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Ann Boogaerts °02/01/1986 Belgique M +33 (0)6 98 13 98 58 / E

Prototype Cape made by Albéa, broderie Ann Boogaerts – Top made by P&P, broderie Ann Boogaerts, zip YKK – Legging made by P&P, zip YKK 1 & 3 Prototypes Chaussettes brodées made by Ann Boogaerts 2 Design by Ann Boogaerts © IFM Designer 2010 Photography by Sol Sanchez



Prototypes Chaussures designed for Aigle 1 Broderie made by Ann Boogaerts Design by Ann Boogaerts Š IFM Designer 2010 Photography by Sol Sanchez THANK YOU: Dear Francine...for the endless positive ENERGY Dear Isabelle and Dear Valerie...for always being hospitable and supportive and and and ... Dear Hans for being the best in a cold winter. Audrey, for being supersmart and saving pigeons. My dear classmates. For the listening ears, whispers, smiles, screams, drinks and emails. Mijn mama en papa. Alan! Because you where here ALL the time (and you still are!). And're OK.


Ann Boogaerts  

IFM Designer 2010

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