands-on tools and skills to work for solutions to the global healthcare issues that transcend our national borders.

Potential Trainers: Why come to Saguenay? Renowned as one of the most beautiful regions in Québec, the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region is equipped with high quality reception facilities and a diverse range of cultural activities all year around. Indeed, it is no surprise that Saguenay was named Canada's Cultural Capital in 2010. The TNT will be held in the city of Chicoutimi, which balances the perfect mix of a modern city with the tranquility of surrounding Québecois nature. Chicoutimi is surrounded by the majestic Fjord of Saguenay, a gigantic glacial valley of more than 126 km. Thanks to the exceptional snowfall in the winter months, we are proud to offer tons of fun-filled winter actives that will be sure to meet the entertainment needs of the members of our IFMSA family: Snowshoeing the famous 'Ghost Valley', snowmobiling across the breathtaking panorama of the region in the heart of the Monts-Valin National Park, ice-fishing, skating, relaxing at of one of our renowned Nordic Spa experiences, or through the enjoyment of the multitude of local Saguenay produce: beers, cheeses, and a visit to a classic “Cabane à sucre” where members will be able to enjoy all the Québec maple syrup they can eat!

Potential Trainers: Why come to Saguenay? Moreover, we are equipped with a dynamic, motivated and enthusiastic team who are ready and willing to greet the international members of IFMSA and the local members of our NMO warmly. Our team has a proven trackrecord of successful event organization, and is confident that we can take on this challenge of organizing a TNT in the less-centralized region of Saguenay. This will contribute to our goal of assuring diversity and representativity of the involvement of campuses across QuĂŠbec. We also have access to a multitude of resources to assure the seamless logistical organization of the event throughout the length of the weekend. The small yet intimate atmosphere will favour a familial sense of common ownership as well as active engagement of our NMO members in the organization of the event. This will contribute to their learning and appreciation of IFMSA structure and activity organization as it will enhance their understanding of the different roles played at the local, national, and international levels. A close-knit environment will also attract the attention of local media outlets, maximizing and valorizing the visibility provide accommodation free of charge.

medical student community engagement. Note that we are able to partially support the travelling fee of the trainer (around 500 USD) and provide accommodation free of charge.

It will also be our pleasure to send someone from the National or Executive Team to warmly welcome you at Montreal airport. You won’t regret the experience. So what are you waiting for?

Programming & Logistics Dates: The proposed dates are: February 7-8-9 2013.

Expected number of participants:

We are hoping to attract between 15 and 30 participants, but have the capacity of accommodating many more at our venue, should the need arise. We can therefore also invite Venue & Accommodation: members of NMOs in the Region, with an  The TNT will take place at the University of emphasis on «closer» NMOs, like CFMS-Canada Québec in Chicoutimi at the medical school and AMSA-USA. pavilion. The pavilion is centrally located.  (6) Small classes of 8-10 students capacity Any IFMSA student that would happen to be in will be at our disposal equipped with Québec or that could make it would be computer, projector, screen, sound system, enthusiastically and warmly welcomed by the IFMSA-Québec Organizing Committee. and black-board.  Large room equipped with all technological resources of 36 students capacity.  Auditorium room available with all technological resources with 120 students capacity.  Student lounge for lunch and snack time.  As mentioned previously, each trainer or IFMSA member will be welcome to stay at an IFMSA-Québec residence in Chicoutimi free of charge.

Thank you! Looking forward to welcoming you this February 2013 in Quebec !


IFMSA-Quebec : TNT 2013  

IFMSA-Quebec proudly invites you to our annual TNT, to take place this February 2013 in Saguenay, Quebec. For more, please read the invitati...

IFMSA-Quebec : TNT 2013  

IFMSA-Quebec proudly invites you to our annual TNT, to take place this February 2013 in Saguenay, Quebec. For more, please read the invitati...