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Urban Regeneration As Driver Of Adaptive Capacity Of Cities: Comparative analysis of Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and British approaches by Central Governments Sonia De Gregorio / Spain Sonia De Gregorio is an architect and urban planner by the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. She is researcher at CEDEX-Ministry of Public Works. She has developed a consistent line of research on urban regeneration, focusing on governance, collaborative approaches to transform urban areas in Spain and the urban policy of the European Union. She is co-founder of Laboratorio Sostenibilidad, an international platform for multidisciplinary research in the urban field.

Stephen Dobson / United Kingdom Stephen Dobson is a Research Fellow at Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University and holds a PhD from the Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield. His research interests include landscape planning and design, evolutionary approaches to organizational and social research and participatory action research within an organizational context. Stephen has also worked as a corporate researcher in the public sector. Vice chair of WP4!

Annemie Wyckmans / Norway Annemie Wyckmans is an Associate Professor at NTNU, with an MSc in Architectural Engineering and a PhD in Building Technology. She has joint leadership of the JP EERA Smart Cities SubProgramme on Energy Efficient Interactive Buildings, is Vice-Chair and WP Chair in the COST TU0902 Action on Integrated Assessment Technologies to Support the Sustainable Development of Urban Areas, WP4 Urban Strategic Planning and Governance, and leads the MSc program on Sustainable Architecture at NTNU.

Dulce Coelho / Portugal Dulce Coelho is a M.Sc. Electrical Engineer by the University of Coimbra. She is an Adjunct Professor at Department of Electrical Engineering, ISEC, Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, Portugal and a researcher of the R&D unit Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers, Coimbra She is currently pursuing the PhD degree in Electrical Engineering – Decision Support in Integrated Urban Energy Planning. Her Research interests include energy planning, energy efficiency and sustainable development.



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