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Facilitated Dialogue Checklist �Did you begin your session with an icebreaker? �Did you establish ground rules for participation? �Did you re-cap what you learned last session? �Did you ask learners to identify their own needs? �Did you give learners some choices during the session? �Did you ask open-ended questions? �Did you create opportunities for learners to learn on their own? �Did you give positive reinforcement on their participation? �Did you give regular constructive feedback? �Did you use a variety of teaching tools? �Did you summarize the dialogues frequently? �Did you consider the learning style and personal characteristics of all learners? �Did you encourage learners to discuss their feelings about the topic under discussion while respecting those who chose not to share? �Did you ask learners to think about how well they participated as part of the group? �Did you ask learners for their evaluation of you? �Did you include utilize the Cooking Matters curriculum? �Did you have FUN?

Facilitated Dialogue Check List