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International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations

Team of Officials 2014/15

Team of Officials Meeting 1 (TOM1)

Summary & Outcomes

Summary & Outcomes Report Presented by IFMSA Team of Officials 2014/15 Dates: October 1st-6th 2014 Location: Kenitra, Morocco

Participants Agostinho Sousa, President Jason Van Genderen, VP for Internal Affairs Claudel P-Desrosiers, VP for External Affairs Wael Nasri, Treasurer Karim Abu Zied, Secretary General Ahmed Badr Mesbah, SCOME Director Omar Cherkaoui, SCOPE Director Luiza Alonso, SCORE Director Skander Essafi, SCOPH Director Matthew Valentino, SCORP Director Alberto Silva, RC Europe Meggie Mwoka, RC Africa Ahmed Reda, Training SDD Ljiljana Lukic, Projects SDD Mustafa Ozan Alpay, New Technologies SDD Jonathan Schutze, Alumni SDD Pedro Correira de Miranda, LO to WHO Kornelija Macevičiūtė, LO to Students Organizations

Diogo Martins, LO to UNESCO Kelly Thompson, LO for Reproductive Health Issues Moa Herrgard, LO for Human Rights & Peace Issues Stijntje Dijk, LO for Medical Education Issues Arthur Mello, LO for Public Health Issues Ivana Di Salvo, LO Research & Medical Associations

Observers Karim Mohamed Abdeltawab, Projects Regional Assistant for EMR (IFMSA-Egypt) Amr Diaa Ajlan, SCOPE Assistant for Information and Technology (IFMSA-Egypt) Onur Küçükerdogan, March Meeting 2015 OC Representative (TurkMSIC-Turkey) Salim Chajaii, NMO President (IFMSA-Morocco)

*Note: Officials who were not present during TOM 1 were able to actively input the discussions, through virtual participation (live-streaming, daily updates). This way we ensure all opinions were considered.

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Inauguration Ceremony On October 1st 2014, IFMSA held its first Inauguration Ceremony to officially mark the beginning of the term of 2014-2015. The ceremony took place at “Siège de la Région Gharb-Chrarda-Bni-Hssen” in Kenitra, under the patronage of the regional Wali Ms Zineb El Adaoui. Several other honorable guests attended the Ceremony, such as: Mr Lahcen Daoudi, the Minister for Higher Education of Morocco; Mr Yves Souteyrand, the WHO Representative in Morocco; Mekki Zizi, president of the regional council of Gharb-Chrarda-Bni-Hssen; S.E.M. Frederic Salomao Duque Estrada Meyer, ambassador of Brazil in Morocco; and S.E. M. Zvonimir Frka Petesic, ambassador of Croatia in Morocco. The Officials signed the Inauguration Ceremony Minutes, swearing they will fulfill with zeal, dedication and assiduity the tasks that are being trusted in them.

M. Agostinho Sousa also took the opportunity to present the Federation to the Honorable Guests. See the presentation used online right here.

Group picture at the Inauguration Ceremony of the Team of Officials 2014/15




Plan of Action 2014/15 The Officials are extremely proud to have completed their joint Plan of Action for 2014/15. This is the first time in IFMSA recent history that such a document is produced! It will guide the Federation work for the year and it is based on IFMSA Strategy 2014/17, which was adopted during August Meeting (AM) 2014 in Taiwan, and on the Executive Board Pursued Goals, which were also presented during AM 2014. It incorporates the ideas and objectives of all Officials: the Executive Board, the Support Divisions, the Standing Committees, the Liaison Officers and the Regional Coordinators. It also leads the way to a smooth and effective transition to IFMSA new leadership structure. It will be continuously updated, so you will be able to track and follow the Officials work in a timely manner. Contact the person in charge of liaising with IFMSA from your National Member Organization to see the Plan of Action!

Summary of the Main Agenda Points Values / Ground rules / Terms of Reference The Officials reviewed the values and principles they agreed upon during the TOM 0, and reaffirmed their agreement. They also discussed the terms of reference and actively commit to embrace them. Introduction to the Plan of Action, Review of the 2014/17 Strategy and Pursued Goals 2014/15 The EB presented the template for the annual work plan, which was filled by Officials during the TOM (see the section about the Plan of Action of 2014/15). The Officials also reviewed the Strategy of 2014/17 which was adopted at August Meeting 2014 and Pursued Goals of the Executive Board for 2014/15. March Meeting 2015 A presentation was given by Onur Küçükerdogan on behalf of the March Meeting 2015 Organizing Committee. Officials were able to raise their questions. Plus, the EB had another meeting with Onur and has expressed its commitment to make MM15 a real success. Procedures and Requirements The Officials had a moment to review, discuss and present the sections in the bylaws which correspond to their tasks, so that they are well aware of what is expected from them during the term, as per the bylaw requirements. The Officials brainstormed on new possible designs and functionalities for IFMSA website ( to have something more up to date, appealing and responding to our needs. Input was collected and will be used for further discussions. EB Updates Each EB members presented a summary of their work since August Meeting 2014. Officials were able to ask questions on their work.


Programs & New Leadership Structure The EB presented an update on the transition from projects to programs and answered the Officials questions. The EB also gave a short presentation on the new leadership structure and highlight the major changes that are to come, especially in the removal of some positions and the redefinition of others. The Officials will discuss in length the transition process during the Team of Officials Meeting 2. Regional Meetings The EB gave a short informative update on the five regional meetings of 2014/15 (locations, proposed dates, challenges). There will be a discussion with RC’s in the coming weeks to set down the priorities of the RM, which will be used as a guide for Officials’ attendance. IFMSA Finances The EB presented the IFMSA Budget of 2014/15 and explained the different items. A presentation was given on reimbursement claim and officials received an update on IFMSA registration. Officials also discussed the distribution of the funds for external meetings. TO Group Time The Team of Officials group time has allowed the Officials to meet and discuss common challenges and issues, such as the annual plan of action and strategies. Visibility Strategy The EB presented the Visibility Strategy 2014/15 and welcomed questions and input from the Officials. Hence, an Instagram account (@youifmsa) was created. The Officials approved the Strategy. Team of Officials Meeting 2 The Officials reviewed and discussed the application received for TOM 2. It was decided that the final decision would be taken via online voting after TOM 1. IFMSA Social Media Guidelines and Corporate Identity The EB presented the Social Media Guidelines to the Officials. Some points were briefly discussed in more details, such as the Official presence on Facebook and the distinction to be made between professional and personal lives. An update was also provided on the IFMSA corporate identity as the latest version of the CI is outdated in various aspects. This will be followed upon in the next weeks. NMO Support The EB presented small changes to the NMO Buddy System. Feedback and input was collected from the previous vice-president for internal affairs (VPI) and from the Officials during the TOM. External Update Officials were given a brief update on the post-2015 process and our work with The PACT and the Major Group on Children and Youth. A more detailed training session shall be on the TOM 2 Agenda Draft.


We look forward connecting with you throughout the year!

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Team of Officials Meeting 1 | Summary  

Report from The Team of Officials Meeting 1 that took place in Kenitra (Morocco) on October 1st-6th 2014.

Team of Officials Meeting 1 | Summary  

Report from The Team of Officials Meeting 1 that took place in Kenitra (Morocco) on October 1st-6th 2014.

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