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KEEPING UP TO DATE Croatia Control deploys new briefing and information management system

^ by Tomislav Lovrek, VIBE Product Manager Aviation is a fast-changing business and air traffic management has to keep up to date in order to provide their customers with the safest and most efficient service. Looking for a way to keep their staff updated, Croatia Control Ltd, the Croatian Air Navigation Service Provider, recognised a need for an appropriate way of communicating with operational staff. This included fast and secure electronic correspondence, quick access to all operational documents (operational orders, letters of agreement, local operational procedures ...), details of individual ratings, medical certificates and rostering information. For Zagreb ACC and all of its tower and approach units, Croatia Control needs a lot of data to be delivered to and absorbed by operational staff in different locations. Changes and updates need to be distributed in such a way that they can easily be accessed by operational staff.

To do this, they commissioned a customized version of a commercially existing system to be adapted to their processes and organization – and that is how CroVIBE was born. In close cooperation with Croatia Control, EDGE Group tailored their VIBE tool to create a multi-level briefing system, which provides staff with quick and transparent access to relevant operational documents. A trial started in November 2016 and the system is planned to become fully operational in the spring of 2017.

Project manager, Mr. Želimir Trifunović, who is also chief operational technology at ACC Zagreb, elaborates: “We use CroVIBE system in our everyday operations and also for training of our staff. It currently consists of four modules: Briefing, Competency,




IFATCA The Controller - February 2017  
IFATCA The Controller - February 2017