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Septembere 12-14

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Welcoming Message IFMSA-Kurdistan is honored and privileged to invite you to its very first SRT that will be held in Hawler city from the 12th of September till the 15th. IFMSA-Kurdistan is a member of the IFMSA family. It was established in 2009 in Hawler city of Iraqi Kurdistan region of Iraq. It is as other member organizations worldwide, Non-Governmental Non-Political organization. It is ran by medical students and only active medical students can be a member of this organization.

SRT The IFMSA Sub-Regional Trainings have constantly been one of the most import-

Words from the President

ant international capacity building events within IFMSA. During these meetings, motivated medical students from a sub region can meet and participate in train-

Hello dear NMOs and trainers around the world

ings, workshops and small working groups. Where they get to Share experiences,

Its my pleasure to write you some words about our NMO and the SRT.

projects, and problem solving techniques. By organizing this event, our aim is to give medical students the necessary skills and oppertunity to develop their professional and interpersonal skills. By focusing on building leadership, inter-personal skills, public speaking skills and self confidence. We hope to creat medical leaders with critiacl thinkiing anad analyzing abiliites that would help them in both their proffession. We invite you to join us, on a journy towards a better future.

San Qader

Head of the Organzing Committee 2

In kurdistan we pride ourselves with the safety of our region, and also our touristic and ancient places we have inside and outside the cities and another point is that Kurdish people are popular by great hospitability. SRT-Kurdistan2018 is the very first SRT of our NMO and we have tried our best to make it the best one ever and we did our best for the preparations and whats remanis is having best trainers around the world so i hope you respond to our call and give our members a good chance to be international trainers and to give yourself a very unique experience in kurdistan.

Taba Jalizada

President of IFMSA-Kurdistan


Trainings ITDM


The International Training on Disaster Medicine Workshop (ITDM) is an international

Training New Trainers (TNT) is a jam-packed weekend that aims to teach you all the

training on disaster medicine created by the Standing Committee on Human Rights and

skills you need to become a trainer or become an effective and well-rounded advocate

Peace (SCORP) in collaboration with CRIMEDIM. It aims to Provide medical students

for change. It’s a fun, busy and transformative weekend. Completing it will allow you to

with basic knowledge and introduction to the speciality of Disaster Medicine and cre-

run sessions for your branch, nationally or even internationally.

ate understanding of the disaster management system and Empower medical students to do actions on disaster medicine and humanitarian actions in their communities through IFMSA Program on Emergency, Disaster Risk management and Humanitarian

ita an oppertunity to lean all the necessary qualities for holding a training in front of an audience. It fulfills the needs of our network: having good and highly motivated trainers


who will help our members develop themselves and their skills.

Over the last century, the number of disasters has remarkably increased, indicating

The main aim of the event is to develop the necessary skills of the participants in order

that future generations of physicians will be called upon to provide mass-casualty

for them to be successful trainers in the future, proficient in using non-formal educa-

treatment to an even greater extent than before.

tion methodologies to make their sessions memorable, fun and interactive. Since ac-

Only a small percentage of medical schools world wide have included disaster medicine education in their study program. Therefore, training medical students to obtain

tive participation is at the very core of non-formal education. its an awesome chance to become to become part of the training team of the IFMSA

competencies for becoming humanitarian health professionals is essential.






Accomadation & Venue Acommadation will be provided at Asterai Hawler Hotel which is one of the hotels that have been newly established. Is centrally located in the heart of old historical city of Erbil. The Historical Citadel Erbil witch is just 2-3 km distance away. It is also at the center of business, shopping and entertainment districts. The airport is less than a 15 minute drive. The trainigs will be conducted at Cihan University which is one of the first and finest universities established in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. the university campus consists of newly-built, modern, fully-equipped and spacious complex of buildings

Trainers will be provided with free accomadation and trasnportation for the duration of the program and a 200 $ travel reimbursement.

The Hotel

The Rooms

The The Rooms University



ERBIL CITY Erbil is the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan region of Iraq. Urban life in Erbil can be dated back to at least 6000 BC and it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. At the heart of the city is the ancient Citadel of Erbil, which is estimated to be close to 7000 years old.

THE CITADEL The Citadel of Arbil is a tell or occupied mound in the historical heart of Erbil, rising between 25 and 32 metres (82 and 105 ft) from the surrounding plain. The buildings on top of the tell stretch over a roughly oval area of 430 by 340 metres (1,410 ft Ă— 1,120 ft) occupying 102,000 square metres (1,100,000 sq ft). It has been claimed that the site is the oldest continuously inhabited town in the world.[4] The earliest evidence for occupation of the citadel mound dates to the 5th millennium BC, and possibly earlier.



SOCIAL PROGRAM The OC has prepared a social program that would ensure you get a taste of the many cultral aspects of Erbil. And most importantly the great food.

A visit to Erbils 6000 year old citadel and tea at the oldest cafe of the city (Machko)

Enjoy some kurdish food at Mali Daykm


Enjoy some of the beset BBQ the city has to offer at Kabab Yasin

Get a taste of something tasty and healthy at The Top Organic



Visas The following countries are given their visa upon arrival at the airport, all other nationalities must apply for visa beforehand .

USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Canada, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, Iran, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Iceland, and Italy)



CONTACT US Web :\KurdIFMSA Email : Mobile : +9647507495438


SRT_Kurdistan 2018 Trainers Proposal  
SRT_Kurdistan 2018 Trainers Proposal