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在艺术的星空下自由翱翔——台湾国泰天母样品屋 Fly Free in Art Sky 人生是一场旅行,带上艺术同行——精锐市政厅样板房 A 户 Life is a Journey Along with Art 以善结缘,俯仰天地,让心灵宁静泊岸——台湾屏东大原邸 Kindness to Forms Ties, Universal Viewing to Acquire Peace and Tranquility 诗意的情感,简约的气质——日本静冈第一塔宅 Poetic Emotion, Simple Temperament 在线条中游走,于混沌中归于沉静——日本世田谷苑 Walk in the Line, Back to Quiet from Chaos 自由语境,优雅住宅——宫帕加尼宫 Free Context, Elegant Residence 优雅气度,豁达人生——阿联酋山居 Elegant Bearing, Open-minded Life 隔不断的青山隐隐,遮不住的绿意悠悠——台北绿光 L 宅 Dark Hills to Snake Away, Green Not to Be Obscure 翠拥林海,畅怀天地——台湾国泰森林观道样品屋 Embrace the Green Forest, Embrace the World 东之方圆——国泰森林苑 E Eastern Integration 气脉相连,人宅相扶——台湾青川之上样品屋 Residence and Resident to Prosper 品味逍遥的智慧——台湾一品苑样板房 Taste the Wisdom of Happy, Extensive Vision 怀素雅居,温润如玉——台湾藏玉 Refined Dwelling, Warm Jade 胸怀山河水,悠享大和庭——台湾恒咏样品屋 House Mountains and Waters in a Broad Court


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阔逸尺度,容纳其乐融融大家族——台湾轻井泽样品屋 Wide and Large enough to Accommodate a Happy Large Family 清灵俊逸,冷香飞渡画屏幽——常熟清枫和院 D 型叠加别墅样板房 Space Clear and Neat, Screen Painted in Quiet 禅骨佛心入画林——世家新 - 宏愿精舍 Meditation to Buddha 翻折出新意,一步一风景——台湾公寓 Innovation and View 空间自由转换,呈现轻盈美态——台湾宜兰洪宅 Space Transition to Present Lightness Elegance 引入天顶光线,创造清雅格局——台湾伊通街公寓 Ceiling Daylight and an elegant Pattern 清润如水,静静淌过岁月的长河——台湾长虹凌云 Peaceful and Tranquil to Go 低调内藏 各得其乐——台湾瑞安样品屋 Low-key, Happy 漫漫荷风添雅韵,山色空蒙香气拂——上海万科 TH 样板间 Fragrant Lotus and Blue Hills 笼中对,雅致放两边,温馨摆中间——上海万科样第五园样板房 Put Elegance on Both Sides and Warmth in the Middle 三代同堂,多宝阁收纳各自精彩——上海万科样第五园样板房 Fun, Collection and Treasure 千年古韵颜色新,悠悠文脉满庭香——珠海招商花园城中式样板间 Renovated ancient building full of culture 收藏千年文化古韵,闲看庭前花开花落——上海九间堂别墅 Collect Millennium Cultural Relics while Appreciating Flowers 亦中亦西和谐一体——北京优山美地别墅 The Integration Of East and West

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中国情结,西式表达——北京优山美地别墅 Chinese Sentiment, Western Expression 品茗长窗下,悠然已忘尘——北京优山美地别墅 Enjoy Tea by the Window, Disturbance out of Your Soul 禅意满庭,一片澄心听花语——北京丽斯花园别墅 Zen Translation 空间中的建筑倒影——台湾安和路住宅 Building Reflection of Space 和风雅韵小确幸——台湾爱登堡 Gentle Breeze and Graceful Charm 慧思巧制,兼容并蓄生活所需——台湾峰哲样品屋 A Space of Ingenuity and Function 与自然相栖相依——台湾疆山接待中心 Living with Nature 功能叠加,64 平米空间的三房魔法——台湾永康 81 样品屋 Functions, Three Rooms and Magic Presentation 暗恋桃花源——台湾轻井花道吴宅 Love in Peach Blossom Land 光与景的层叠流荡——王俊宏室内设计事务所 The Blending of Light and Scenic Beauty 疏棂透影铺云锦,淡雅轻妆颜色新——台湾天荷 B12 实品屋 Latticework and Brocade for a Simple and Elegant Look 东方轻禅意,西方隐时尚——台湾宝莱花园钟公馆 The Oriental Zen and the Western Fashion 和光同尘,艺术共生——台湾东帝士花园广场许公馆 Growing with Light, Coexisting with Art

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东情西韵,延展当代大器风华——台湾长虹峰华接待中心及样板房 West and East to Make Modern Magnificence and Grace 创意混搭,东方文化包容百样风情——台湾上河苑接待中心及样品屋 Creative Mix with Cultural Tolerance and Different Styles 功能叠加,小空间也大喜悦——台湾大师大售楼部及样品屋 Small Space to Generate Surprises 祈福香积寺,运河第一香——祈福香积寺 Pray in Xiangji Temple, Burn the 1st Incense along the Grand Canal 重返大自然——泰国 INDIGO PEARL 巢形树顶水疗中心 Back to Nature







品茗长窗下 悠然已忘尘 Enjoy Tea by the Window, Disturbance out of Your Soul 项目名称:北京优山美地别墅 设计公司:思佩思(北京)室 内设计咨询有限公司 设计师:明思雅 面积:496m2 这是一个有着超高落地观景窗的别墅。别墅客厅采用挑空式设计,显得空间极为开阔,一步入大厅,就可以欣 赏到室内建筑的整个空间结构,包括二层走廊以及完全开放的三层阁楼。如此开阔的空间,令视野毫无阻隔。 坐在客厅里,上可揽青天明月,下可观草长莺飞,充足的光线畅漾在室内每个角落。 本案的设计极简极开阔,刻意的修饰被似有若无的设计给隐去了,但你又能感受到无比的放松与舒适。这其中 的关键,在于设计师运用了很多不同的元素来进行组合,强化了空间的质感与丰富的层次,比如:用来提亮某 些墙体的水平石片(多种色调的灰色和青色),质地柔软的褶皱丝质壁纸,以及橡木天花的纹理等等。所有这 些材质丰富了空间的色彩与触觉,以此发展到整个空间,以创造一个有自然和禅宗特色的当代空间。 客厅沙发背景墙上一幅巨大挂画,奠定了室内的主基调。手工宣纸上一幅水墨竹韵图,让人想起了中国传统文 化里“宁可食无肉,不可居无竹”的古话,柔和雅致的韵味飘荡在室内,触动着心中柔软静谧的情感。入口进 来的过厅里,3 个有着中式风貌的装饰柜呼应着这里含蓄的东方格调。 空间在吸收东方风格低调内敛的特质之外,点缀了几处紫色的装扮提亮了空间,出人意料。楼梯转角处紫色的

Project Name: Yosemite Villa in Beijing Design Company: Spaces Ltd. Designer: Silvia Minciarelli Size: 496m2


椅子,过道里紫色的柜子,为空间注入了一丝浪漫色彩。 洗手间的设计是本案的一个大亮点。在整个别墅现代简洁的风格里,东方元 素却在这些空间里得以突出。传统的中式镂空花格门窗以白色的清丽面貌成 为浴室里最亮眼的风景。主浴室的浴盆区被设计成中国的亭阁模样,浴池正 对落地玻璃外的阳光露台,同时沐浴着水、阳光、风景和风情,这就是把沐 浴上升为高级享受的艺术了。 This villa can be actually honored as a viewfinder, thanks to the application of its super high windows, especially the raised high living room that makes

the space opener and broader than ever. Once you go into it, you would be struck by the panorama of the interior structure, including the second-floor corridor and the completely open third-floor loft. Such an open space, with no vision barrier but with abundant light, is really good, easy and convenient to embrace the blue sky, to appreciate the moon, to chant with growing grass and flying birds. Deliberate modification, however, seems to fade out of the design that’s simple to be perfectly plain. Yet you can feel very relaxed and comfortable because the combination of different elements strengthens the spatial texture and rich layers, like horizontal stone slates of gray and blue to light up the walls, soft draped silk wallpaper, and veins of oak

ceiling. All these things enrich spatial colors and touches and are continued in the entire space to create a natural but contemporary Zen space. The huge painting on the sofa backdrop of the living room lays the keynote. So vivid, the bamboo painting on the hand-made rice paper is a good reminder of that in traditional Chinese culture: meat for dinner can be given up easily, but you can not live without bamboo. The soft and elegant atmosphere would touch the gentle emotion deep in your heart. Additionally, 3 decorative cabinets of Chinese style standing in the entrance hall are in good place, echoing with the subtle Oriental style. Besides the low-key, reserved characteristics of Oriental style, patches of bright purple hues light up the space unexpectedly. The purple chairs in the staircase corner and the


purple cabinet in the corridor inject a hint of romance into the space. The bathroom design is a major highlight of the project, with traditional elegant white doors and windows of Chinese openwork lattice being the most dazzling scenery in the bathroom. Oriental elements have been outstanding throughout the villa of modern simple style. Tub area in the master bathroom is designed like a Chinese pavilion and the bath is opposite to the sun terrace. Bath, sunlight and scenery are definitely to provide a good experience, and of course, upgrade bath to art appreciation.




禅意满庭 一片澄心听花语 Zen Translation 项目名称:北京丽斯花园别墅 设计公司:思佩思(北京)室 内设计咨询有限公司 设计师:明思雅 面积:404m2

Project Name: Dynasty Garden in Beijing Design Company: Spaces Ltd. Designer: Silvia Minciarelli Size: 404m2

对于该别墅,设计师发挥灵感,选择了禅 宗风格作为切入点。 白色乳胶漆墙面、淡黄色橡木以及米色砂 岩的地面受到各种建筑元素影响,和谐地 互为补充。这些建筑元素在这里用来标示 空间,定义功能,比如水平白色烤漆格栅 以及水平砂岩层列视听墙。沙发旁边的陈 列墙放满了中国的瓷器、藤制品和各类摆 设,中式的家具(案几、置物架、太师椅) 适当地出现在别墅的各个场合之中,让人 体会到主人对源远流长的东方文化的热 爱。卧室里再简单不过的一张木床,两扇 中式镂空木格窗则被放置于床头的背景墙 上,让中国式的记忆缓缓流淌。 在大门口,竹子林立,陈设优雅,它们成 了自然和构造上的背景,一个简洁的禅宗 雕像向来访者展示出了居所的气质与取 向,所有这些在这里达到了非常完美的平 衡,与室内空间和谐辉映,融为一体。而 后庭院同样以竹为背景,流水潺潺,木地 板和暖色的木桌椅,亲近天地自然,让亲 朋好友们在此欢聚,度过美好的下午时光 或是开一个热闹的室外派对。 A Zen approach has been chosen as inspirational motif for this villa. The pure white tone of the latex paint walls, the light yellow oak and the cream-colored sandstone flooring are harmoniously complemented by the architectural elements, which are used to mark the space and to define the functions, such as the horizontal white baking varnish grids and the horizontal sandstone audio-visual wall. Additionally, there is a good collection of Chinese porcelain, rattan products and various decorations in the display wall by the sofa. All furniture pieces of Chinese style, like long and narrow tables, shelves, and old fashioned wooden armchairs, are put in various places of the villa, which show the passion for the traditional oriental culture from the owner. The simple wooden bed and two Chinese hollowedout wooden lattice windows placed in the background wall create a distinctive atmosphere of Chinese culture. Around the gate stand clusters of bamboo, elegant and beautiful as a natural backdrop. The simple Buddha statue brings out the temperament and orientation of the residence. All these here reach a perfect balance, integrated with the interior space harmoniously. Meanwhile, the bamboo backdrop is continued in the back garden where there are gurgling water, wooden flooring, and warm-toned wooden tables and chairs, and you are so close to the nature. It's no wonder that such a place would allow you a warm gathering, a good afternoon, or a joyful outdoor party.




跳脱空间格局的框架,不再是以单一机能作为发声主体,于是当设计开始重视空间 的叠合性,打开原本受限于结构的立面,用流动线条重组成内蕴的隐秩序,视线便 得以延伸,完成感官对场域的活性优化。 过于直白的意象,往往就少了那份兼容含蓄的美感,而大隐于室的暗示性手法,却 能在不期然的巧遇之中,感受其纤细且慧巧的贴心思维,总是在设计中不断精益求 精的光合空间设计,在本案中提供客户新的生活美学品味,以及结构型态的活向作 底蕴,让生活的情韵走出殿阁,为空间营造出新东方美学的风雅意涵。 空间的舒适,在于生活情感与人性温度的经营,所以更要器重线条与材质的运用, 才能消弭建筑结构的硬调,让纯粹放松的因子就此流泄弥漫,所以从玄关开始,设 计师即取集成木来巧装壁面,而天花则用中空的嵌灯来勾勒出门拱造型,另外再以 块面向旁侧施展延伸公共空间乃至地坪,并施作错置层叠、挖空、对比等手法,表 现出最美的层次变化与立面风景,同时也创造无限延伸的空间视野;特别是在玄关 衔接入客厅的转折面,乃嵌入大面墨镜作中介,顿时让集成木与墨镜的对比质感跳 出空间的深度,辅以中式造型玄关桌的摆设,构组出饶富人文品味与沉静内敛的视 觉风景。 用灵活思维成就创意设计,统整建材的风格,打造新东方美学的人文风采,因此让 住家不再受限于空间大小,从每个空间量体中所呈现出的雅逸,让舒服的语汇跃上 台面,更细腻带出专属于居者的温暖情感。 Unlike treated in a usual approach, this project is not limited to spatial pattern or a single function; instead, all functional spaces are designed overlapping, not subject to the original façade. And lines flowing make intrinsic order to extend sight for the sensory field optimization.


If too straightforward or direct, images would become less compatible or subtle beauty. A suggestive way, however, can help to feel the delicate and thought wisdom to come unexpectedly. As usual, Mr. Chen, who keeps improving always, provides aesthetic taste of a new life, presents fun and interest of life out of structures, and brings forward elegance of the Neo-oriental aesthetics. Space comfort is frequently out of emotional life and human nature, so the use of lines and materials is laid significance on in order to eliminate the stiffness of the structure, and to create a relaxation atmosphere. That’s why from the entrance, lamination wooden materials are employed for walls, ceiling is decorated with embedded hollow lighting to outline arch design; additionally, lateral blocks join into public space, interlaced and layered, hollowed-out and contrasted to show changing levels and the most beautiful aspects of facade, to create an unlimited extension of space vision; where the entrance meets the living room, is embedded dark mirror of large area, a medium that suddenly brings out the contrast of the integrated wood and the dark mirror. The table of Chinese style sitting in the entrance is remarkable to make a landscape of fine taste but quiet and reserved. As it proves that flexible thinking completes creative design, unite styles of integrated building materials, and create a new human oriental art style, so home is no longer limited by space, while the elegance and leisure out of the building and the comfort and ease out of the space is exclusively for residents within.




两者的功能融为一体。客厅即是洽谈区,落地长窗外 的风景,是未来住家最显而易见的景致。厨房的实木 长桌可以围坐品茗喝咖啡,宾主之间可以相谈更欢畅。 而厨房的料理台也是小吧台,喝点小酒谈谈购房何等 写意。厨柜整齐排列,煮咖啡之余也能欣赏窗外青葱 如画,相信很少有主妇能够拒绝这样的风景厨房。再 来是卧室、浴室、卫生间,可以说处处见绿,这样的 示范空间将未来生活带入,将带给消费者多么美妙的 生活想象。 接待中心不是在卖房子,而是卖一种生活态度,卖一 份生活情调。设计师通过居住与环境的思考,捧出了 一份完满的答案。 The ancient people dwelt in caves; with natural scene changing and seasons coming and going, the dependent coexistence was meaningful beyond words. When society develops into modern cities, people are subject to concrete buildings. This project is a return trial from metropolis to nature, one immersed in natural setting, and one that conducts photosynthesis between building and ecology. Under such a context that buildings are raised higher and higher, with only cement framework to be views, nature is really hard to come out of the


cement jungle. This project, inspired by its base, joins outside and inside at one go, as is expected by the designer, this is a project designed open that remains individualized and personalized to embrace natural beauty and then further make volume a organic carrier of photosynthesis. The Lake of Neihu opposite ends at where hills of ranges begin. Mr. Chen Pengxu, starting from the natural environment for the overall design, withdraws the building volume inward; the pool that reflects clouds in the blue sky makes good images of nature and water features. White wall along the pool is a symbol that distance mountains serve as screens while façade of the decorated with large areas of wood material and greeneries scattered interpretation of the forest; the combination of water, stone, and wood all together express a symbiotic balance. Large areas of veneer are employed to each floor; when complex decoration is lessened and luxurious piles are left out, no interference or damage so as to creates a harmony, warm and natural space environment. Through 1F glass curtain wall come into the silent




功能叠加 小空间也大喜悦 Small Space to Generate Surprises 项目名称:台湾大师大售楼部 及样品屋 设计公司:异国设计 设计师:王文亚 面积:样板房 60m2、售楼处 148m2 主要材料:雕刻板、集成风化 木、黑色玻璃、白膜玻璃、茶 色玻璃夹木皮、黑檀钢烤

Project Name: Sales Center and Sample House of Dashida in Taiwan Design Company: Exotic Design Designer: Wang Wenya Size: Sample House: 60m 2, Sales Center: 148m2 Material: engraving plate, laminated weathered wood, black glass, white glass, veneer-pinned cranberry glass, baking finished ebony


祈福香积寺 运河第一香 Pray in Xiangji Temple, Burn the 1st Incense along the Grand Canal 设计公司:中国美术学院城市 设计艺术研究所 设计师:谢天 摄影师:贾方

Design Company: China Academy of Art Institute of Urban DesignDesigner: Xie Tian Photographer: Jia Fang




重返大自然 Back to Nature 项 目 名 称: 泰 国 INDIGO PEARL 巢形树顶水疗中心 设计公司:Bensley Design 设计师:Bill Bensley 及 Khun Ord 面积:约 3200m2 主要物料:钢筋混凝土结构, 木材,抛光水泥酸,镶木地板, 耐用硬木,人造藤,木结构, 锌板

Project Name: Coqoon Spa at Indigo Pearl Design Company: Bensley Design Designer: Bill Bensley, Khun Ord Materials Size: about 3,200m2 Materials: Reinforced Concrete Structure, Polished Concrete Acid, Parquet, Hardwood, Synthetic Rattan, Wood Structure, Zinc Sleet


以曼谷为工作基地的著名建筑师 Bill Bensley 专门塑造富异国情调的亚洲豪 华度假村。其标新立异的座右铭──「钟爱光怪陆离、倾向怪异的事物,越 破格越理想」,多年来印证于不少亚洲最受赞誉的酒店,当中包括位于布吉 的 Indigo Pearl,近日他更为此豪华度假村精心打造全新水疗中心「Coqoon Spa」。 Coqoon Spa 以其童年时构想的「伊甸园」为设计蓝本,设有六间独立护理 室及一间极尽奢华的水疗套房;该套房更附设私人泳池、法式水疗按摩花洒 浴(Vichy shower)、蒸汽室及桑拿室。而 Coqoon Spa 的星级护理套房为 巢形设计的「The Nest」,堪称最瞩目之作。「The Nest」悬在半空之中, 高架于相传为布吉岛最古老榕树的枝头上。 「The Nest」以飞桥相连,让宾客近距离亲近大自然;而蜚声国际的设计师 Bensley 亦坦言:「我们设计过不少水疗中心,而 Coqoon Spa 是最具特色 的一间。」 他续道:「我认为自己是个环境设计师,而环境设计并没界限。 作为园境师,我认识到如何保护地球和环境,而作为建筑师,我亦希望这样 做。」 「The Nest」以手工编织而成,悬于 10 米高的树梢上,于泰国无出其右, 毫无疑问是独特之作。他指出:「我热爱艺术,尤其是手工艺。以人手编织 一个悬于树上的巨大巢穴或茧的想法,迎合了我的怪异美学。我的意念是创 作一项独步于泰国的作品。作为一位园境师,他对生态亦高度敏感。他表示: 「我的大部分作品均以生态自然为本。我相信,尊重大自然和打造与大自然 融为一体的建筑就是园境设计师的使命。」 「往后的日子,这棵古榕树将围绕着我们的大茧生长,以其自然形态环抱着 它。这优美的大树所带来的相互作用是至为重要的,时尚与否实为其次。我 喜欢那些能够让人发掘惊喜的度假村,纵然在入住的第四甚至第五天,仍能 发现新颖的细节。」 Mr. Bill Bensley, a well-known architect working in Bangkok, more perhaps than any others, is good at the creation of exotic Asian luxurious resort. His maverick motto— "Passion for things bizarre and unusual; the more unconventional, the more ideal", has for many years seen his highly-praised hotels in Asia, rather like Indigo Pearl in Phuket, and the recent Coqoon Spa afflicted to it.





Coqoon Spa, taken Eden in childhood as design blueprint, houses six separate treatment rooms and a lavish spa suite; the suites harbors a private swimming pool, Vichy shower that is actually a French spa bath, a steam room and a sauna room. Additionally, the star spa suite is incredible in a nest shape, just as its name "The Nest" implies. "The Nest" is said to hang above branches of the oldest banyan. “The Nest” is connected by flying bridge, allowing guests closer to nature. Even Mr. Ensley admits that, the project of Coqoon Spa is the most remarkable of his spa projects. He is quoted that, he think himself an environmental designer, and its his mission to protect the earth and the environment. “The Nest” as a hand-woven artwork, is suspended on branches 10 meters high above the ground. There can never be any discussion as to what


artpieces can compare with it. Mr. Ensley said: “I love art, especially handicrafts”. A tree-hanging nest or a cocoon meets his aesthetic preference for his idea is to create an unmatched artwork in Thailand. As a landscape architect, he is also highly sensitive to the ecological. He also said: “Most of my works are eco-natural because a building out of respect for nature and integrated with nature should be a mission to be accomplished for a landscape architect.” In the days to come, the ancient banyan would grow up and prosper around the big cocoon, embracing it in a natural form. The mutual harmonious interaction generated is apparently important and vital; from such a perspective, the fashion that goes with it would come second. Just as I expect, a resort is bound to still endow them with surprises after their 4 to 5 days’ exposure.




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