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Iffort Case  Studies  


November 2,  2011  


Project Overview  –  Development  of  an  e-­‐commerce   portal  for  an  Adventure  Sports  Store   Background   Our  client  is  a  well  known  adventure  sports  shop  having  multiple  stores  in   Delhi.  They  were  looking  to  build  an  online  presence  for  their  store  which  would  provide  a   platform  extension  to  them  and  also  help  them  tap  the  online  community  of  adventure   enthusiasts,  sports  lovers  and  more.     The  client  already  had  an  online  portal,  however  the  website  was  static,  lacked  the  basic   features  and  functionality  and  was  not  creating  any  conversions  for  the  client  (leads  etc).    During   the  preliminary  assessment,  we  reviewed  their  current  website  and  observed  the  issues  with  the   site.   In  our  recommendation  it  was  imperative  for  the  client  to  have  presence  as  an  e-­‐commerce   portal  considering  the  nature  of  their  business.    


Iffort was  responsible  for  end-­‐to-­‐end  design  and  development  of  the  website.  Since  we  had   extensive  experience  with  Joomla,  we  chose  the  same  as  the  base  Content  Management  System   for  development  of  

Activity goals:   • • • • • • •

Build a  visually  appealing  site  which  is  easy  to  navigate   Integrate  e-­‐commerce  functionality  in  the  website  thereby  allowing  users     Implement  payment  gateways   Incorporates  rich  multimedia  content  (slideshows,  images  etc.)   Allow  dynamic  updating  of  content  which  enables  addition  of  products   Create  role  based  access  for  users  of  the  website  who  manage  backend  content   Host  the  website  and  provide  full  post-­‐development  support  

Platform CMS:  Joomla   Programming  Language:  PHP                      Not              to  be  shared  or  replicated  without  prior  permission.     ©  Iffort    

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Iffort Case  Studies  


November 2,  2011  

  Database:  MySQL   Framework:  Jquery   Others:  Javascript,  XHTML,  CSS  

Time-­‐Frame Month  


Week 1   Week  2   Week  3   Week  4   Week  5   Week  6  

Problem Req.   Recognitio Analysis   n  &  BU   0.25  months                      

System Design    

Prototypin g

0.25  months  


Developm ent    


Release Test      

System Maintena nce      

1.0 months  

The  core  website  was  developed  in  a  period  of  6  working  weeks  which  included  discussions  with   the  client,  requirements  gathering,  design  and  actual  development.   Beyond  the  above,  our  team  dedicatedly  spent  two  weeks  to  discuss  with  Indian  payment   gateway  providers,  file  application  forms  and  do  subsequent  integration.  Part  of  this  activity  was   executed  in  parallel  to  the  initial  phases  of  the  website.   Being  an  e-­‐commerce  website,  we  spent  another  two  weeks  in  addition  of  products,  editing  raw   images,  updating  categories  etc.     The  overall  project  was  completed  in  2.5  months.    

Site Features   • • • • • • •

Dynamic  banner  gallery  on  the  home-­‐page   Separate  sections  for  Special  offers  and  New  arrivals   Discount  code  for  site  wide  purchase   Product  menu  categorization:  According  to  Sport  and  According  to  Catalog   Product  zoom  functionality   User  registration  option   Photo-­‐gallery    

Outcome At  the  time  of  writing  this  case-­‐study,  the  portal  has  become  a  significant  source  of  revenue  for   the  brand  with  fair  amount  of  sales  being  generated  online  on  a  daily  basis.                      Not              to  be  shared  or  replicated  without  prior  permission.     ©  Iffort    

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Adventure18 Web Development Case Study  

The case study

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