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FLOWER TRENDS forecast 2015

Flower Trends & Style Flower trends and floral styles matter, especially in event and wedding decor. The flower decor we create helps convey the story of who our clients are and what they aspire to be. We are here to help them choose flowers that reflect their unique personal style, and express their vision. Our floral creations at these special events become an important connection to joyful memories for our clients, their families and their guests. Your Video Home for Flower Trends Video QR Code: The Flower Trends Forecast 2015 videos can be seen at

Research & Design TREND RESEARCH & DESIGNERS Bill Schaffer, AIFD, AAF, PFCI & Kristine Kratt, AIFD, PFCI Bill Schaffer and Kristine Kratt are uniquely qualified to forecast event flower trends. Both are accomplished floral designers but more importantly both have the interpretative skills to observe the world of emerging event decor and present to us the trends in ways that we can use. Their design and education experience comes together here with the information necessary to make our offerings more valuable to our clients. Bill and Kris are the owners of Schaffer Designs, based in Philadelphia, PA. PHOTOGRAPHY David Kesler, AIFD, PFCI David Kesler is a talented photographer and designer who brings the trends to life in print. David, with his wife Leann, own and operate Floral Design Institute in Portland, Oregon. PRINT COMPOSITION VIDEOGRAPHY Tina Mitchell, Darin Ingram, Nsite Graphics Grounded 4 Life Productions


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Industry Investors & Sponsors INTERNATIONAL FLORAL DISTRIBUTORS (IFD) Flower Trends Forecast is published by International Floral Distributors, Inc. (IFD) with the support of the 18 IFD Member Distributors. IFD is a marketing consortium of 18 flower distributors with over 52 locations in the United States providing flowers and supplies to leading floral decorators, designers and retailers.

Flower Trends Forecast is only possible with the support of the IFD Distributors and this group of committed sponsors whose willingness to invest in the future of the industry makes this education initiative possible. Accent Décor, providing beautiful floral-ware, containers, glassware, ceramics and accessories. Candle Artisan, the makers of Patrician candles, and offering a full line of floral and Event Pack™ candles.

Pete Garcia Company, provide an expansive array of floral products under the FloraMart® umbrella.

Design Master Color Tool, supplying us with the color sprays and accessory products demanded by creative floral professionals.

Oasis Floral Company, develop and provide Oasis, Lomey and Floralife brand floral products and accessories.

FloraCraft, manufacturers of Styrofoam™ products in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for the floral industry.

Syndicate Sales, manufacturers, distributors and importers of a wide assortment of floral products and accessories.




Regal and rich shades of violet and purple are an intense and magical combination in Majestic. A polished aesthetic and sheer romantic style

DenDrobium orchiD

Dark PLum (Dm VioLet)


meDium VioLet (Dm Fuchsia)

bright PurPLe

opens Majestic wedding décor to regal glamour. Combined with the natural brilliance and luster of gold sets the Majestic event for nobility and luxury. The color palette uses the entire purple family, from deep plums, bright red violets, lavenders and orchids. Accents of butter and gold with a glimpse of coral add warmth to the look. Flowers for the gilded vessels are abundant and plush; phaleonopsis, callas, hydrangeas, peonies, cymbidiums and stock can be combined into Majestic gatherings.

romantic magical story of

regal with a



polished natural 4


cymbiDium orchiD

LaVenDer (Dm LaVenDer)

PurPLe mini carnation

Dark PurPLe (Dm PurPLe)

coraL sPray rose

coraL (Dm coraL bright)

butter yeLLow

VanDa orchiD

metaLLic goLD

design master color codes

containers include:

accents include:

■ Accent Décor, Carraway Glass Series (Dish 35082.00, Compote 35083.00, Vase 35084.00) ■ Accent Décor Milan Gold Series (Vase 74192.40, Vase 74193.40) ■ Plus One (Pete Garcia Co.) Vue² Clear Votive Holders (313557CLR, 313556CLR, 313555CLR) ■ Syndicate Sales Vintage Champagne Glass (Bowl 3472-02-816, Cylinder 3260-12-818) ■ Oasis Iglu Holder (1020) ■ Lomey Designer Dish (1411, 1421) ■ Oasis Elegant Bouquet Holder (11-20793)

■ Accent Décor Mitsumato (Gold 66490.40) ■ Accent Décor Glitter Glass (Gold 22020.40) ■ Plus One (Pete Garcia Co.) Glittered Votive (Gold 960416GLD) ■ Plus One (Pete Garcia Co.) Chandelier Bead Garland (262239CLR) ■ FloraCraft Styrofoam Cones (c124, c154, c184) ■ Candle Artisan 15 hour Votive (#15HR-UV-24) ■ Syndicate Sales Glitter Stems (Gold 415-24-01) ■ Candle Artisan 2” Glass Votive (#10HR-GV-01) ■ Design Master Color Tool (Coral Bright 778) ■ Design Master Premium Metals (14KT Gold 230) ■ Lomey Corsage Pins (Gold 0963) ■ Oasis 1” Snakeskin Wire (Purple 40-12334) ■ Oasis Mega Beaded Wire (Purple 41-12539) ■ Oasis Brooch Diamante (41-12517)



Lapis Luxury An event in blues and white;

white rose

white cLematis

white Peony

bLue hyDrangea

PhaLaenoPsis orchiD

white caLLa

refined, formal and crisp. From the coastal waters of

naVy (Dm naVy bLue)

PaLe bLue (Dm bLue sky)

meDium bLue

Europe, to lands that fringe

palette is inspired by the waters of the world. Formal sophistication powered by the blue and white patterning of porcelains and linens. Blue Hydrangeas and white phaleonopsis orchids are just one of many combinations of blue and white flowers. White callas, roses, stock and carnations can be combined with blue hydrangea, delphinium, agapanthus or cymbidiums to provide the Lapis Luxury look. White, blue or Delft-colored vessels anchor the Lapis Luxury event.

artful textures

nature manmade

of and

accented with

stunning and intricate 6


aqua (Dm robin’s egg)

bright green (Dm sPring green)

white (Dm gLossy white)


design master color codes

the Mediterranean Sea, to exotic Asia, the Lapis Luxury

royaL bLue (Dm bLue bright)

containers include:

accents include:

■ Giftwares Co. (Pete Garcia Co.) Ginger Vase Blue (G4056) ■ Syndicate Sales Bella Vase White (4060-06-22, 4061-06-22) ■ Accent Décor Mystique Vase White (46842.01) ■ Accent Décor Occasion Series (Vase 47050.30, Compote 47051.30) ■ Oasis Design Ring (1045) ■ Oasis Standing Sphere (11-11165, 11-11166) ■ Oasis Elegant Bouquet Holder (11-20790)

■ FloraCraft Acrylic Drops (rs425/6/4) ■ Patrician Pillar Candles (Candle Artisan) White (3X06-PP-01, 3X09-PP-01, 3X12-PP-01) ■ Lomey Diamante Pins Clear (2701) ■ Oasis Chain Silver (41-12576) ■ Oasis Aluminum Wire Blue (2610-B) ■ Oasis Brooch Single Pearl (41-12516) ■ Oasis Beaded Wire White (2730-W) ■ Design Master Color Tool (Blue Bright 744) ■ Design Master Just For (Flowers Delphinium Blue 137)



Kaleidoscope A myriad of radiant colors and patterns emanate at the Kaleidoscope event. The style is sophisticated, yet modern, with bold prints and is

biLLy baLL

coraL reD (Dm coraL bright)

reD gLaD

neon yeLLow/green (Dm oLiVe bright)

bright orange (Dm tangerine)

playfully bright. Colors and shapes are dynamic; bright orange, coral red, hot pink and turquoise all have home here. Bright blossoms of gerrondo gerberas, roses, dahlias, ranunculus and craspedia combine to form vivid tablescapes. Designer graphic prints in vivid brights with neon accents provide impact. Clean lines and architectural forms such as spheres and topiaries accented with bold graphic prints help create the tailored and contrasting look of Kaleidoscope.

nourish your creative spirit with


colors dynamic and

graphic 8


green Fuji mum

yeLLow gerbera

white (Dm gLossy white)

bLack (Dm gLossy bLack)

orange ranuncuLus

hot Pink (Dm rasPberry)

green tric carnation

bright turquoise (Dm turquoise)

emeraLD green

design master color codes

containers include:

accents include:

■ Oasis Display Buckets (White 45-38134, 45-38135) ■ Oasis Floral Foam Sphere (12” 11-27712) ■ Oasis Standing Sphere (8” 11-11166) ■ Giftwares Co. (Pete Garcia Co.) Sparky & Marie Sun Purses (84221) ■ Accent Décor Lotus Cake Plate (47611.00) ■ Accent Décor ZigZag Votives (40380.01, 40381.01) ■ Syndicate Sales Catalina Bowl (Black 7531-12-22) ■ Syndicate Sales Square Glass Cube (3064-12-09)

■ Oasis Aluminum Wire (Apple Green 2610-AG, Black 2610-BK) ■ Oasis Snakeskin Wire (Strong Pink 40-12333, Apple Green 40-12332) ■ Oasis Flat Wire (Black 40-12474, Strong Pink 40-12471) ■ Oasis Mega Wire (Strong Pink 2750-SP) ■ Oasis Bullion Wire (Strong Pink 40-02615) ■ Oasis UGlu (Strips 1542, Dashes 1541) ■ Candle Artisans Square Pillar Candles ■ Candle Artisan Tea Light (#06CP-EP-01) ■ FloraCraft Mini Fruit Cherries (rs9807) ■ Accent Décor Neon Sand (Pink 25010-04, Yellow 25010.02) ■ Design Master Just For Flowers (Poppy 127, Bougainvillea 126) ■ Design Master Color Tool (Flat Black 725, Spring Green 753)



Modern Garden Modern Garden is soft and



unstructured with an earthy and artisanal feel. This look is the perfect harmony of

moss green

soFt PLum (Dm just For FLowers LiLac)


Dusty rose (Dm just For FLowers wiLD rose)

textures with modern shapes and a dash of artisan flair. Tones of champagne, plum, blush-pink, moss and mineral blue softly blend to create a casual garden atmosphere. Garden blooms such as roses, clematis, stock and veronica mix with textural greens like lamb’s ear and succulents to provide a natural and earthy beauty. Weathered, tarnished or wooden vessels add a rustic beauty to the Modern Garden atmosphere.




worn with an



artisanal gatheredfeel 10

Prairie grass (Dm Prairie grass)


Light Peach

Peach garDen rose


rose goLD (Dm Premium metaLs rose goLD)

design master color codes

hand-crafted, modern and vintage. A blend of old world



containers include:

accents include:

■ Syndicate Sales Weathered Planter (Slate 7817-02-901) ■ Syndicate Sales Jardin Vintage Jar (Pink 32204-24-427) ■ Giftwares Co (Pete Garcia Co.) Wood Block w/ Glass Tubes (W3133) ■ Giftwares Co (Pete Garcia Co.)Assorted Bottles Mint ■ Oasis European Bouquet Holder (Round 11-01760) ■ Oasis Wedding Belle Holder (11-31775) ■ Accent Décor Norah Series (75251.00, 74253.00, 74255.00, and 74257.00)

■ Syndicate Flower Pot Votives (4032-36-01) ■ FloraCraft Succulents (rs9643/6/4) ■ Oasis Pastel Wrap (Antique Pink 41-12351, Mint 41-12354, Ivory 41-12341) ■ Oasis Satin Collars (Ivory 42-22302) ■ Oasis Midollina (Purple 41-12555) ■ Design Master Just For Flowers (Osiana Pink 130, Pink Petunia 124) ■ Design Master Premium Metals (14KT Gold 230) ■ Candle Artisan Tea Light (#06CP-EP-01) ■ Accent Décor Slate Rocks (22700.75)


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Flower Trends Forecast 2015  
Flower Trends Forecast 2015  

Flower Trends Forecast 2015. Flower trends and floral styles matter, especially in event and wedding decor. The flower decor we created h...