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Get Tanker Fall Prevention Systems at IFC Inflow IFC Inflow is a UK-based company that provides superior liquid loading and safe tanker access systems to cater to client’s accessibility and tanker loading needs. They are experts in fall prevention systems, top, and bottom tanker loading, secure tanker access, and bulk liquid handling solutions. Since their inception about three decades ago, the company has steadily evolved from developing loading arms and flow meters into provisions of comprehensive project solutions featuring fabrication and installation services. IFC Inflow also works in powder, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, marine, and rail sectors, and has served more than 2,000 global clients. Highlighting the company’s range of branded equipment, the Factory Manager at IFC Inflow stated, “For 30+ years, we have built wide-ranging products to cater to our diversified clients. We’ve achieved this thanks to the industry experience we’ve attained blended with our in-house design engineering capability. Our branded equipment includes top tank mobile access ladder, flow-step folding stairs, low tank mobile access ladder, multi-level and vertical loading platforms, and total tanker safety cages. The loading equipment includes petro-load top and bottom petroleum loading arms, chem-load top and bottom chemical loading arms. With our extensive product portfolio, coupled with three decades of expertise, we can offer bespoke solutions for different safe tanker and tanker loading applications.” IFC Inflow’s tanker fall prevention systems are designed to allow for safe tanker access while one is operating at height, providing efficiency, reliability, and flexibility in the process. These products are not only easy to use, but they are also durable and competitively priced. The company delivers tanker fall prevention systems for rail, road and marine tanker access, which adhere to the latest health and safety working at height regulations. While they can avail specific products that match client’s budgetary and company preference they can also assist them plan and implement entire access system depending on the site layout and the tanker access needs. The Factory Manager went on to say, “You can leverage the expertise of our in-house design engineering solution, which lets you integrate equipment into larger projects, as well as to couple a range of products into complete safe access or tanker loading system. Our service range includes general arrangement and drawing of designs for customer approval, professional fabrication and finishing, testing of materials by NDT and X-Rays combined with complete testing and certification.” Acuflow is IFC Inflow’s inventory of industrial bulk flow meters, ideal for oil and petrochemical products. They are suitable for the bulk metering of fuels and oils into road tank trucks, but can also be used for different applications such as refueling mining trains, boat, and plant vehicle refueling. These meters conform to the highest standards for

optimal durability and ruggedness. They come in sizes ranging from 1.5-inch to a high capacity 6-inch model offering flow rates of between 25 and 3,000 litres per minute. The PD meter features mechanical registers as standard, and have a non-resettable totaliser and a re-settable display. The flow meters are available with an electronic register, which can be connected to remotely for off-site operation and monitoring.

About IFC Inflow IFC Inflow is a premier supplier of bulk liquid loading as well as rail and road tanker safe access systems.

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Get Tanker Fall Prevention Systems at IFC Inflow  
Get Tanker Fall Prevention Systems at IFC Inflow  

IFC Inflow is a premier supplier of bulk liquid loading as well as rail and road tanker safe access systems.