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Connecting through Prayer.

HELLOO Some may be curious as to how IFGF Pinole came into being. There are many ways to answer this question, one thing surely will stand out: Through Prayers. Just like many great things in the world were birthed through prayers, IFGF Pinole is certainly birthed through prayers. When we pray, we come close to God and listen to His heart. When we know God’s heart we will understand His Will. That’s what happened. God moved our hearts to form a gathering of believers to worship Him and to carry out His will in our surrounding communities. God is still doing His wonderful work in the midst of our church. As it was in the beginning, so it is now: We must listen to His God to use, the church: A call to be with Him

heart. We must know His will for our communities. And we can know His heart and His will when we pray as a church. More prayers are better than less prayers. There is a refreshing sea-

“Oh, get up, dear friend, my fair and beautiful lover —come to me! Come, my shy and modest dove — leave your seclusion, come out in the open. Let me see your face, let me hear your voice. For your voice is soothing and your face is ravishing.” Song of Solomon 2:14

son coming to IFGF Pinole: A season of Prayer.



Pastor Sugi Hendric Senior Pastor Pastor Sugi founded IFGF Pinole in 1993 and has been serving as the church’s Lead Pastor. That same year he married his wife, Jen. Together, they are blessed with three children: Tiffany, Christian and Samuel. Ps. Sugi’s passion is to raise up the next generation leaders locally in the Bay Area, and to share the good news to people in many nations, including Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

Connect with God, Make Disciple We are called to fulfill the Great Commission, not only to let people know about God and the eternal salvation, but touching hearts, improving lives, and creating second chances. We are here for the people, as a humble servant and wise counsel. We focus on the people, creating impact and

Pastor Jeffri Halim

changing them for the better.

Preaching Team Leader & Caregroup Coach Pastor Jeffri or Ko Jep has a heart of servanthood. When not preaching, you will find him organizing cables, leading the livestream crew, or taking care of his two daughters. If you have multiple talents just like Ko Jep or an interest to

Our Values

Everyone deserves and is encouraged to belong to a spiritual family.

minister, connect with us!

Everyone is unique and deserves to be treated with love and respect.

Pastor Josh Surjono Outreach Pastor Pastor Josh is passionate in guiding students and young professionals to know Everyone deserves and is encouraged to grow in their ministry.

Sunday Service is a special time to worship and build relationship.

the love of God. He loves meeting new people and you can usually find him chatting with different people while carrying his adorable baby Zaxton. Come say hi if you’ve never met him yet!

LET’S CONNECT AT CAREGROUP To find a CareGroup, DM us on instagram @ifgfpinole or email us at


Young Professionals Hayward Tri-Valley South Bay

Making people feel welcomed is important

Design & Art is my passion

How do you do a livestream video?

Students Pleasant Hill (DVC) Berkeley (Cal)

I want to learn a musical instrument

I WANT TO SERVE I love to fellowship & share the gospel

I love taking care of children


Cooking is my forte

Emeryville San Ramon

LET’S BUILD THE LORD’S HOUSE TOGETHER Whatever season you are in, wherever you are from, wherever you live, you belong.

We minister and serve as a way to honor God and worship Him. Be a part of a ministry today, DM us on our instagram @ifgfpinole or go to ifgfpinole. org/serve to register.




Christophorus Khosasih Student ∙ Pleasant Hill CG My name is Christophorus Khosasih, and I am a first-year student at Diablo Valley College. I first came to IFGF Pinole after I asked my friend, Matthew, who was my high school friend and goes to the same college as me here in DVC, if there was any Indonesian church around the area, and he brought me here. For me, IFGF Pinole feels like a home away from home, thanks to the tight-knit Indonesian

Come: I am Saved

community inside the church. There’s not a lot of Indonesians, but it is definitely

Each semester, we hold a six-week foundational Bible Study to explore

more than enough, in my opinion. Not to mention that I get to grow spiritually

what it means to follow Christ.

as well through the guidance of the spiritual leaders in the church, and through

We encourage you to join this class if you are interested in knowing more

when I first came to the United States as a student.

care groups too. I feel like I am now a much more different person than who I was

about the Christian faith. For those who desire to minister in the church, attending and completing this class is mandatory.

Ritje Gamble Family ∙ San Ramon CG

Basic Doctrine Basic Doctrine is a study of the most important beliefs of Christianity.

I first came to IFGF Pinole after moving to the US in 1998. At that time, it wasn’t

The purpose of this course is to set a solid foundation for sound Christian

as easy as it is now to find a church. So I went to the Indonesian Embassy in San

thinking. This course provides not only a foundation, but a framework for

Francisco and was fortunate to learn about the existence of IFGF Pinole. After

thinking; about God, his purposes and our lives. It’s the basis of our values,

attending the church, I was happy to find out that IFGF Pinole is a gospel church

beliefs and life’s decisions. You cannot enjoy a meaningful Christian life

that believe in the Holy Spirit, just like my previous church in Indonesia.

without understanding at least some of the fundamental beliefs of the faith. This challenging class provides a concise and systematic under-

At that time, I did not know how to drive. I still have very vivid memories of church

standing of the importance of those beliefs.

members picking up my son and I every Sunday. It didn’t matter if they lived miles away, they were so passionate about driving us to church, without complaints. I am glad and thankful that I am a member of this church. I feel a strong connection with the church members. IFGF Pinole is basically a second family, where I feel loved, cared for, and supported.

Come: I am Saved

Basic Doctrine

To register, scan or go to:

To register, scan or go to:

Patricia Madeline

Oviene Kurniawan & Winarto Anlin

Student ∙Berkeley CG

Professional ∙ San Jose CG

I knew IFGF Pinole from the Berkeley Care Group that I was a part of early in the

Winarto and Oviene started going to IFGF Pinole together at the beginning of 2022 when

fall of 2021. The care group activist and leader encouraged members to come

Oviene moved to the Bay Area. Prior to that, Win has been part of the church since 2019

to church on Sundays but I thought it was still really awkward if I asked for rides

but was earlier introduced to one of the care groups through playing golf with a church

from anyone. But I think what made me go there more often was that the care

member. IFGF Pinole holds a special place in their hearts because it provides them the

group started offering rides and from then on I got to know and be more comfort-

opportunity to serve together as a married couple. They found a community who have

able around the IFGF Pinole community. I think what makes this place so special

hearts after God and who walks with them in their spiritual journey. Ps. Sugi has also been

to me is the fact that everyone is so welcoming, warm, and down to get boba or

a personal leader who is invested in their faith and provides them with Godly guidance (and

post-church lunch.

good food) This community reminds them of how God’s Word apply to their lives, and also being role models of what it means to be a follower of Christ. They are very blessed to have

But above all that, I think this community showed me that there are people who

been placed in IFGF Pinole and will always call it home.

genuinely want to get closer to Jesus by creating a space where everyone could lean on each other and work through problems together. I think the community has helped me grow in my faith by allowing me to understand Jesus at my own pace, provide me better understanding of the Christian belief, and by being surrounded by like-minded people whom I could relate and share my burdens with.

Fifi Sutanto Professional ∙ San Ramon CG I first came to IFGF Pinole through joining the Hayward CG, which I came to know about because of a childhood friend who introduced me to a member of the CG. Throughout time, IFGF Pinole has definitely become a very special place and “home” for myself. It is a place where I was truly able to experience Christ personally and decided to take my leap of faith. It has also opened my eyes to the many things and ways God tried to intervene and reached out to me. Everyone I met at IFGF Pinole have been nothing but open and helpful in my journey, throughout life ups and downs they have shown what it means to be a family in Christ, and I feel truly blessed to be a part of this church family and also look forward to the journey up ahead.

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Tri-Valley Campus ∙ 10:30 AM

Pinole Valley Community Church 2885 Pinole Valley Road Pinole, CA 94565

Bollinger Canyon Elementary 2300 Talavera Dr San Ramon, CA 94583

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