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ROCATCA First Annual Conference (Taipei, Taiwan - 14th to 17th January, 1981) by R. Soar

When ROCATCA joined IFATCA at the Toronto Conference in 1980, their delegates promised that their association would be active in international affairs. True to their promise they have been at the forefront of their Regional activities and attended the Pacific Regional Meeting as observers. When ROCATCA planned to hold their First Annual Conference and to invite overseas guests none of us anticipated such overwhelming hospitality, superb organisation and the degree of cooperation from both government and airlines.

Travel. the nightmare of any association organising a conference. was made possible by the airlines serving Ta1pe1. primarily China Airlines but with assistance from Singapore Airlines. Cathey Pacific and SSA. Ch ina Airlines¡ service impressed even our most jaded travellers and set a new level for comparison. By the evening of the 14th January the maiority of the international vi sito rs had assembled at the Ta ipei Regency. a tastefully impressive hotel. The IFATCA representation was the la rgest and consisted of the President. the Executive Secretary. and the Regional Vice-Pres1-

Chiang Ka1-Shek lntema(lonal Airport


dent Pacific. Other guests included representatives of CATCA. the UK Guild. PATCO the South African Association. and APCA. The tota l group of sixteen were on this f irst evening treated to a dinner hosted by th e President of ROCATCA. Harley Liu . This evening had the air of a family reu nion as colleagues met again and renewed friendships spawned at earlier conferences. In t he 'family atmosphere' of t his first officia l dinner the international guests were introduced t o t he delights of the Fukien cuisine and had a chance to hone their skills w ith chopsticks. By the end of the week all were experts

and had developed a palate evermore appreciative of the delectable dishes presented to us. The conference itself was a one day fixture and was held in the ideal venue of the International Conference Room of the CAA Building at t he Sungshan Airport. Taipei . The international guests attended the morning session. the afternoon session concerned domestic topics and was to take the form of open discussion . The conference was form ally opened by the President of ROCATCA and was then addressed by the Deputy Minister of Communications w ho was deputising for the Min-

IFATCA The Controller - 2nd Quarter 1981  
IFATCA The Controller - 2nd Quarter 1981