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Contributors: Rose Gilbert, FIFDA—Editor Anna Israel—Editor Kara Marmion Andrea Brodfuehrer Claudia Giselle Tejada Su Hilty, FIFDA

Thank you for a wonderful year! Kara Marmion 2014 IFDA New York Chapter President

As we close out 2014 and celebrate the holiday season with friends and family, I want to take the opportunity to thank all of our IFDA New York chapter members for your ongoing support of the organization and participation in our programs and events. I particularly want to say thank you to the 2014 board of directors for your commitment to this organization and tireless volunteer work to bring out the true value of IFDA – bringing together people from the various facets of the design industry and helping us to learn from each other. I know our 2015 President, Andrea Brodfuehrer and our incoming board of directors will continue in the tradition of IFDA and find new ways for this organization to be a valuable resource for all of our members. All the best for a happy and healthy new year, Kara 1

LOOKING AHEAD TO NEXT YEAR Andrea Brodfuehrer 2015 Chapter President

Coming Events JANUARY

‘Tis the time of year to give thanks and contemplate the many things that enrich our lives and inspire us. It’s also a time to get busy wrapping up all the things we set out to accomplish over the past 11 months. I like check lists and take great pleasure in scratching off weighty achievements and gaining perspective on how incidental happenings can lead us in new directions.

IFDA NY Board Kick Off

Designer’s Lighting Forum Lighting Seminar FEBRUARY

This year, for example, I have had the great fortune of working with a group of passionate people at IFDA. Initially, I just pitched in to help coordinate some events…which led to designing several program invites…which led, quite unexpectedly, to a seat on the Executive Board as Recording Secretary. Along the way, casual introductions inspired free and easy conversations that have presented critical opportunities for my blossoming interior design business and personal development in the furnishing and design industry. As incoming President of the New York Chapter, I am grateful to pay testament to IFDA’s past achievements and outline new plans that carry forth the charge of our 2014 President, Kara Marmion, and her brilliant committee members.


Continuing with our tradition of promoting excellence, we look forward to elevating and honoring industry achievements with signature programs like our Rising Stars, IFDA Selects, and the Circle of Excellence IFDA is also focused on finding ways to use design to improve lives and forward cultural development. For example, our Educational Foundation grants serve as the backbone of future innovation, and our support of Habitat For Humanity through local builds and charitable donations will directly enhance others’ lifestyles in 2015 and beyond

I encourage you to mark your intentions for the next 12 months. Then take the initiative and join us for what’s bound to be an inspiring new year. 2

Landmark Interiors Exhibit @ New York School of Interior Design APRIL

Take a Seat Chairity Design Exhibition MAY

I want to make 2015 all about “initiative.” You can count on new and more focused programming to help connect members and serve as a catalyst for the development of new business ventures, services, and products. 

Color Trends @ NY NOW with Color Expert Doty Horn

Innovation in Materials @ Material ConneXion JUNE

Houzz Seminar JULY

Summer Social AUGUST

Color Trends @ NY NOW

IFDA Member Spotlight:

upholstery manufacturers who do work for jobbers, the hospitality industry, and furniture manufacturers. I also work with bedding companies, apparel manufacturers, tabletop companies, and major retailers. The possibilities are infinite as to the realms of areas in which we can help with surface design. AI: What are some of the most exciting products or projects that you’ve been involved with recently? FC: A well known retailer bought an original design which they translated into a sheet pattern for both their stores and catalogue which was exciting. Another original design was featured in a major catalog company as a decorative outdoor pillow. It’s exciting for me to see an original design being developed into product. This past summer, my partner, Kevin Calica, and I did a pop up shop in Southampton, [which featured my] personal collections and Andrew Martin furniture. We also sold original product like placemats, pillows, and framed artwork. The pop up shop has relocated to Miromar Design Center in Naples, FL for the season. Cassata’s latest endeavor — pop-up AI: Tell me more about shops in Southampton and Naples, your original designs. Florida How did that come about? FC: I’ve always been inspired by things and had limited knowledge on how to do computer design. I decided to enroll at FIT [where] I took Photoshop and Illustrator classes. If I was inspired by an architectural element that I saw on a building, I would take a picture of it, and I would develop it into a print. My skill set was not fast enough, so I started working with several designers to develop a line of original art work that we show here. It just seemed like a natural progression. AI: How did you discover IFDA? What made you decide to become a member? FC: Through Stacia Garcia and Paul Thomas. They brought to the holiday party last year. The people that I met there were really inspirational, and realizing the network of people that are in the organization made me want to get more involved. Learn more about Frank Cassata Designs at Visit North See Vintage at the Miromar Design Center in Naples, Florida now through April.

Mining for Design with Frank Cassata, Archivist & Designer Anna Israel: For those who are unfamiliar, what purpose does Frank Cassata Designs have for designers? Frank Cassata: We sell is inspiration as well as original designs. A document studio is a design center where designers can get inspiration. Frank Cassata Designs has a collection of over 100,000 pieces of artwork from different decades, starting from the late 19th century to the mid 1970s. Our studio is broken down into different categories, so there is a wide variety of different designs here, as well as original designs used for all sorts of product development. AI: How did you first begin collecting textiles and print documents? FC: Being inspired by all facets of design, I collected vintage textiles for years. My neighbor in Southampton, a top designer for Fieldcrest at the time, suggested I start showing my treasures to home furnishings companies and hence the business started 18 years ago. Part of the fun is the hunt. I travel the world to find treasures like old textiles, artwork, and inspiration for new designs. It is exciting bringing this to my clients. AI: How and where do you discover new pieces to add to your collection? Antique shawls and Fortuny fabrics in FC: People know who I am now, so [they] Cassata’s Collection. approach me. On some of my trips to different antique markets, I’ll make a connection with someone and explain what I do. They’ll say “Well, I have all these old textiles in my barn.” And I’ll say, “Where’s your barn? I want to come and see,” and I’ll make a trip to their barn. I think a lot of my clients think of me as a miner with a hard hat and a little flashlight at the end, doing their hunting for them. AI: Who are some of your clients? FC: I work with all kinds of industries, such as 3

DESIGN STARS RISE, IFDA SALUTES Forget the telescopes: the Rising Stars shone brightly in the Kravet showroom last month when IFDA NY sighted four young talents-to-watch in the design world. Rising Star co-chair Rosemarie Hittmeyer (left to right): Darrin Varden, Neal Beckstedt, Caleb Anderson, Andrea Algaze, cochair, and Charles Pavarini III, emcee of the festive evening.

Also honored was product designer Michele Varian, a Rising Star with a rockstar husband, Brad Roberts, lead singer and songwriter for the Crash Test Dummies.

RENEW NOW…WIN A PRIZE! By Claudia Giselle Tejeda


VP Membership The New Year is almost here, time to look ahead to all the inspiring, educational, and fun IFDA programs already planned for 2015. It’s also time to renew your membership. Remember, you can now pay your dues with PayPal (formerly known as Bill Me Later). There’s also a flexible payment option so you can stretch your payments over time (select PayPal Credit as your payment method). Pay before December 31st and you’ll be in the running to win one of three great prizes: An iPad mini ($399 value) A $100 AmEx gift card A $50 Am Ex gift card To be eligible, on-line and fax renewals must be received by Dec. 31 and renewals by mail must be postmarked by Dec. 31. Even without an extra prize, membership in IFDA is always rewarding. I hope you’ve enjoyed the events of 2014 and found your IFDA membership professionally satisfying. And if you have ideas on how to make it even better and more rewarding, I’d welcome your advice – send me an email:


EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION WOOS STUDENTS AT FIT IFDA Educational Foundation Chairman Susan Hirsh led a parade of Chapter members on a mission to the New York Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) this fall. Their objective: to educate Home Products Development students about the benefits of membership in IFDA. Invited by assistant professor Shannon Maher, the IFDA spokesgroup included Education VP Kim Price, 2014 Chapter President Kara Marmion, and 2015 President-Elect Andrea Brodfuehrer, who discussed the various ways in which IFDA membership provides access to a wide community of other design professionals, enhances their presentation skills, and affords professional interactions that sharpen the focus of their careers in the design industry. “The group was a good mix for the students,” reported Professor Maher. ”Several students discussed looking into the IFDA further and applying for EF scholarships.”

Members Making News DEBUT AT HEIMTEXT 2015– She’s spent 20 years observing the giant International textile show in Frankfurt, and now Nancy Fire’s Design Works International is joining in, launching its Home Collection and Collaboration of prints and patterns at next month’s Heimtextil.

“It allowed me to get back to the painting I loved,” Marcia reports. “After years of being the designer behind the brand, I have come into my own with my art.” And how! Not only one-man shows, but an exhibition (just closed last month) in the Portland Art GaIlery. Her “latest incarnation” both surprises and satisfies, Marcia muses. “The pace of New York balances so well with the calmer lifestyle of Maine.” TRIPPING THE LIGHT, FANTASTIC! – Charles Pavarini III added yet another trophy to the firm’s showcase this fall, Interior Design’s Best of ID JUDGES FALL FOR ‘FALLING STICKS:’ Year 2014 award Winning Creation in Kansas City for a custom architectural lighting installation. The problem: how to light an immense atrium under a skylight too delicate to support an ordinary chandelier. The solution: an extraordinary assemblage of “Falling Sticks,” individual LED lights suspended down past eight balconies in the atrium. Brilliant! But then Charles has always been known for his high-wattage ideas. CHARMING AS ALL OUTDOORS — Celebrating NY Tabletop Week, Tamara Stephenson brought outdoor dining indoors to the Bilotta showroom, combining handmade birds’ nests and DKNY’s Urban Essential Blue Lenox plates with armloads of fresh flowers and other farm stand finds. TOPS IN TABLETOP ART: She even conjured a sky full Tamara Stephenson’s of fluffy white “clouds” – Outdoorsy Tablescape 200 white paper lanterns –

Creative director and founder, Nancy says, “This year, we are HEIMTEX, HERE SHE excited and honored to also COMES: Nancy Fire to Debut Prints, Patterns be a part of the show.” With a focus on bedding, wallpaper, and upholstery, she reports, “Our collection is a worldwide collaboration. We are working with designers from our studio, as well as international designers, both in CAD and hand-painted styles.” She’ll be at Booth G81 Hall 42, Jan. 14 – 17, ready with a warm “Wilkommen!” for IFDA visitors, Nancy promises.

ART CAREER, REDUX: Marcia Brandwein Paints Again in Maine

MAXING HER MAINE CHANCE — Talk about deferred pleasures, it took almost 31 years for textile designer Marcia Brandwein to arrive where, she says her passion has always been– behind a paintbrush.

Topping a notable career in textile design -- Marcia fashioned the luxury sheeting brand of Royal Sateen for 20+ years, designed the sheet program for the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel, and became a consultant to the hospitality industry – she now manages to spend six months of the year in the fresh air and rugged scenery of Pemaquid, Maine.


Members Making News “A lot of lanterns!” – hung from the showroom’s black ceiling. One of four designers invited to create tablescapes, Tamara shared the Week’s spotlight with Robert Passal, James Rixner, and David Scott. She also shared her props: Claudia Giselle Tejeda took home the door prize, four Wes Craven vintage bar stools, donated by Viyet.

one of his fine art pieces to Habitat’s silent auction, a highlight of the gala held at Cipriani Wall Street in late October.

ART FOR HABITAT’S SAKE – Proving that the sum of two IFDA talents is definitely greater, renowned trompe l’oeil artist Jonathan Bressler and designer Catarina Wright teamed up to raise funds observing Habitat for Humanity's 30th anniversary this fall. With Catarina handling the details, Jonathan donated

TEAMING UP TO HELP HABITAT: Jonathan Bressler, Catarina Wright

Katia Graytok, Katia Graytok Interiors, Inc

Welcome, New Members! Rita Broughton, Artist/Owner Rita Broughton Decorative Art Studio

Defining herself as “a designer with the soul of an artist,” Katia draws inspiration from her active interest in art, fashion, and architecture, plus extensive travel. Her work has won three ASID Design Awards, and she has appeared on HGTV, Discovery, and the Today Show.

With more than 25 years’ experience, Rita is one of New York’s most experienced professional decorative artists whose work can be seen in many Gold Coast Mansions of Long Island’s North and South Shores. She is especially celebrated for her Not Pictured trompe l’oeil effects, using paint to create remarkably Uliana Alieva realistic faux stone and wood. New York University School of Professional Studies Also a fine artist, whose work is inspired by nature and her travels, Rita’s original paintings are also available in Amara Brenner Florham Park, NJ giclee and print form. Patricia Fox, Patricia Fox Design

Victoria Gerts Fashion Institute of Technology

New York-based designer Patricia Fox is known for unique, clever alternatives to home decoration and major renovation, applying her design motto: Refine, Refresh, Refurbish without major construction.

Magdalena Rut-Martinson NYU Design Styles and Motives Shawna Starkman Shawna Starkman Design Group Andrea Warriner HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces


AND NOW, A WORD FROM OUR SPONSORS: AMERICAN HARDWOODS TO THE RESCUE! If your holiday gift list includes hard-to-buy-for friends who have just about everything, take heart. The fun-loving folks at the American Hardwood Information Center let you surprise those “special” friends with a uniquely designed maple wrist watch. Or as they toast the New Year, serve up their favorite holiday cheer in sleek, walnut and ceramic tumblers, just for them.

October’s New York Tabletop Market. Senior style editor Krissa Rossbund (left) moderated a panel that included Jamie Drake, Alexa Hampton, and Matthew Patrick Smyth, who discussed how designers can leverage valuable business opportunities by guiding their clients on the tabletop category. Consensus among all the speakers: Forty One Madison is a robust resource with top brands accessible to the trade. Visit

Visit for the details on these and other unique gifts made from American Hardwoods. And from the American Hardwood Information Center, Happy New Year!

OLD & NEW AT CHELSEA FRAMES & GALERIE PROTÉGÉ: The latest Larson-Juhl mouldings are now available at Chelsea Frames: Anvil: This expansion of the Anvil collection includes three new profiles and a new oiled steel finish - the look is industrial, urban and dynamic. Komodo: With a look reflective of the finishes found on Asian lacquered furniture, Komodo's clean, modern profiles epitomize drama and sophistication. Sketch: A chalkboard custom frame moulding that is ideal for doodles, drawings and anything you can sketch up!

MOEN’S NEW ELEGANT FLOOR MOUNTED TUB FILLERS: Exposed pipes and industrial-chic finishes are just a few of the downtown loft-inspired design details that come to life in Arris faucets and accessories. Sharp angles and tubular lines dominate each piece in this modern collection. Elegant, traditional design details and distinctive finishing touches present a sense of uncommon luxury in the Weymouth collection, with distinctive porcelain handle inlays and signature styling make an extravagant statement in any traditional bath. Available in wall- and floor-mounted options see for details.

There is still time to see Something Old, Something New, an exhibition of old and INTERIOR DESIGNER DAY AT FORTY ONE MADISON: new works Partnering with Traditional Home magazine, Forty One from the Galerie Protégé archives, on view through Madison presented Interior Designer Day during December 31st. 7

NEW GROWTH AT NYDC: The New York Design Center announces the expansion of the Julian Chichester and ducduc showrooms, and the opening of Potterton Books and Todd Hase Furniture. With 16 floors and more than 100 showrooms representing avantgarde and contemporary innovations, as well as classic creations, 200 Lex is the industry respected, one-stop destination for imaginative solutions to any design challenge. Visit for the latest news, events, and information.

of soft, horizontal fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing. The vanes open and close for variable light control and a softened view with reduced glare. New Alustra® Pirouette shadings enhance these qualities, providing the essence of raw silk with a refined texture and subtle sheen. The result? A captivating and sophisticated ambience. Visit HONORS FOR CLIFF YOUNG COCKTAIL TABLE: CY Rocks Agate Cocktail Table from Cliff Young, Ltd. scored as a finalist of the 2014 Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award, as well as NY Cottages and Gardens’ Most Innovative Product of the Year!

JEFFREY ALAN MARKS FOR KRAVET COLLECTIONS: The Jeffrey Alan Marks for Kravet collection expresses the designer’s love of color and bold patterns. Signature watery blues, palm greens, brilliant yellows, and vibrant corals coordinate beautifully through a variety of prints that are accented with embroidery on white, crisp linens and cottons. Jeffrey Alan Marks has created a collection for Kravet that is as relaxed and tailored as the designer himself. Visit

Here’s how the finalist caught the judges’ eye: 54”x24”x16.75” in a reversed bevel-edge, gray agate stone top with a welded steel tube base in a distressed bronze finish. Can be fully customized. NY NOW‘S “ONLY IN NEW YORK” ACTIVITIES: IFDA members can register free (with Promo Code) for NY NOW®, The Market for Home + Lifestyle! Visit, and use Promo Code IFDAF15. NY NOW’s comprehensive collections – HOME, LIFESTYLE and HANDMADE – will encompass 100,000 products in 400+ product categories, from Jan. 31 to Feb. 4, at the Javits Center.

HUNTER DOUGLAS INNOVATIONS: Reminiscent of classically hobbled Roman shades, Hunter Douglas Pirouette® window shadings have an innovative design

Beyond exhibits, NY NOW offers myriad seminars and events, including NY NOW’s “Night on Broadway” with specially-priced ($99) tickets for Sting’s THE LAST SHIP on Tuesday, Feb. 3.






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