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Medical Student International (MSI) Publishing Guidelines

Introduction Mission

The Medical Student International (MSI) is a magazine that celebrates the voice of all medical students worldwide. It’s a space of sharing knowledge, experiences, points of view and new ideas, having a strong background of inclusivity and openness to all cultures. Its focus is the role medical students have not only in their countries but also on a global level, as active agents of change, with the goal to share and inspire all its readers to have a relevant role in their communities.

General Information

Founded in 1991, The Medical Student International (MSI) is a biannual magazine published by the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). The thematic section of each MSI aligns with one of its respective meetings, as decided by the Federation. Additionally, the magazine features articles from medical students on their perspectives and activities related to our standing committees: public health, medical education, human rights, sexual and reproductive health, professional and research exchanges. It also includes a section on the best projects of IFMSA “the Rex Crossley Award Winners”. MSI is published online in IFMSA’s website. There is no tax or payment for the submission and publication of articles.


All IFMSA members can submit an article in MSI.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

By Sending your article or submissions, you may willingly provide your personal information (Name, Email, Headshot, University) to IFMSA. If your submission is accepted, your personal data will be shared on MSI Magazine and Published with your contribution on our website “www.ifmsa.org”. The use of the information provided in the form will be in line with the objectives of editing and publishing MSI. The personal data provided will be stored until the 30th of September of the term (2020) on our Emails and Drive and will only be available in the published Magazine after this date. If you want us to remove your personal data before the publication, you can request that by sending an email to vpprc@ifmsa.org. The personal data will be accessible by the IFMSA Team of Officials, the International Teams, and the Public Relations Team Including MSI Designers and Editors. If you would like to know more about how we manage your data, please visit ifmsa.org/privacy.

Conflicts of interest

The authors must declare potential conflicts of interest and to divulge any financial or personal relations that may have an influence in the work. This information does not have an influence in the editorial decision but, before the publication of the articles, the authors must assure that there is permission from all evolved parts for the article to be published.

Informed consent and ethical aspects

In case the submission concerns a study or an article. Researchers should be able to present the ethical guidelines of the institution where the research was conducted. IFMSA insists on the importance of the proof of consent from study participants. The fulfillment of these requirements should be noted in the Method section (If applicable).


The articles must be written in English. MSI Publishing Guidelines

Editorial process

The corresponding author will receive a confirmation of the submission and the decision from the editorial team always through email. All the submissions are first reviewed by one of the editors from the editorial team, which is chosen through a call for every edition of MSI. The manuscripts are analyzed according to the following aspects: quality of the writing, evidence-based content, relevance, actuality, originality, respect for the general rules (see below). Articles against IFMSA Vision, and/or claiming discrimination or preference for any culture, religion or partisan will be refused. After the first revision, the manuscripts that passed the first revision are reviewed and quoted by the correspondent Standing Committee or Public Relations Team, when needed, regarding the following aspects: relevance (0 to 5 points), originality (0 to 5 points) and communicative & catching content (0 to 5 points), in a maximum of 15 points. The articles with the best-scored submissions are then reviewed and selected by the Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor, being: 3 short stories, 3 Theme Event articles, 4 articles per Standing Committee and 2 poems with maximum punctuation a good fit for the Magazine; 2 short stories, 4 Theme Event Articles, 2 articles per SC and 2 poems with good punctuation and a good fit to be published in the IFMSA Website. The rest of the articles with lower scoring will be refused.

Submission Rules Submission

Submission of articles is made through the shared form. Submissions should not be duplicated.


• Theme Event Articles (Maximum 1500 words) - articles about the Theme Event from the correspondent General Meeting; • Short Articles related to Standing Committee sections (Maximum 500 words) - articles about thematics, activities, and ideas inside the thematics debated by each Standing Committee; • Short Stories (Maximum 1000 words) - free writing. Articles associated with medicine, human rights or the Theme Event itself are some ideas; • Poetry - free writing; • Photography.


1st page The first page must include the submission’s information which includes the article’s category and authors’ information. The authors’ information includes complete name, NMO, university, and e-mail. The e-mail must be only from the corresponding author. 2nd page - text The text must respect the word limits, which depend from article to article (see above).


Abbreviations must be defined in the first utilization, following the abbreviation itself in brackets. After that, they can be used through the text.

International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA)


The images must be high quality, with at least 300 dpi and in JPEG or PNG formats. They are sent attached to the submission’s email, and not included in the text document. All images (photos, illustrations, figures) must be numbered by order of citation (Fig. X) in the text. A short legend or title for each image must be included.


Must be inserted in the Word or Google docs document, after the References, with no special editing (just black and white). The main columns can be in bold. All tables must be numbered by the order of citation (Table x) in the text. A legend must be included. Example: Name Miguel Oliveira Santiago Sánchez

Country XXX XXX


Academical Year XXX XXX

Table 1 : Distribution of Members

Data Ownership

By submitting a contribution the authors confirm having legal rightful and complete control over the Information, the data elements including text, research resources, and photos. If the authors are using open-source photos or illustrations they need to credit the authors.


The references must be quoted numerically by order of appearance in the text and identified in the text with Arabic numbers. Example: THC is a component that appears to be related to psychosis1 If there are more than two references to be quoted, only the first and last one should be indicated, separated by a dash. Example: 2-5 In case they are more than 2 and alternated, all of them should be included, separated by a comma. Example: 3,5,7 References for articles and books must be written in APA style. Example: Jourls, H. F. (1983). Fundamentals of medicine. Journal of Medicine, 46, 837-845. References for Web pages must be written in Chicago style. Example: Heck, Jim. “About the Philosophical Gourmet Report.” Last modified July 8, 2011. http://rgheck.frege.org/philosophy/ aboutpgr.php.

Further readings

We encourage members and authors to read the MSI Official Page.

Developped by Beatriz Oliveira IFMSA PRC General Assistant 2019-2020 and Saad CHAIBI IFMSA Vice-President for Public Relations and Communication 2019-2020.

MSI Publishing Guidelines

MSI Publishing Guidelines  

The Medical Student International (MSI) is a magazine that celebrates the voice of all medical students worldwide. It’s a space of sharing k...

MSI Publishing Guidelines  

The Medical Student International (MSI) is a magazine that celebrates the voice of all medical students worldwide. It’s a space of sharing k...

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