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Modern Thinking on Muslims’ Issues



‫ ﻟﻠﺤﻮار اﻻﺳﻼﻣﻲ‬,‫ اﻟﺪو‬/‫اﳌﻨ‬

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,, IFID HISTORY The Interna!onal Forum for Islamic Dialogue (IFID) is a non for profit organisa!on based in London. Since 1994, IFID has had a pioneering vision for Muslims all around the world and works in achieving social change, enlightenment and empowerment for Middle East and North Africa socie!es. IFID believes that enabling and empowering the youth is vital to the success of these countries.

IFID endevours to a universal pla"orm that embraces science, civility and humanism in full alignment with its modern understanding of the divine Quran’, the founding text of Islam.


Dr. Laith Kubba, IFID founder

Since 2008, IFID has become an umbrella organisa!on overlooking many projects that strive towards its goals of modern dialogue, enlightenment and social development. IFID works on building capaci!es of the youth and enabling visionary leaders for the future.

There will not be a prosperous preparing its youth.

,, Professor Ziauddin


WHO WE ARE IFID is a leading vision towards modernised and prosperous Muslim socie!es. It seeks to empower youth by providing a pla"orm to disseminate enlightened views rela!ng to Islam, democracy, pluralism and universal human, poli!cal and civil rights. IFID wants to achieve ins!tu!onal reform and individual empowerment through eec!ve dialogue and a modern understanding of Muslim issues.

IFID believes that educa!ng Muslim youth is key to revitalizing Muslim socie!es and its educa!onal programme seeks to empower a new genera!on of youth and Muslim civic educators.

The Interna!onal Forum for Islamic Dialogue is a visionary pla"orm for Muslims to achieve social change, intellectual enlightenment and youth empowerment.


We nurture and develop an ac!ve network of educators and leaders among muslim soci!es around Middle East and North Africa

AIME - The Arab Ini!a!ve for Muslim Educators In 2009, IFID launched ‘Success in a Changing World’ - SCW a unique innova!ve course developed to enable Muslim youth to deal with cultural and poli!cal pressures of the modern world. The programme has reached over 20,000 youth in 18 MENA countries and made headways to Muslim youth in other regions including Europe and the Far East. Through self-development, SCW empowers Muslim youth to become ac!ve par!cipants in development and social change in their respec!ve local communi!es.

The Arab Ini!a!ve for Muslim Educators - AIME is a project led by IFID and launched by its partners in Jordan. AIME seeks to provide enlightened Muslim educators with a universal pla"orm to share resources, exchange experiences, and develop campaigns to educate Muslim youth through formal and informal channels. This pioneering project is in response to the rising !des of violence, extremism, and sectarianism in Muslim countries.

The Centre for Studies of Arab and Muslim Issues - CSAMI is a UK based research unit integrated within IFID’s projects. CSAMI’s aim is to produce independent research on current issues concerning Muslim and Arab communi"es in UK and Europe. CSAMI contributes to IFID’s vision for an enlightened and prosperous future for Muslim and Arab youth.

Al Rasid al Tanweeri ‘The Enlightened Monitor’. An Arabic magazine that covers contemporary Muslim thoughts on current concerns and major issues. Al Rasid reflects IFID’s ethos on inclusive dialogue and enlightened views. IFID distributes Al Rasid across the MENA region and has it online on :

Through SCW courses in Jordan, another success was born. Radio al Najah, is a 24 hour online radio pla!orm that airs spirited discussions on Arab and Muslim social issues. The radio promotes a culture of success and provides a space for modern and democra"c debates. In its first year, it built a following of 60,000 listeners. Radio al Najah supports IFID’s vision for social progress.


IFID will pilot new projects, cul!vate partners, incubate educa!onal centres, develop new ini!a!ves and empower young leaders. Through its network of 21 centres opera!ng in 13 countries in the MENA region, IFID will raise a new genera!on of Muslim youth educators and civil actors, promote universal values, and engage Muslims in eec!ve dialogues on modernity.

Interna!onal Forum for Islamic Dialogue 45 Crawford Place W1H 4LP London UK Phone: +44 (0)20 7724 6260

Social Media: IFIDorganisa!on IFIDorg

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