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ANGEL FACES Most aesthetic physicians will say their job isn’t necessarily to make their patients look better, but to create results that help them feel better. Now more than ever, Lumenis equipment plays an important role in helping physicians achieve those results. This year, the laser company is partnering with Angel Faces, a non-profit organization providing healing retreats and ongoing support for adolescent girls with severe facial disfigurements to help these young women reflect their inner beauty to the outside world. Lumenis’ fractional CO2 skin rejuvenation laser, the UltraPulse®, is being used by physicians world-wide to minimize the appearance of burn scars on the face and body. From donating equipment to paying travel expenses for patients and physicians, Lumenis is impacting lives in a positive way. Stay tuned to learn more – and to find out how you can be a part of this rewarding venture.

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Ditch the Dirt and Educate Your Patients


Portal: The Range of Marketing Support Packages


18 Marketing Mantras - Your Drive to a Hole-In-One!


A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words


New Updates: LightSheer® DUET™ 14 LightSheer® DUET™ Accelerator Kit Spotlight


Word of Mouth DALLAS, TX - Conventional wisdom would say that top quality equipment deserves expensive advertising. After Dr. Max Adler of Park Cities Dermatology in Dallas, Texas invested in the Lumenis UltraPulse®, he sought to build mind-share through magazine advertising. He paid $6,000 for one advertisement. Two patients came in as a result; the total return on investment was $1,000. He never invested in magazine advertisements again.

“For a smaller investment, consider internal marketing that not only brings better returns, but increases patient loyalty.” Even the walk-ins weren’t necessarily converts. “External marketing can help feed the practice, but if it brings in new patients - you can never be sure of their motivation. Expect to get a lot that are just shopping. Internal marketing is how most of my income is generated.” says Dr. Adler. For a smaller investment, consider internal marketing that not only brings better returns, but increases patient loyalty. Consider asking each patient to fill out a tip card after a procedure, and explain to them that the cards are personal letters to patients undergoing the same procedures after them – much like a weatherproof log book waiting at the end of a difficult hike. Existing patients will be pleased that their


The Benefits of Sticking Close to Home experience is being documented and taken seriously, establishing a connection beyond laser equipment or advertising slogans. New patients will be comforted by the testimonials of others who have undergone the experience they’re considering. “Internal marketing is a lot of work. The minute you slack off, you will see a drop in patients, but there’s no doubt about it – word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of marketing,” says Dr. Adler. By letting others speak for you, you’re really speaking out for yourself. You’re confident in your procedures and your patient experience – and that is worth its weight in marketing gold.


Courtesy of Dr. Matteo Tretti Clementoni



And Educate Your Patients In today’s saturated beauty market, consumers are overwhelmed by new potions and lotions offering “hope in a bottle.” One product after another touts grandiose claims and sets unrealistic expectations for patients. With all this misinformation and distrust, consumers are desperate for advice from someone trustworthy. With this in mind, time spent at your practice should be thought of as an educational experience that patients invest in. “Ditching the dirt” is a simple concept that can transform the patient’s visit and view of your practice. By ridding your practice of the celebrity gossip and beauty magazines and arming your reception area and clinic rooms with brochures, videos and even journal articles, you can establish your office as a resource center for patients. The added value to clearing the clutter and instead displaying educational material is that patients will now learn about other treatments you offer. Dermatologist Dr. David Spurlin of Pinnacle Dermatology in Birmingham, Michigan, adheres to this school of thought. He doesn’t keep magazines in his waiting room; instead, brochures about his services are organized throughout. No option to read People magazine means every option to read about a new cosmetic procedure. “If you have magazines, they will choose magazines. Instead, we have DVD players that have a loop that tells patients about cosmetic procedures in our practice. Each of the patient rooms has a nice framed poster, as well as a pamphlet we made,” explains Dr. Spurlin. Whether you are introducing a new technology or simply looking to increase your filler business, reaching out and educating those who already know you will be the most effective way to cultivate a thriving practice. Not all growth requires dirt!

“Time spent at your practice should be thought of as an educational experience that patients invest in.” 7


The Range of Marketing Support Packages LUMENIS MARKETING “PORTAL� APPROACH


Product specific



Practice branded

Yes (logo only)

Yes (logo & brand inspired design)

Level of practice involvement

High: Account navigates new software and designs their own material

Low: Marketing partner designs material to match office branding

Best Use

Personalizing product-branded materials Integrating new materials with existing materials

Proven tools

Based on theory

Market-tested tools, many with case studies and proven ROI

Range of marketing services

Device-specific preexisting content

Customized to practice and device, after needs assessment

Offer Summary

Device with standard tools to complement. Includes other web properties available for use online.

The Lumenis/IF Marketing Total Practice Solution


The Lumenis Solution provides a Lumenis laser device and the marketing know-how to successfully integrate new aesthetic procedures into your practice, no matter the revenue stream or patient flow. This is why Lumenis provides marketing for all levels of practice need and budget. The Lumenis web portal is a basic complementary service to start practices off; the Launch and Total Package Solutions are product-and-practice specific, highlighting your equipment in materials customized with your brand and practice information, rather than simply featuring your logo and address.

Other laser companies may offer you the opportunity to upload your information into standard templates of tools. With the Lumenis Solution, we go beyond. Proven, custom-branded tools are created for you, and then submitted for your input and review. Whether you choose the portal option or the total practice solution Lumenis offers through IF Marketing, expert consultants will gladly give you a free evaluation of your marketing needs based on the range of services you offer, and the marketing tools you may already have in place.



Marketing Mantras

1. W IFM

6. Narrow and Deep

“What’s In It For Me,” – thinking of this phrase from your patient’s perspective will change your marketing and practice mindset as well as your return.

Focus on a narrow and deep segment of the market rather than spreading yourself too thin.

2. T easer

7. M ultiple Touches

The first step in the TOIB formula (2-5) is to add the “tease” to a promotion to grab their attention.

Speak often to your market or they will start listening to your competitors. Aim to have multiple impressions on them throughout the year.

3. O ffer

8. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The offer is the second step in the TOIB formula; after you get their attention, give them an offer.

Cookie-cutter answers seldom deliver what you are looking for. Be skeptical of a one-size fits all answer that isn’t customized to your needs.

4. I mmediacy Don’t fall to the bottom of a prospective patient’s “to-do” list or you may fall off of it. Add an urgent call to action.

5. B rand The final step to the TOIB strategy entails building your brand into all you do. 10 FALL 2011 / REVENUE

9. ShotGun vs. Rifle Rather than randomly firing into the masses with marketing efforts, employ instead the rifle approach to promotion, which means taking calculated shots into a segmented market with a specific target and goal.

Stuck in a sand trap?

Use the following 18 quick sales tools to make sure you stay above par with your patient outreach efforts. 10. T ell Don’t Sell

14. Ask Then Tell

Tell stories rather then selling services.

Ask questions of patients before telling them about your services and solutions.

11. Retail-icine Our new world delicately blends retail and medicine, be sure your staff understands this. Focusing first on the medical component to a patient’s visit, train your team to recognize that customer service and making patients happy are keys to the art of retail.

12. LIC The formula for buying promotional items – evaluate its Longevity, Impact and Cost.

13. B e Green! Add “Be Green, share this with a friend” to all your promotional pieces to help the environment and double the reach of your efforts.

15. Empower Them Empower your patients to refer by providing marketing tools designed to increase referrals.

16. Walk and Talk Implement walk and talk credentialing to help differentiate your team from other practices.

17. I nside Out Always market to your existing patients before reaching out to new ones.

18. End on a Positive Never let a patient’s last interaction with you be a transaction! End with a sweet treat or a promo item to ensure they leave on a positive note! 11

A PICTURE IS WORTH 1,000 Words Want to learn more about how to maximize the use of before and after photos in your practice? Watch a FREE webinar from IF Marketing: 12 FALL 2011 / REVENUE

DID YOU KNOW? Great before and after photos consented for marketing can be downloaded from the Lumenis Physician Portal. Log in and start using these photos today!

Follow these guidelines to achieve consistently great results with before and after patient photos: • Make photos mandatory and train your staff on how to take them. • Have a well-written consent form for patients to sign (photo consents should be updated annually). • Always take photos against the same solid background. • Keep the distance between the photographer and the patient consistent. • Choose a well-lit location free from shadows. • Remember to have patients remove jewelry, pull back their hair and change into a gown should they be wearing a high-neck shirt. • Always capture the 5 photo positions featured below:

The 5 Photo Positions

Left Profile

Left 3/4


Right 3/4

Right Profile Copyright © IF Marketing 2009


New Updates The LightSheer® has always been a fan favorite, getting its first starring role in 1998 and representing the smoothest of Lumenis ever since. Back from a makeover, the LightSheer has new talents: introducing the LightSheer® DUET™. So smooth it’s virtually pain-free, the LightSheer DUET gives a measurable advantage by improving patient experience. LightSheer DUET possesses a touch that’s effective from the back to the bikini – with an upto-75% 3 reduction in treatment time and a technology so advanced it doesn’t require anesthetics, your patients won’t have to see stars to meet one. 14 FALL 2011 / REVENUE

relative spot size

Efficiently facilitates and optimizes treatment anywhere on the body, large or small: • Includes LightSheer technology, rated ‘most used’, ‘best overall’ for light-based hair removal by aesthetic practices worldwide. 1 • Combines the gold standard with exciting speed and amazing comfort. 2

35 mm

LightSheer DUET Stats:

12x12 mm 9x9 mm

22 mm

• Includes two optimal 800nm diode laser systems on one versatile platform - LightSheer ET and LightSheer HS. • Up to 3 Hz • System Calibration fully integrated upon start up. • Software includes ‘physician recommended’ treatment parameters • Shortened learning curve • Standard electrical outlet

LightSheer ET 9 x 9 mm spot size for small or boney areas • Fully integrated Sapphire Chill Tip™ for continuous contact cooling (5° C) • Compression temporarily removes hemoglobin chromophore • Higher fluence up to 100mJ

NEW LightSheer HS 22 x 35 mm spot size • Reduce treatment times up to 75% 3 • Treat legs and backs comfortably in about 15-20 minutes • Eliminate lengthy treatment prep • No topicals or gels required • Lower Fluences up to 12 J/cm2 1

Source: August 2009 Aesthetic Practice Survey Results (Figure 1-4), Medical Insight, Inc. 2 Data on file at Lumenis 3 Data on file at Lumenis


The LightSheer DUET ®

Accelerator Kit Spotlight

Do you know how much revenue your laser hair removal machine is generating every hour? The LightSheer DUET is proven to reduce the average time spent per treatment – without reducing the amount of revenue.

National Averages for Procedure Prices Procedures

Avg. Fee

Total Expenditure

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment



Laser hair removal







Laser skin resurfacing Laser treatment of leg veins Statistics from ASPS 2010 Data

With the LightSheer DUET, your office can perform 3 full leg treatments in an hour – triple the number of treatments with a traditional laser hair removal device.

Breakdown: Potential Hourly Revenue The LightSheer DUET




Numbers based on ASPS 2010 data and full leg treatment requiring 1 hour of time to complete

“Patients see the material in the lobby and it usually spurs them to ask about the LightSheer® DUET™.” - Irene Dean, Mid Atlantic Skin Surgery 16 FALL 2011 / REVENUE

“I love the photo books. They are so professional looking!” - Tracy Lauder, Manhattan Dermatology (Dr. Ashley Magovern )

The LightSheer DUET launch package from IF Marketing utilizes unique tools proven to generate revenue. Package Includes: • 2 Before & After Photo Books • 4 Staff T-Shirts • 500 Fold-Out Brochures • 2 Brochure Stands • 4 Wall Cling Posters


Looking for an intriguing way to convince your patients that laser hair removal is worth the investment? Consider this: average treatment times: Treatment Area

Average Treatment Time

...and NOW with High Speed

% Time Reduction


60 min

15-20 min



40 min

15 min



20 min

10 min



10 min

4 min


Full Legs

60 min

20 min


Lower Legs

45 min

15 min


Bikini Area

15 min

5 min


Data courtesy of Beth Haney, NP, Christine Dierickx, MD, Mitchel Goldman, MD

“Thank you to Lumenis for introducing me to IF Marketing. We have really enjoyed working with them. It’s been a remarkable experience, and they have done some great things for me and really consolidated my internal marketing. Phenomenal job, we have really enjoyed it. Thank you very much.” - Dr. Clayton Moliver

18 FALL 2011 / REVENUE

Laser hair removal offers PERMANENT hair reduction for less money than shaving and waxing.

Hair Removal Comparison Chart Cost (10 Years)

Time Spent (10 years)

Treatments Needed (10 years)

How Long Results Last



450 Hours


2 Days



60 Hours


3-6 Weeks

*Statistics based on average cost of goods and services and from Focus Groups: Females Age 25-45, IF Marketing, 2011.


The LightSheer® DUET™ Accelerator Kit challenge

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Toledo, ohio

Call to get more information about the LightSheer DUET Accelerator Kit

312.335.1700 •

19 • 408.764.3000

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