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The busy days of v1s1ting facilities were a delig ht w hich were compl_emented by an equally delightful social programme in the evenings. Each evening a special dinner was organised and our hosts were H. M. Yang. Director of Air Navigation. CCAA and China Airlines. However. the highlight must have been the dinner which concluded the day of the A nnual Conference. At this dinner the ·o utstanding Controller of the Year Awards· were made by t he CCAA. Made in t he presence of General Mao these awards showed that effo rt in promoting efficiency in t he ATC system does not go unrewarded and unrecognised: at lea st not in Taipei. Thi s 1nnovat1ve system of recog nition has great potential for encouragin g iunior controllers to perfect their professionalism . Leaving Taipei was. for all of us. a sad time. Inevitably one wished to dally and savour the new experiences and friendsh ips. All of us were impressed by th e effici ency with w hich modern civil aviation plan has been implemented and although there are problems to be overcome particula rly in relation to working cond it ions fo r con tro llers. it is hoped that ROCATCA' s affiliation with IFATCA will bear frui t for them and help them overcome any difficulties. In th e words of General Mao. ·Prog ress. however. 1s unending .. . ·. Such truths have t he corollary: there will always be work to be done by associations like ROCATCA and th eir international federation IFATCA.

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compliments. and the expre ssion of my hope that I m ay have other occa sions in th e future to enjoy the service . Ladies and Gentlemen. it is slightly less than a year since ROCATCA was elected to full professional membership in IFATCA. w hich now has 58 member assoc1at1ons and well over 40 corporate members from the equipment manufactu ring sector. In this period of time RO CATCA has shown that it is a w ell orga nised and determined organ-

H. Harri Henschler's speech to ROCATCA's 1 st Annual Meeting Mr. Deputy Minister. the Honourable Mr Chu. Director General. General Mao. ROCATCA President Liu. Friends. Ladies and Gentlemen: On behalf of the I nternat1onal Federation of Air Traffic Controllers· Assoc1at1ons may I first express my appreciation. and I am sure I can speak for all the overseas v1s1tors by our Member Assoc1at1on. t he ROCATCA to attend this. t heir first annual conference . 1 wi sh to also express sincere appreci at ion for the support and assistance provided by the authont1es in making our attendance easily possible and the help and effort shown by China Airlines in prov1d1ng transport ation . Speaking personally . may I say that 1f the service provided to me by all t he staff of the A1 rl1n e. and 1n particular th e staff at San Fra ncisco. 1s an 1nd1c at1on of China A irlines· effic iency. and I have no doubt that 1t is. t hen your Airline 1s one of t he most co m pete nt ly ru n and most pleasant to travel on I have encountered anywhere in the world Please accept my


Mr. Ham Henschler

isation. I have no doubt that ROCATCA will play a very viable role in the federation and encourage their parti cipation in aspects of IFATCA's affairs. We have previously heard very kind words wi th regard to IFATCA's standing in the international aviation community. These words are much appreciated. they address a subject we are very proud of. IFATCA' s achieve ments in all matters relating t o air traffic control. As you know. the federation 1s deeply involved in th e technical questions facing our profession. We are in constant contact wi th international bodies such as ICAO. we are const antly submitting our solutions to air traffic control problems and. I am glad to say. our sol utions are accepted th ereby se tting standards which air traffic controllers worldwide are using to perform th eir duties safely and efficiently Air traffic control. of course. 1s a system w hich incorporates many components. One m aior component 1s the availability of equipment adequate fo r the type and density of air traffi c in a given area . I am happy to say that. based on the informat ion provided by our colleagues of the RO CATCA the air traffic control equipment they are working with. the radars and commun icat ion fa cilities. 1s adeq uate and more advanced than equipment found in many areas of the world . I congratul ate the Civil Aeronautics Administration on th eir long ra nge equipment planning and acqu1s1t1on . The other. and more importa nt. component of any air traffic control system 1s th e 1nd1v1dual controller It 1s he or she who ma kes any system work. In

IFATCA The Controller - 2nd Quarter 1981  
IFATCA The Controller - 2nd Quarter 1981