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==== ==== The Greatest Home Base Business of our Life Time...ROI Unlimited! ==== ====

So what's the big hype about ROI Unlimited? What makes them "different" then all the other "run of the mill" programs you see popping up every second of every single day? That's a question I wanted to know and merits a comprehensive review. First things first, lets answer what or who is ROI Unlimited? ROI Unlimited is a company that offers its members a discount on a vast amount of travel products and services. The travel industry is a 7 trillion dollar industry. People love to travel and their not going to stop anytime soon. Added to the membership travel discount, ROI offers a compensation plan that will pay commissions through the sales of their products and services. This allows members a way to financially tap into one of the biggest cash flow industries on planet Earth, potentially achieving their financial dreams. OK, so how does ROI Unlimited work? When you become a ROI member, you are given access to several travel discounts and products. As a ROI member, you are also given access to everything you need to make your business successful that you can access over and over again in your virtual backoffice, regardless of your experience. Members also receive the following to help start a successful business: Your own website. No needs to hire, design, or build your own website. You get a fully functional website that will provide all the information about ROI Unlimited and how it works to both your team and potential prospects. Your website also comes with an Optin form that will collect your prospects information which allows you to stay contact with your prospects. Detailed Marketing Statistics. The biggest failure with online marketing is not understanding your marketing budget. How much you spend on advertisement versus how much you make with that particular advertisement. ROI Unlimited provides all the tracking ability you need to determine which form of advertising is working and which one is not. You have a Smart Phone? ROI Provides a mobile application to keep you connected to your business no matter where you are. Support. One of the biggest failures I have seen with online businesses is the lack of a support system. ROI provides all the support a brand new internet business owner could possible need.

Support includes: Membership training and live Q&A weekly calls, real time conference room and skype chat rooms, email support, phone support, Twitter and Facebook support. Seems pretty solid to me. Massive Team Leverage with ROI Unlimited's Compensation Plan. What sets ROI apart from any other company I have seen is the way they structured their compensation plan. ROI uses what is called a "Follow Me Matrix" plan. This leverages the company wide team effort on growing your business. Your business growth is not solely dependent on your personal efforts, as it is with other programs. ROI designed their comp plan have everyone helping everyone. That's a concept I have not seen before. How much is the ROI Unlimited Membership and all the support features going to cost me? ROI offers three levels of membership. 1) Silver Traveler is a one time fee of $250 dollars. 2) Gold Traveler is a one time fee of $1,000 dollars. 3) Platinum Traveler is a one time fee of $3,500 dollars. Each level provide more benefits and incentives then the previous level. The ROI Unlimited compensation plan was structured in a way that members can enter into the business at the Silver Traveler level for a one time cost of $250 and work their way up to the Platinum Traveler level with no extra personal investment. Here's how that works: At the Silver Traveler level you are put into a team wide "follow me matrix" board which will force you out after so many people join that particular level (whether you personal sponsored them or not). When you cycle out of the Silver level, you receive a $500.00 bonus and a paid position in the Gold Level, no cost to you. Once you cycle out of the Gold level you receive a $5,000 bonus and automatically re-entered into the Gold Level board, again no cost to you. So you can continue to cycle indefinitely at the Gold Level and collect $5,000 each time. At this point you have the option to use your profits from the Gold Level to enter the Platinum Level which cycles $20,000. The ROI compensation plan paired with a product that's in global demand provides and incredible opportunity for wealth seekers for a very minimal investment of $250. ROI Unlimited is definitely a company worth looking into.

Chris Rutz is a professional internet marker who has helped many people earn income from home using free marketing techniques. Chris has mastered the art of SEO and Team Leverage to create a powerful combination for success. Visit ROI Unlimited to learn more about leveraging massive team work and building a profitable home business.

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==== ==== The Greatest Home Base Business of our Life Time...ROI Unlimited! ==== ====

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