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The Powerful  new  book  on  Black   Male/Female  Rela7onships   by   Ifayomi  Grant    

What’s l      ve   ?   got  to  do   w ith   i t  

     STEPS  TO  SOLVING  THE  CRISIS  IN  BLACK   MALE  /  FEMALE  RELATIONSHIPS   or   Is  Marriage  just  for  White  People?    

Contact Navig8or  Press  at  to  receive  further  details  of  this  solu<on  oriented  book  or  visit   our  website  www.houseo>        

What's Love got to do with it pre-publication poster  

Publicity flyer for the new book on Black relationships by Ifayomi Grant 'What's Love Gpot to Do with It?' Book due out June 2012

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