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Objective As the world was swept over by the London Olympics 2012, Groupon found an instant connect with the global sporting spectacle as the flavor for July. We decided not to make it sports centricwith the obvious thought that we wanted to do something different from the routine conversations on Olympics. So to make it more engaging for our online community we thoughtof a satirical theme “Lolympics”.

Strategy When London Olympics 2012 was round the corner, we decided to take a humorous and quirky take on the Olympics, keeping our communication tone in tact. We created buzz using a series of contests and engaging content based on Olympics and the current stream of events. Content categories included graphics used on social media during this period and pure content around sport humor. The Doodles, The Jokes, The Mornings Posts, The Women’s' Wednesday Contest, The Hashtags, and the Deal Olympics Contest, were all around the Lolympics theme; ensuring that the 'Gaming' attitude of the brand and the customers was captured on the page.

Solution 1. Crazeal Doodles The Crazeal doodles were the heart of the theme, where every day we talked about all the latest stuff in a quirky way. The Craziness of the Doodles spared none  right from a famous politician to the gatecrasher lady in Red in the Olympics opening ceremony. Off-course the doodles won’t have been completewithout the thunderous Usain Bolt and our very own epic Superhero RajniSaaar! Check out the Crazeal Doodles below:  

Pinterest Link: (It’s an album gallery of all our doodles) Series of fun doodles on the LOLympics theme are as follows.

2. Women’s Wednesday Women form a very integral part of our online community. Women's Wednesday is a weekly contest whichCrazeal conducts on its social media pages, to engage and connect with Women. During the month even this contest had aLOLympics twist to it  Women were asked to pick out daily chores, which they believed should be part of the Olympic Games. The most creative answer received a super-cool goodie from Crazeal.

3. #GamesIndiansPlay On Twitter the #LOLympics theme extended with the hashtag campaign #GamesIndiansPlay. The campaign trended in India and garnered more than 1K mentions. #GamesIndiansPlay –The background thought was simple –There are many sports and activities in India which are not recognized at a global level. With this as the idea, we asked the Twitterattiabout #GamesIndiansPlay and this is what some of them had to say :) Influencers apart, brands also tweeted using the hashtag.

Some brands trying to leverage our Hashtagď Š

4. Deal-Olympics We did a site based treasure hunt which was called "Deal Olympics" (Deal Hunt contest). A unique medal number was put on one of the daily deals which went live on the site. Users were asked to locate the deal with the medal on the site and mail the link of the deal. It was a daily contest with one lucky winner chosen on a daily basis, for 10 days. We got a tremendous response and during the Contest our Referral Traffic from Facebook increased by more than 30%! Here are a few Snapshots from the contest.

Outcome The content created was relevant, engaging, a lot of fun, and got us a lot of traction in-terms of website traffic and conversions. Our Referral Traffic increased by more than 30% from the Facebook Page. The increase in engagement was witnessed by our surge in “Talking About us� which increased by over 50%.

Talking About Us 20000 15000 10000 5000 0

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Talking About Us

Crazeal LOLympics Case Study  

LOLympics case study. The campaign that we did for our client Crazeal during Olympics.

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