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Volunteer Packet

 We have created a new volunteer system that gives volunteers more control over what they'd like to sign up for. It also helps us, iFest staff, keep everything organized so we can spend more time providing value-creating opportunities for our volunteers. We will not accept walk-ups. If you are not on the Volunteer Check-in list, you will not be able to volunteer. All volunteers must be at least 15-years-old.

Here are the steps to signing up as a volunteer: . 1. Fill out and complete the registration page found at 2. After you register, you will receive an email confirming your registration. This email will have a link to the log-in Volunteer Information Center (VIC) page. You will enter your email address and the password you created on the registration page. 3. After you log into this page, you will click on "CHECK YOUR SCHEDULE" or "MY SCHEDULE." This will take you to all of the available volunteer shifts. Click on the day you would like to come, and select the exact shift you would like to support. Once you do that, you are all set! If you are a group (5+ members), you will need to select each shift for each member of your group. Ex. If you have 10 members in your group, you will need to select 10 shifts. We do not have specific activities that can take on larger groups. You can, however, split your group up to support various activities.

Minimum age to volunteer is 15.

 You can view all available shifts on the VIC page. We ask that volunteers report to Volunteer Headquarters at least 30-minutes before their scheduled shift(s). If you do not check in by the start of your shift, you will lose your assigned volunteer shift and be asked to support as part of the Flex Team. If you work multiple shifts or the last shift of a day, you will be entered into a drawing to win prizes. Winners will be randomly selected and notified the Tuesday after the festival. Please stay for your ENTIRE shift. You are welcome to enjoy the festival before or after your shift. We rely on you to work a full shift so that all areas of the festival are covered at all times. You may only leave earlier if a volunteer from the next shift arrives, has been trained and ready to replace you.

10:30-2:30 | 2:00-6:00 | 5:30-8:00


Volunteers can park for FREE at LOT H & LOT C (1643 Memorial Drive). There is a trail that leads from LOT H to Volunteer Headquarters. Total walking distance is about .45 miles. It will take about 10-15 minutes to walk. This is a scenic route. Enjoy!

1. From Lot H, walk south till you reach the trail. LOT H

2. Make a right and continue on until you see the steps for the Sabine Bridge. 3. Go up the steps and make a left.

A video of this walk is available for viewing at:

Sabine Bridg

5. Follow this path until you reach Volunteer Headquarters.


4. Continue on the path. Be careful when crossing the street. Vehicles will be driving by.

This link is case sensitive & will also be posted on iFest’s volunteer page.

As a nonprofit organization raising proceeds for educational programs, we are unable to finance parking for volunteers. Please note that on-street parking is free nights after 6 pm and all day Sunday.

Here are some paid parking locations near Volunteer Headquarters: Heritage Garage 1200 Bagby St Houston, TX 77002

Central Parking System 401 W Dallas St Houston, TX 77002

Central Parking System 333 Clay St Houston, TX 77002

 

Volunteer Headquarters is on Lamar, south of Sam Houston Park. Please note you can only get to Volunteer Headquarters from Dallas St. if you didn’t park at Lot H. Festival gates will prevent you from entering from any other side.

   1. Sign in with a Volunteer Committee Member at the individual or group check-in table. If you are with a group, please have one member check in your group. Then have each group member proceed to the next station after a successful check-in. 2. Each member will receive an activity sticker and wristband. 3. Each member will receive a t-shirt. 4. Make sure to get water & snacks. 5. Find the area (signs on the fence) with your activity. Remain there until a Committee Member requests volunteers for their area. Make sure to stay with the Committee Member until dropoff. 6. Have fun!

    &  Art, Craft, & International Markets

Volunteers are needed to assist in the Fine Art, Fine Craft, and International Markets. You will be asked to distribute information to the vendors as well as "booth sit" for breaks. Markets only uses a total of 9 volunteers to work. Because of the responsibility of caring for artists’ and vendors’ merchandise, volunteers must be at least 18 years old. This area cannot accommodate group applications.

Beverage Booths

Sell soft drinks, beer, frozen margaritas and water. Must be at least 18 years old. (Must bring and wear hat/cap.)

Celebrate Australia Check-in

Support Celebrate Australia by checking in guests at the event check-in. Volunteers will be able to attend the event after their shift. Volunteers will also receive a complimentary ticket to iFest.

Celebrate Australia Clean Team

Support Celebrate Australia by making sure the event is tidy. If items are left on the table, dropped on the floor, etc, please help assist us by making sure it makes it to the trash. Volunteers will be able to enjoy the event and free food/drinks. Volunteers will also get a complimentary ticket to the festival.

Celebrate Australia Load-in

Support Celebrate Australia by assisting restaurants with Load-in. You will help direct them to where they need to park and where to go. You will also make sure they are abiding by the requirements/rules provided by iFest. Volunteers will be able to attend the event for free and will receive a ticket to the festival.

Coupon Booths

Sell food and beverage coupons. Each coupon booth will have a finance coordinator managing the booth.

Cultural Activities - Living Museum

Volunteers will be placed in the area helping with different cultural activities directly related to the honored country. These could include: Educational exhibits, Photography exhibits, Craft demonstrations and more.

Fiesta Kids Free Day Promotion

Volunteers will joyfully greet families with children at entrance gates and pass out Fiesta Kids Free Day coupons.

Flex Team

We consider this group the most "flexible" volunteers. These volunteers need to be ready to go wherever they are needed during their shift. These volunteers will be used to "fill in" for volunteers who do not show up or to cover last minute emergency needs.


You will help greet and pass out festival programs to patrons as they walk through the gates.

Information Booth

Love people? Be an "Ambassador" for the festival. Help us staff an information booth on site to help answer questions for the festival patrons.

    &  

Market Load-in

Volunteers will help man the check in desk, supervise the entry and exit gates by the markets, or will be assigned to the markets managers to help supervise load-in.

Opening Ceremony

Volunteers will help with greeting and passing out programs to guests. Some volunteers will also help with directing guests (general attendees, schools, elected officials, etc) where to go.

Passport/VIP Lounge

Volunteers will support the Passport(VIP) Lounge. Volunteers will help with greeting guests, cleaning & making sure the area is nice and neat, checking for wrist bands. Must be at least 18-years-old to support this area.

Performer Hospitality

Help provide hospitality to both local and international musicians and performers. Duties include everything from airport, hotel, and transportation to assisting the performers with individual needs while they are visiting. You must attend a mandatory meeting to be a part of this committee - A separate invite will be emailed with all the details.

Sponsor Hospitality

Festival volunteers will help serve food and drinks in the sponsor hospitality area. We require volunteers working in this area to be mature, responsible, and at least 18 years old.

Stage Crew

Volunteers assist one of the many entertainment stages at the Festival. Stage Crew experience preferred and be available to work an entire day. Volunteers will also help with performer hospitality tent. You must attend a mandatory meeting to be a part of this committee - A separate invite will be emailed with all the details.

Ticket Sellers

Volunteers will assist with selling admission tickets. Experience with handling money is preferred. Each ticket booth will have a finance coordinator managing the booth.

Ticket Takers

Greet guests at gate, take tickets, scan Eventbrite tickets, hand-stamp people leaving (so that they can re-enter that same day), Train the volunteers taking over for the next shift about procedures and scanning Eventbrite tickets.

Traffic Control

Volunteers will help direct traffic and make sure vehicles don't stray from their assigned areas, and stay within a reasonable time during vendor load-in.

Wine Cafe

Have a knowledge or love of wine? Help serve wine and beverages in our Festival Wine Café. Must be 21 years old to work in this area.

   We count on exceptional volunteers to help us host an amazing event for the Houston Community. Please read the following guidelines to keep in mind for your volunteer experience!

1. Arrive to your shift 30-minutes EARLY. We encourage volunteers to plan ahead for

parking and traffic delays. We count on you as a volunteer to fulfill your commitment and be punctual.

2. Please stay for your ENTIRE shift. You are welcome to enjoy the festival before or

after your shift. We rely on you to work a full shift so that all areas of the festival are covered at all times. You may only leave earlier if a volunteer from the next shift arrives and has been trained . If there is an emergency, please inform your area manager or contact a Volunteer Committee Member at Volunteer Headquarters.

3. Remember to keep in mind that volunteering at our festival requires a good amount of standing and moving. Please remember to wear the appropriate clothing to stay cool and comfortable. A hat and sunscreen is recommended. Hats are required for Beverage Booth Volunteers. 4. We ask that you remove your Volunteer T-shirt once your shift ends. This is

mainly to avoid confusion among our staff and patrons to ensure that everyone wearing a Volunteer T-shirt is actually volunteering.

5. There will be water and snacks available at Volunteer Headquarters. There will also be Volunteer Committee Members monitoring the festival to make sure volunteers have relief when they need it. 6. Absolutely no drinking alcohol while on shift.

Thank you for volunteering! See you at the festival!

2014 ifest volunteer packet