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Watch supervisor, trying to decipher recently arrived flight plan

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ATC centre in the old days7-0f course not - ifs a printini: office in the t6th century.

No reason.

Automated Air Traffic Control systems used to be something fo r big airports and resourcefu l administrations only. Only they had the knowledge and money to specify and buy them and the skilled staff to operate a nd keep them run ning. Not so any more. In these days of so a ring ai rcraft operating costs you wi ll be surprised to find that prices of modern, relia ble ATC systems- probably the most efficient tool for reducing flying times-are in fac t go ing down. And they a re as easy to ma intain as to operate. Reason: standardization .

Introducing Datasaab's AIRWATCH Automated ATC systems Datasaab 's new series of AIRWATCH systems-based o n many years' experience from ta ilor-made cent res-are designed to sui t all types of traffic and environment. A IRWATCH standardization a lso means modularization, a llowing adap tation to specific needs a nd e nsuring system expansion at low cost as traff ic grows. A lRWATCH systems range from a single l'Pl system tn l,u~t> centres. They fl"at u rl' raw. synt het ic or mix~d pre><•ntation of I'S!{ and SSR signals trom o ne o r m(lrc" raJJr !-.ta tions an<l numerous con I ro ller hicilit1c<. inc luding lull labels. • A Jl{ \NATCH 1000 i !:!o an au tonomous. low-cost radar displa y ~yst<.>m with a bu ilt- in m icro-proccso;or.


1s designed tor

small ATC cent res and con -

t rol towers.

• AIHWATCH 2000 is de•igm•d tor sma ll and me· tlium-sized centres. D ual compu ters. operci ting in

parallel. rrov itlc very high reliability. • AIHWATCH 3000 is designed for medi u m tu largcsiled ATC centres. System a rc hitec ture is extremely fle xible O uts tan uing lJperational [~----------~] fea ture• include t ra cking ol all ~~A~ types of fligh t and mosaic prcscn~·~ ta tion from multiple radar sources. .


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IFATCA The Controller - 2nd Quarter 1981  
IFATCA The Controller - 2nd Quarter 1981