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Post Show Press Release

- INTERFILIERE SHANGHAI & SHANGHAI MODE LINGERIE AN OUTSTANDING EVOLUTION FOR THE 2 TRADE SHOWS! Lingerie and Swimwear were the center of attention during the 2-day trade shows and fashion events in Shanghai at Interfiliere Shanghai and Shanghai Mode Lingerie. The 9th edition was unanimously an outstanding success. With 7300 visitors from 60 countries, Interfiliere Shanghai and Shanghai Mode Lingerie reached a new milestone. During the 2 trade shows Chinese and international industry specialists gathered to come explore the latest collections of 269 Interfiliere exhibitors and 41 lingerie and swimwear brands from Europe, Americas and Asia. It was an stimulating show with the focus on giving the visitors a trend-inspired decorated venue laid out by product-based sectors and brands to make each visit as enjoyable and efficient as possible.


The trade shows attracted 71% Chinese visitors from 28 regions. The top regions and provinces are Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and Beijing.

This year, Guangdong province has surpassed Shanghai region with 11% confirming the growing trend of last year where Guangdong province grew with 22%. The Shanghai region remained stable and Zhejiang grew the most with +20%.

Liaoning Beijing Shandong

Anhui Hubei

Jiangsu Shanghai

Hunan Zhejiang



The international visitors were well represented this year with top 15 countries and regions: 1.

Hong Kong

2. Taiwan 3. Japan 4.

South Korea


United States

6. Thailand 7.

Russia and Baltic States


United Kingdom

9. France 10.

Sri Lanka (new)

11. Australia 12. Brazil 13. Germany 14. Italy 15. Canada


Certain regions and countries stood out this edition. There was a growth in attendance from South America including Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

From Eastern Europe, the organizer saw an increase from Poland and 2 new visiting countries : Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Over the last couple of years North Africa and Middle East have become more significant with a clear growth in visitors from Turkey and first time visitors from Syria and Tunisia. The visitors’ rate coming from the entire region multiplied by 3. When looking more closely at Europe, there has been an increase from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium. Additionally, Greece was a returning country to the trade shows. France, Italy and Spain showed a slackening in attendance.

As a significant Intimate apparel manufacturer, Sri Lanka is an important partner to

INTERFILIERE Shanghai. Following the tremendous growth in 2012, Interfiliere

Shanghai saw another rise of 30%. However India, Thailand and Indonesia were less numerous this year.

The increasing attendance of international visitors from 60 countries demonstrates in the growth and success of Interfiliere Shanghai and Shanghai Mode Lingerie over the last few years.

Additionally, Interfiliere Shanghai saw an increase of 10% of Heads of Design and Product Managers and a 15% growth in the attendance of Designers, which brings exhibitors a real chance to have concrete information exchanges with the creative brains behind the future collections. With the development of the Lingerie and Swimwear sectors in China and Asia, Interfiliere Shanghai and Shanghai Mode Lingerie have become the trade shows to attend in Shanghai.

John Pierrez, General Manager, Nouvelle Lingerie Mauricienne (Mauritius) ‘Interfiliere Shanghai opens our gate to sourcing in China.’ Emma Lin, Designer, Vina Chang Tai Underwear Co. (Vietnam) ‘The show is a very good platform for finding mainland suppliers.’ Sally Jones Lingerie (Australia) ‘The show is getting bigger and better, I would recommend it to professionals in the industry.’ David Lu, Senior Manager-Product Research and Development Division, Taiwan Wacoal co. (Taiwan) ‘This trade show is an important gathering for the fashion industry and it shows that China is leading the international lingerie trend.’ Dieter Froehle, Head of Design Leisurewear, Corsina International (Hong Kong) ‘I’m impressed with the buzz during the fair!’ Harshini Kumaranayake, Senior Merchandiser, Brandix Lingerie (Sri Lanka) ‘I would recommend Interfiliere Shanghai to all those interested in design & development!’ 3

INTERFILIERE SHANGHAI INCREASED ITS OFFER WITH 7.4% SPREAD OVER 3 HALLS The trade show has been growing year-on-year, this edition profiling 269 local and international exhibitors from 17 countries divided in 7 product-based sectors. The trade show has also increased its exhibition space from 2 halls in 2012 to 3 halls in 2013.

The increase in exhibition space, the product segmentation and the newly decorated layout, gave the exhibitors as well as the visitors an improved visibility and facilitated the navigation throughout the trade show. Fabrics 35%

OEM/ODM 13% Embroidery 12%

Machinery & Textile Design 3% Accessories 20%

Press & services 2%

Lace 15%

Ashtosh Oke, Managing Director, Garware Bestretch (India) ‘Interfiliere Shanghai went beyond my expectations; it has been the best Interfiliere show we have participated at. We look forward to next year’s edition!’ Bobby Chan, Managing Director, Liberty Tex Co. (Taiwan) ‘Interfiliere Shanghai is the trade show for Lingerie in China with the best quality. It is a great show to meet a lot of clients in 2 days.’ Kevin Liang, Sales Department Manager, Guangdong Singwear Garments Co. (Guangdong, China) ‘This has been our first participation at Interfiliere Shanghai and we had a good experience. It is a professional and quality trade show in China.’ Winona Shen, Sales Manager, Golden Horizon Industry Co. (Guangdong, China) ‘We have been participating at Interfiliere Shanghai for many years and grew with the trade show. We met a lot of big clients through the trade show and we are still working with them today!’ Gary Lu, General Manager, Elastique Textile (Hong Kong) ‘The show is improving year by year; more exhibitors and visitors are joining the trade show.’ Unni C., Kewalram (Indonesia) ‘The trade show got bigger and the quality of visitors improved as well. The venue was professionally decorated; overall this was a great trade show!’ 4

WHEN BRIGHT COLOURS, HAPPY DESIGNS AND LUSHNESS INSPIRE LINGERIE AND BEACHWEAR… The Trend Forum designed by Concepts Paris, was the heart of the Interfiliere trade show

showcasing selected fabric and product samples of the exhibitors. The trend forum is the exclusive location to find the inspiration for next lingerie and swimwear collections.

The Trend Forum had an upgraded offer in relation to last year. It carried a stronger performance of embroidery manufacturers, lighter, finer and a more contemporary offer. The demand for new lighter lace was confirmed. There was a lot of interest for the new silk types, both woven and knitted. The very colourful scenery of the Trend Forum was called a ‘breath of fresh air’ in a generally difficult trading climate. Next to the general Trend Forum, there was ‘A look at the crossover wardrobe’. The focus on international shopping samples to illustrate the importance of new merchandising and the crossover factor with beachwear deepened the awareness of evolution.

INSPIRING, TOP-NOTCH SEMINARS Spread over the 2 days Interfiliere Shanghai and Shanghai Mode Lingerie offered its

trade visitors with trend and branding seminars. The seminars were attended by designers, marketing managers and buyers looking for the latest trends.

Concepts Paris, Carlin International, Stylesight … equipped them with inspiration and information for their next collections and seasons. The visitors that attended the seminars spoke highly of the quality of information they received during the seminars.


SHANGHAI MODE LINGERIE, A CONFIRMED SUCCESS WITH OVER 120 B2B MEETINGS Shanghai Mode Lingerie came to life this edition with a new format and layout but always with the goal to bridge Chinese and international Lingerie and Swimwear brands with the matching retailers across Asia. During the months preceding Shanghai Mode Lingerie, Eurovet’s Lingerie and Swimwear professionals reached out to the most qualified and reputed retailers in Asia including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Mongolia… In total more than 120 B2B meetings took place during the 2-day event and the overall feedback from the exhibiting brands was that this format is the right one! It is a unique

opportunity to get a good understanding of the different Asian markets and generate the needed awareness and meet the right business contacts to make the next step in Asia. Le Bourget ‘This was our 1st time participation and we are impressed with the work Eurovet, the organizer, delivered. We now have a better understanding of the Chinese and Asian markets needs when it comes to taste and colours. We look forward to the opportunities ahead.‘ Valery ‘Fabulous and Beautiful’ Maryan Mehlhorn ‘We had a great show. Compliments to Eurovet for the work delivered. I had a lot questions and via the B2B meetings I got the answers.’ Lise Charmel ‘This year we had a great experience; we were accompanied the entire way. Business meetings are crucial for success!’ Luli Lingerie ‘The hard work delivered by the organizer paid off. We met a lot of good leads.’


LINGERIE MEETS FASHION… Shanghai Mode Lingerie collaborated with Shanghai Fashion Week for the fashion shows giving the lingerie and swimwear brands the occasion to be part of the exclusive

Fashion event in Shanghai thus emphasizing the genuine and legitimate place of Lingerie and swimwear in the world of Fashion. Both days, Shanghai Mode Lingerie had a fashion show. Each fashion show had a

different focus in order to bring the brands multiple ways of promoting their collections and exclusive pieces. During the opening night Shanghai Mode Lingerie invited 600 VIP mainland and

international guests to attend the ‘Aquatic Wonders’ fashion show, which was choreographed following a storyline of mermaids and coral gardens.

That same night Eurovet invited 350 retailers, buyers and exhibitors to be part of the

gala cocktail. The event took place in a warm and charming XinTianDi venue where outside the usual business atmosphere, industry professionals were able to share experiences, ideas and get to know each other better. The second fashion show had a different storyline and focused on putting forth 6 pieces of each Lingerie and Swimwear brand in order to give once more all 45 brands the chance to raise awareness for their brand and showcase their latest collections on the catwalk.

SHANGHAI LINGERIE RETAIL TOUR For the 2nd consecutive time, the Shanghai Lingerie retail tour took place the day after Shanghai Mode Lingerie and Interfiliere Shanghai. The all day event was attended by a group of local & international exhibitors and visitors from Bulgaria, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, Argentina, Australia, Canada, and France… This additional event offered to visitors and exhibitors was very much appreciated by the participants as it gives the industry professionals a good overview of the lingerie market in Shanghai and what is being offered by local and international brands. Some of the shopping malls and boutiques visited are Reel where they met with the Lingerie

manager; Takashimaya where participants got the opportunity to meet with the Floor manager. During the tour, they also visited a Princesse Tam Tam boutique, which was recently opened, and a well established Gujin boutique.


In order to receive the access codes to the image bank of Interfiliere Shanghai and Shanghai Mode Lingerie, please contact our press contacts.

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